The PSAnniversary Party 2014
The PSAnniversary

Members only No
When June 29 - July 5th 2014
Free Item(s) PSA Party Hat
Where On the wiki/Flippr/Club Penguin hangouts
Mascot(s) Pixie, Charlie, Agent Helmet

The PSAnniversary Party was the wiki's first anniversary celebration, marking one year since its founding.


Realizing that it has been a whole year since the founding of the PSA, Charlie calls all of the PSA agents together to help him put on the very first PSAnniversary Party, complete with a special party hat, the very first PSA yearbook, and an all-new pixel theme.

For the first time ever, the PSA HQ Lobby is open to public Club Penguin for one week only. After going through an enemy detector, players can speak with Charlie at the front desk to receive the "PSArty Hat", as well go to Pixie's desk to view the PSA 2013-14 yearbook. Through the many different doors are the offices of Pixie, Charlie, Gary, Helmet, Flames, ADL, Gracie, Jay, Poko, Eagles, Locy, and Hailey. In each office except for Pixie's and Charlie's, the agent inside will give you a task to complete. Completing the task they give to you will earn you a piece of the honarary PSA agent badge. After completing all ten tasks, the PSA badge will be complete, and players will get to keep it as a hand item.

Players can also meet Pixie, Charlie, and Helmet waddling around the island as mascots to receive their brand-new pixel backgrounds.


Image Item Type Cost Where Found
1yearpartyhat PSArty Hat Head Item Free PSA HQ
Psabadge 2.0 Honorary PSA Badge Hand Item Free Completing All Agent Tasks
PixieGA Pixel-Lil Giveaway Background Free Meeting Pixie
CharlieGA Commander Charlie's New Giveaway Background Free Meeting Charlie
Helmetbi8bit Helmet's PSAnniversary Giveaway Background Free Meeting Helmet


  • In Gary's lab is a strange machine called the "Pixelator 8000". If a player clicks on it, the entire HQ, as well as all of the penguins and agents become pixelated (See Pixel Agents).
  • This is the first party to feature characters in a new design.
  • Although the Honorary PSA Badge is a hand item, wearing it will make it appear on the player's chest.
  • ADL was originally going to be a mascot for the party, but was later replaced by Helmet.
  • This is Helmet's first appearance in an event.

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