The PSA Times, commonly known as The Newspaper, is The PSA's local newspaper, which comes out every Friday (originally used to be Monday, but changed due to a delay with issue 2). It can be read at any time on CitronFire3's Blog and they can be found easier by looking at the list of issues below.

Myles is The PSA Times editor-in-chief, as well as its formal help columnist for the advice column "Ask Myles." The headquarters of the newspaper is currently unknown. The PSA Times usually also has weekly questions that Myles comes up with.

Originally the Newspaper had a design similar to the Club Penguin Times except it was Purple and Pink. Unlike The Club Penguin Times, it only has one page.

On December 11th 2015, The PSA Times got a brand new look which was more clean and more fancy then the other design.

Strangely, The PSA Times stopped releasing after Issue 6, though Myles has confirmed it will return soon. The estimated release date is in two weeks.


This is an archive of all the issues of the PSA Times.


Old LookEdit

Feature Story
News Flash
Support/Random Article
Ask Tra
Upcoming Events
Weekly Question

New LookEdit

Feature Story
Ask Tra
Did you know?
Interviews/Random Articles
Support Story
Upcoming and Current Stories and Events at the PSA
Weekly Question

Milestone issuesEdit

  • Issue 1 was released on November 16th 2015.


  • Rumours say that there will be Comics.
  • Ever since issue 4, Agents were able to see what the issue looked liked and what the issue was going to be about.
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