The PSA is Pixie's Secret Agency, and owned by The Director. The agency is more top secret than the EPF.


  • The PSA was founded on June 29th, 2013.
  • On September 12, 2013, Pixie made a sudden disappearance.
    • Pixie returned nearly three months later on December 8, 2013.
  • As of November 21st, 2013, Charlie was promoted to the role of Temporary Director due to Pixie's inactivity. He lost this role when Pixie returned.
  • The PSAnniversary Party 2014 was a party to celebrate a year after the founding of the PSA.
  • The PSAnniversary 2015 was a party to celebrate two years of the PSA.

Known MembersEdit

See PSA Agents.

Puffle DivisionEdit

The Puffle Division (also called the Puffle Secret Agency) is a group of puffles led by Agent Charlie who work for the PSA.


The PSA's worst enemies are Herbert P. Bear and Douglas. Other enemies include, Klutzy the Crab, Protobot, Tusk, The RPF, Herberta G. Bear, S.A.S.S., and LOVE.


  • Gary is the main inventor of the PSA.


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