Four Hundred 400
PSA Badge

Inventor Gary
Date Invented Late 2014
Function Cloning

The Four Hundred 400 is a machine that Gary is building to have a second Gary Takeover. It clones the user 400 times as opposed to 70 times per cloning session.


Ever since the first Gary Takeover, Gary wanted a second Gary Takeover for some reason, so he decided to make a new cloning machine. However, because of this, he got a chance to improve some flaws of the old one, such as only being able to clone him seventy times before it had to recharge. This one allows him to clone himself 400 times at once, and has a shorter recharge. He was going to work on a way to make the clones not evil, but he got distracted by Pixie walking through the door with a new coffee maker.


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