The Puffle Emporium
The Puffle Emporium In-Game

Where Beside the Forest.
Opened May 13, 2014
Closed N/A
Mini-Games Puffle Hunt
Owner Paige
Jay's Description
Hello, penguins and puffles! The Puffle Emporium is a new shop for puffles, our favorite pet on Club Penguin Island! You can meet Charlie in the backyard, Paige in the front yard, and me inside the shop! We'll be certain to let you know when we find more puffles!

The Puffle Emporium is an area in Club Penguin. It is owned by Jay and Paige.


Co-Managers: Paige, Jay
Cashier: Jay
Puffle Caretaker: Kris
Chief Puffle Hunter: Charlie


Construction for the Puffle Emporium finished on May 1, 2014, yet the store wasn't opened until 12 days later on May 13, 2014. The Puffle Emporium Grand Opening Party was held to celebrate the grand opening of the store. Lavender Puffles were available on opening back, but were quickly recalled due to them being extremely rare, and couldn't be adopted until more of them were found.


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  • Usually, only employees can enter the Employee Room, but it was open during the Puffle Emporium Grand Opening Party and the Puffle Party.
    • The Puffle Emporium Grand Opening Party Hat is found in the Employee Room.


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