The Shamrock War of St. Patrick's Day
Shamrock PSA

Members only No
When March 1-31st 2014
Free Item(s) I Heart Shamrock PSA T-Shirt
Where On the wiki/igloos
Mascot(s) Agent Red Jay, Clarisse, Adam, The Shamrock Queen

The Shamrock War of St. Patrick's Day is the wiki's third party. Jay, Clarisse, Adam, and the Shamrock Queen made their first appearance as a mascot at this party, though it is also likely the Shamrock Queen's last appearance.


Darwin messed with Gary's computer, and found that a penguin has come to the future from a paradox after the Prehistoric Party, and claims she will takeover the PSA, and rename it the SPSA for the party. It is unknown what SPSA stands for.

Later, Jay intercepted a message saying that an evil pirate queen who calls herself "The Shamrock Queen" is in a war with the Frost Bites, and she has almost defeated them, and she plans to invade Club Penguin Island too.


Image Item Type Cost Where Found
AdamStPatricksBG Adam's Green Frosty Giveaway Backgrounds Free Meeting Adam
ClarisseStPatricksBG Clarrise's Lucky Freeze Giveaway Backgrounds Free Meeting Clarisse
JayStPatricksBackground Jay's Snowy Shamrock Giveaway Backgrounds Free Meeting Jay
ShamrockQueenGiveaway Shamrock Queen's Shamrockin' Giveaway Backgrounds Free Meeting Shamrock Queen
IHeartMyShamrockPSA I Heart My Shamrock PSA T-Shirt Body Items Free Shamrock PSA HQ

Player Cards



  • The Shamrock Queen's ship is actually the stolen Migrator.
  • All the Frost Bites turned into the Shamrock Queen's minions called Shamrockers, except for Adam and Clarisse, who did turn green, but not evil like the other Frost Bites.
  • It intervened with The Flames Takeover.
  • This is the first party to have a badge logo instead of a party logo.

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