I'm happy to help!
— Tourdude

Age 33
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Position Tour Guide
Friends The PSA, most people
Enemies Herbert and The RPF
Favorites Helping out new penguins and giving tours, His family
Related To See list below
Romance Interest Bella Fisher
Status Alive
Alternate Form ?
Portrayed By Cole Sprouse

Thomas Arthur Fisher (or Tourdude, sometimes called Tom-Dude by Charles) is the twin brother of Charles. He is the younger twin, by five minutes. Thomas, his wife and kids all live in a small cottage in the English countryside. However, they sometimes come back to Club Penguin Island to see friends and family.


Thomas is a kind and caring penguin that likes to help out new penguins. He has a black puffle named Shadow.


  • His children's second names are members of The PSA or their allies. Barney's middle name is Jim, William's is Rory and Ava's is Gracie


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