The Gary Takeover 2015
185px-PSA Badge

Members only No
When January-February 2015
Free Item(s) Unknown
Where On the wiki
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy

Old Gary Clone #1
New Gary Clones 1-400 (random number each time)

The Gary Takeover 2015 was a party in 2015.


Gary wants another Gary Takeover, so he makes The Four Hundred 400, which can clone him 400 times per use. However, Gary forgets to make the clones good instead of evil when Pixie walks through the door with a new coffee maker. Gary later attempted to clone himself, and he created 400 evil clones.


  • Gary plans to take over in more ways than one this time.
  • The old clones will return somehow, even though they were destroyed in the first Gary Takeover.
  • This is the second Gary Takeover; the first one was The Gary Takeover 2014.
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