Life never gets easier. You just get better.
— Sue
Sue fisher

Age 37
Gender Female
Species Penguin
Position Ex-Club Penguin Basketball Team Player, Ex-International Soccer Star, Ex-Hockey Hooligans captain, PE Coach at the School
Friends PSA Agents, Her family, Gariwald VIII, Rookie
Enemies Herbert
Favorites Sports
Related To See list below
Romance Interest Vincent Norris
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Anne Hathaway

Suzanne (Sue) Renee Norris (née Fisher) is the energetic, yet loyal, second eldest daughter of Ray and Maya Fisher. In her 20s, Sue played in the CP Basketball Team and was an international soccer star. She was also the captain of the Hockey Hooligans. She currently works at the School, as a PE teacher.


Sue is a sporty young penguin. She is athletic and often described as a tomboy. She is also quite smart, being a close friend of Gariwald VIII. Also, she is very tough and never backs down from a challenge.


  • She thinks Rookie is cute and misunderstood.
    • Dylan heavily disagrees with this.
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