The Holiday Party

Members only No
When December 1- 31
Free Item(s) Mystery Gift
Where On the wiki/igloos
Mascot(s) Adam, Kris, Charlie and Clarisse

The Holiday Party was an event that occurred in December 2014.


When the Frostbite transformation returns for the Holiday Party, many penguins are left stuck permanently as Frostbites due to a glitch caused by the Club Penguin Team (who was too busy planning the next takeover to fix it.) When all seems lost, the PSA steps in, ready to save the day.


Image Item Type Cost
Clarrise BG Clarisse's Freezing Giveaway Background Free
Krismas BG Kristmas Giveaway Background Free
ADAM BG1 Adam's Frosty Giveaway Background Free
Present4Jay Mystery Gift Item Free
Christmas Puffle2 Christmas Puffle Puffles Given on Christmas


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