Sweets and Tricks

Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Candy Ghost
Position Villain, Candy Ghost Overlord.
Friends Possessed Charlie
Enemies The Agent
Favorites Candy, Tricks
Related To Unknown most likely other Candy Ghosts
Romance Interest N/A
Status Dead (as he is a ghost)
Alternate Form Unknown
Portrayed By Unknown

Sweets and Tricks is a villain that appeared at the Halloween Party 2015 as a boss. Possessed Charlie summoned him to take down the PSA, but he failed.


Sweets and Tricks is a ghost that loves candy, and tricking people.


Sweets and Tricks was created by Possessed Charlie to destroy the PSA. After failing miserably, he soon went back down to the Underworld, and became the overlord of the Candy Ghosts. The Candy Ghosts now serve him willingly.


  • Sweets and Tricks would teleport through gravestones to avoid getting hit by bubbles during the battle.
  • He is commonly mistaken as Tricks and Sweets or Sweets or Tricks.


  • "Trick or Treat? Always a trick with me! Time for you to go down!" - About to battle the penguin.


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