The Gary Takeover

Members only No
When January-February 2014
Free Item(s) I love Coffee T Shirt, Gary's Coffee Giveaway, Clone #1 and #2 Giveaway
Where On the wiki
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy

Gary clones #1 Gary clone #71

The Gary Takeover was an event that happened on the wiki in January and February of 2014.


Gary accidentally makes 70 clones of himself who take over the island. They attempt to turn it into a coffee paradise, only those loyal to Gary and lovers of coffee are allowed.


Image Item Type Cost
I heart coffee t shirt I Heart Coffee T-Shirt Body Item 600 PSA Medals
Gary Coffee Giveaway Gary's Coffee Giveaway Backgrounds Free
Clone1 and clone2 giveaway Clone 1 and Clone 71's Giveaway Backgrounds Free


  • The clones consider Gary to be their leader.
  • All but one of the clones were destroyed after the takeover.
    • Clone #71 survived in Jay's attempts to save him as the only good clone, but he was also the only failed clone.



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