PSA Badge

Age 25
Gender N/A
Species N/A
Position PSA Agent
Friends That
Enemies N/A
Favorites Things
Related To None
Romance Interest N/A
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By ?

This is an agent of the PSA. This joined the PSA before it was created. This is best friends with That. This's family includes This's parents, Him and Her, a brother called He, a sister called She, an aunt named It, and a cousin called None.


When This was born, This's parents called This, This, to save everyone the hassle of memorizing another name, under Operation:Plan. This's parents never learned This's gender, so This went through life as a this. This's best, and only, friend, That, told This that That was moving from There to Here one day. On that day, This went to This's bedroom, where This cried. This then moved to Club Penguin, and joined the PSA.


  • Contrary to unpopular Pikachus, This can juggle elephants while That drinks homemade Nyan Cats.
  • Only 90s kids will remember This.
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