The Moon

Age Ancient
Gender Female*
Sexuality ?
Species Moon
Position Destroying worlds,
scaring people
Friends None
Enemies Everyone, Jay
Favorites Crushing things,
Old Horror Films,
Related To Rocky
Romance Interest Earth
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

The Moon is a strange being brought to Club Penguin by Agent Pixie in a failed attempt to kill Happy Herbert. She is the mother of Rocky.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Rookie accidentally brought Happy Herbert out of the Box Dimension, and he began singing Justin Beiber songs and nearly killed several innocent penguins. As the situation got worse, Pixie decided to take matters into her own hands, and summoned The Moon to kill Happy Herbert. Things didn't go as expected though, and The Moon not only crushed Happy Herbert (who later respawned) but half of the island as well.

Rivalry with Jay[edit | edit source]

Jay and the Moon have a long standing rivalry where Jay attempts to kill the Moon, and where the Moon tries to crush his cave. This has led Jay to attempt to destroy Space, the place where the Moon lives, but this failed, because space is nothingness, and the only way to destroy nothingness is to fill it, and there isn't enough matter in the universe to fill space. Another play Jay had was using Gary's power drill to drill through the moon, but he miscalculated the sized of the moon; instead of the size he calculated being thousands of miles wide, he calculated the size it appears from Club Penguin, which is only a couple inches wide.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is female because in Spanish, the word for moon is feminine.
  • She has a strange obsession with silent horror films.
  • Despite crushing Termina, Terminians don't mind her presence.
  • She was the moon in Good Night Moon. Her appearance here encouraged Rocky to become an actor.
  • She attended Sherbert's Birth.
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