Puffle Party
The Puffle Party Logo

Members only No
When April 5-31
Free Item(s) Charlie's Puffle Giveaway, Flames' Pile O' Puffles Giveaway, Jay's Terwhilous Puffle Giveaway, Puffle Tracking Device, Darwin's Runaway Giveaway, Pixie's Epic Puffle Giveaway, Dogkid's Daring Puffle Giveaway
Where On the wiki/igloos
Mascot(s) Charlie, Darwin, Jay, Flames, Gracie, Pixie

The Puffle Party is a party that occurred in April 2014. Pixie, Gracie, Darwin, Charlie, Jay and Flames were mascots for the party, with the former three making their first appearance, and the latter the making their second appearance.



Puffles Adoptable


  • Darwin made his first appearance in a Club Penguin without Gary.
  • This was the first PSA party to have a mascot background without a signature, most likely because Darwin cannot write.
  • The link to the first task is located here.
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