Were you looking for The Chocolate Factory, formerly known as the Coffee Break Room?

The Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop August 30th

Where The Town
Opened 2005
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games Bean Counters, Smoothie Smash, Coffee Maker
Owner Unknown
Gary's Description

The Coffee Shop is a location in Club Penguin located in the Town Center. Gabe used to work here, before leaving to work at the Puffle Berry Mall. Gary can usually be found here when he isn't working.


The Coffee Shop first opened in 2005, with the rest of Club Penguin. It was a very baron room with nothing in it, but quickly became popular. Not much about it changed, except the occasional decorating for a party, until 2012, when it had a major redesign. The Bookroom was redesigned to become the new headquarters for the Club Penguin Times. The Coffee Shop part of the building was modernized, and took on a more café look. This has always been Gary's favorite room.

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