The Talent Show

Members only No
When April 10-16, 2014
Free Item(s) Locy's Talent Givaway, Lucy's Talent Giveaway, Rookie's Talent Giveaway, Flames' Talent Giveaway,Golden Microphone, Guitar Hoodie, Supermariobro's Forest Giveaway, Supermariobro's Portal Box (only if you meet Supermariobro and click the "EPF" hologram on his playercard" Sensei's Walking Stick (only avalible as an act)
Where On the wiki/igloos
Mascot(s) Rookie, Locy, Lucy, Flames, Jay, Gary, Quack Quack, Happy Herbert, Faye, Guinydyl, Supermariobro, Dogkid

The Talent Show was an event that occurred in April 2014. It was announced by Lucy in the beginning of March, and she hosted the event. The events were broadcasted live on the BAC, and there was a live audience. Any agent could have participated, and all the contestants were mascots.

List of Performances

Lucy, Locy, Flames, Dogkid, Jay, Gary, Quack Quack, Pixie, Happy Herbert, Faye, Rookie, and Supermariobro signed up.

  • Lucy hosted the show.
    • She also sang.
  • Locy  played guitar/a bit of singing.
  • Flames sang.
  • Rookie used his propeller cap to fly.
  • Dogkid  played the saxophone.
  • Jay was ice skating.
  • Gary showed off his scientist skills. 
  • Quack Quack played his maracas.
  • Pixie sang. (Quite badly)
  • Happy Herbert sang.
    • All of Club Penguin covered their ears. Somehow, despite this, he managed to win.
  • Faye  also sang.
    • She also did a duet with Flames.
  • Guinydyl played the drums/electric guitar.
  • Supermariobro did something with Sensei and boxes.




  • It was  Lucy, Faye, Pixie, Supermariobro, and Locy's first time making an appearance at a party, Flames' and Jay's third, and Rookie's second.
  • Dogkid, Jay, Pixie and Flames also appeared in The Puffle Party, which intervened with this party, so sometimes they gave their Puffle Party backgrounds instead.
  • Although  ADL's duckle was attending, meeting him counted as meeting ADL, because he has no other planned appearances.
  • Prior to The Holiday Party 2015, it had the most mascots to be meet-able.
  • Despite Supermariobro's giveaway  taking place in a forest, it's really his background from the Save Forests event some time ago in unrelated history.
  • Agent Hailey once again attempted to murder Herbert during the event.

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