The Doughnut Domination

Members only No
When November 1-30, 2014
Free Item(s) Dogkid's Brilliant Giveaway
Jimmy's Daft Giveaway
Helmet's Doughnut Boat Giveaway
Donutella's Doughnut Giveaway
Donut Puffle
Where Wikia/igloos
Mascot(s) Jimmy, Dogkid, Helmet, Donutella

The Doughnut Domination is an event that occurred in all of November 2014.


After the events of the Festival of Fright, doughnut lovers start craving more and more doughnuts, which leads to all the stores on Club Penguin to sell them. The island is covered in doughnuts, leading into the events of the Doughnut Domination. Penguins will be able to meet Jimmy, Gracie "Dogkid", Donutella, Helmet and Ballono waddling around the doughnut covered island.



  • The Donut Puffle is obtainable after getting all 4 backgrounds.

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