PSA Badge.png

Age Older than
the Earth
Gender Genderless
Sexuality ?
Species Unknown
Position Co(x5)-Director
of T.H.A.N
Friends This, Him, Her
Enemies A Guy
Favorites Stuff
Related To What*, Who*,
Romance Interest None
Status Alive
Alternate Form A Thing
Portrayed By ?

That is the Co-Co-Co-Co-Co-Director of T.H.A.N (That's Hysterical Agency of Nothing). That is best friends with This. That owns a dog named Someone. That hopes to one day become a professional Something.


When That was young, That was born in the city of There on February 31st, 100BC, at the age of 2.5. That's parents, What and Who, named That That because of a naming tradition in There. At age 3.14, That met This, and the two became best friends. One day, That told This that That was moving from There to Here. In Here, That attended Pie University (PU), where That earned a degree in It. That co-co-co-co-co founded T.H.A.N with Him and That's Gruncle Grandmaman. One day, That met That's fiancee, None. Their wedding is set for the Tomorrow, a dateless holiday, celebrated only in There, where two things meet.


  • For unknown reasons, That has a tattoo of The Postman from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • That will sometimes drink Nyan Cats.
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