I'm not just a Time Lord: I'm the last of the Time Lords.
— The Doctor

The Doctor

Age 903 years
Gender Male
Species Time Lord
Position Time Lord
Friends Blue Jay, Helmet, Gracie, Pixie, The PSA, Kippy
Enemies Daleks, Jimmy, Cybermen, The Master
Favorites Time traveling
Related To Unnamed mother
Romance Interest Rose Tyler (formerly)
River Song (wife)
Status Alive
Alternate Form Multiple incarnations
Portrayed By David Tennant

The Doctor is a time lord from Gallifrey who helped Gary the Gadget Guy make his invention, the Time Trekker, travel more smoothly. He is secretly friends with the PSA and helps them defeat evil with his time travelling TARDIS. He is also secretly close to Sherlock, helping him figure out some cases.

During the Doctor's travels in the Lands Beyond, he met Tock the Watchfox. After he resigned as a Watchfox, he was given to Gracie who renamed him to "Kippy."

The Doctor currently travels with Helmet, Jay, Pixie and Gracie.

He is a founding member of the band Aliens & Stuff, which he chose the name for.


The Doctor is enthusiastic, charismatic, bright, and hyperactive, often at inappropriate times. Although, he's serious and demanding when a situation needed it. He's very cheeky, witty, and light-hearted, but nurses profound anger, regret, and vulnerability beneath his glib exterior.

Loneliness is his most persistent personal demon: His relationship with various companions is always short-lived and often ends in tragedy. The survivor's guilt of his previous incarnation now takes the form of extreme isolation and a sense of melancholy at being the last of his kind.


  • Jimmy hates the Doctor for turning him into a penguin.


  • "Allons-y!"
  • "Hello, I'm the doctor."
  • "Don't let me eat pears. I HATE PEARS!"
  • "Fantastic!"
  • "I don't want to go."
  • "Fishfingers and Custard."
  • "Wibbily Wobbily Timey Wimey...Stuff.."
  • "I'm the Doctor, I'm a time lord, I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation Kasterborous. I'm 9 hundred and 3 years old, and I'm the penguin who's going to save all 6000 of your penguin lives on the island alone. You got a problem with that?
  • Bingle Bongle Dingle Dangle Lickitty do Lickiddy da Ping Pong Lippy Tappy To Ta!"


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