The Winter Party 2016
Winter Party Logo

Members only No
When January 8th - February 1st
Free Item(s)
Where On the wiki, Igloos
Mascot(s) Tra, Jay, Lucy, Myra, Kippy

The Winter Party 2016 is an operation that took place between January 8th and February 1st, 2016. During this event Herbert built a machine that could control the weather in an attempt to melt the island.


Chill, frost, and ice is NOT what the Winter Party is due to a certain Polar bear...


Image Item Type Cost
Machine Disabler-Icon Machine Disabler Pin Pin Free from Gary
TRASwINTERDANCEBGICON Tra's Winter Dance Giveaway Background Meeting Tra
Myras Forest Giveaway Icons Myra's Forest Giveaway Background Meeting Myra
Kippy's Wintertime Giveaway Background Meeting Kippy


  • A blog announcing the party can be seen here, and a blog spoiling all the info for the party can be seen here.
  • It is much different than The Winter Party 2015.


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