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    In Percy's destroyed lair...

    Douglas: So, I have organized this group in order to get revenge on the PSA, including, but not limited to, Catherine Sensei, PixieLil, Timothy Sensei, Rookie Von Rookstein, Tralala, and my own, Charles.

    Herbert: But why does our organization have to be called LOVE?

    Douglas: The League Of Villains Everywhere may have an unfortunate name, but it doesn't matter!

    Dian: I don't see why we can't just go back to our OWN agencies!

    Crissy: *click click*

    Douglas: You know what? All of us want revenge on them, and we have been too busy recovering. They're too busy focusing on other villains, like Brady and Kevin. But I guess we could all just turn over a new leaf-

    Everybody: NO!

    Douglas: Okay then. Smulley, bring out the TECHNO-ARMOR!

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    • Herbert: Quick question, about the PSA.

      Douglas: What's the question.

      Herbert: What about Hailey, my crush?

      Douglas: Herbert, you know she doesn't like you. Just deal with it.

      Herbert: You know what? The rest of you can try to take down the rest of the PSA, I'll take down Hailey solo. If I can't have her, then no one can!

      Dian: Who's this "Hailey" Chick you speak of?  ಠ_ಠ

      Douglass hands Dian a picture of Hailey with a new hairstyle: Her hair grew longer a little, and she cut her bangs.

      Dian:...Oh. o3o

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    • IRL Note: I know exactly where you got "including, but not limited to" XD

      Douglas: Where the heck is Smulley?!

      Herbert: I thought he was dead?

      Douglas: Oh yeah... dang it. -.- 

      Crissy: *click click*

      Douglas: No matter, I will fetch the Techno-Armor myself.

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    • Douglas: Wait, I remember now! SMULLEY 2.0 WILL BRING US THE ARMOR!

      Lydia: Smulley 2.0?

      Douglas: Yes. I took Smulley's old parts and combined them with new ones!

      Smulley 2.0: *enters* Here is the Techno-Armor, Master.

      Douglas: Name all the villains in the room.

      Smulley 2.0: Lydia, Douglas, Herbert, Tusk, Crissy, Britnay, Jedi, Perry the Pizza Guy, Uncle Arctic, Dian, Troy, Bella, Ava, Xavier, and Smulley 2.0 are the villains currently in this room.

      Troy: Wow.

      Xavier: What is the Techno-Armor?

      Everybody: *faceflipper*

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    • Herbert: Douglas, it's not like you to forget things like that.

      Troy: Yeah, are you feeling okay?

      Douglas: It's weird... it's like every few minutes I forget something... O.O

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    • Meanwhile, in the Underwater PSA HQ...

      Me: Why is our base underwater now?

      Everybody: *shrugs*

      Robutler: My systems tell me that prisoners are escaping the CPPD-

      Gizmo: -With the help of Lydia, Douglas, Herbert, Tusk, Crissy, Britnay, Jedi, Perry, Uncle Arctic, Dian, Troy, Bella, Ava, Xavier and Smulley!

      Charlie: That can't be true! Smulley's dead!

      Me: Yet they still outnumber us today.

      Donutella: Who are those people?

      Gary: Well, we better head over there. I feel like the reason they're doing this is because they WANT to fight us.


      Hailey: Wait, did you say Herbert?

      Puffles: Yes, he di- Where'd she go?

      A Hailey-sized hole is in the wall, and the base starts leaking.

      Charlie: This was a bad idea.

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    • Pixie: Just wait. Any second now, we're gonna here Hailey's scream.

      Herbert screams in pain from far away

      Pixie: ...or not.

      Robutler: I'm picking up readings of-

      Gizmo: *fries Robutler* of Douglas!

      Me: What?!

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    • Gizmo: Ohh dear, I need to avoid getting wet, or my mother bourd will get wet and die.

      Robutler: You and me both.

      Charlie: Ohh dear, the entrance is locked!!!

      Gizmo: What?

      Charlie: We can only escape through the Aqua Grabbers!!!

      Gizmo: Let me in one!!!

      (Sidenote: Why does this RP seem to take place in the future?)

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    • (Sidenote reply: I think it does.)

      Pixie: Activate the Mega-Grabber!

      Gary: *presses button, car beep*

      Me: Woah! That thing is huge!

      Gizmo: It's big enough for all of us!

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    • (Sidenote reply: Why do you guys think it takes place in the future?)

      Me: I'll meet you guys at the CPPD! *flies through the ceiling*

      Rookie: I wish I were a ghost!

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    • Gizmo: *drives Aqua Grabber out of hideout* I can't believe the entire island is underwater!

      Me: It's like the Underwater Expedition, but worse!

      Wingman: Squeak Squeak Squeak! O.O

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    • Me: How did the entire island get underwater?

      Charlie: I thought you left!

      Wingman: SQUEAK!

      Me: Oh, it's not underwater, we just built it so far underwater.

      Officer: Calling the EPF! The *goes on for 3 more hours* and EVERY OTHER AGENCY!

      Rookie: I can't believe they didn't say the PSA!

      Me: Wow, we really need more publicity.

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    • (Sidenote reply: There are a ton of clues to suggest it's in the future, Hailey's longer hair, the underwater HQ, the many bad guys calling revenge on the PSA, and it seems I died sometine in the past (scream))

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    • Pixie: We're a secret agency, remember?

      Jay: Oh yeah...

      Something suddenly hits the Mega Grabber, knocking everyone over.

      Me: WHAT THE FUDGE?!

      Gizmo: Enemy submarine approaching!

      Me: ...crap. 

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    • Charlie: Well, why don't we just confront them?

      Me: They outnumber us!

      Smulley 2.0: Oh, do we?

      Pixie: *turns around and gets kidnapped by Smulley*

      Smulley 2.0: Sorry, gotta "fly!"

      Rookie: I don't get that.

      The Mega-Grabber starts flying upwards.

      Me: And now they put rocket boosters on this.

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    • Gizmo: Incoming enemy torpedo! Evasive manuvers! *Mega Grabber flips, dodging torpedo*

      Me: I think I'm gonna be sick...

      Gary: Gizmo, we're rising upwards! See if you can get rid of these rocket boosters!

      Gizmo: On it. *turns on hyperspeed*

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    • Gizmo takes out the rocket boosters.

      Gary: I'll go save Pixie! *grabs a vine, then swings onto the enemy submarine*

      Me: Where'd that vine come from?

      Charlie: I don't know, but we've got to go help him!

      Uncle Arctic: *jumps onto Mega-Grabber wearing Techno-Armor* You'll have to fight me first!

      Me: *possesses Uncle Arctic, then gets out of his body. Uncle Arctic then falls down*

      Charlie: Well that worked.

      Uncle Arctic: *gets electrocuted by armor, waking up*

      Rookie: Or not!

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    • Gizmo: This is getting difficult, even for me! *activates windsheild wipers, knocking Uncle Arctic off the Mega Grabber*

      Douglas: *pops up on the Mega Grabber's big screen* Surprise!

      Me: :O Douglas!

      Douglas: I perfer "Dad" but yeah, me! >:D

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    • Douglas: ROUND TWO!

      Dian appears, wearing Techno-Armor.

      Gizmo: *knocks Dian off the boat*

      Douglas: You think you can do that with ALL of them?

      Dian: *flies back up*

      Charlie: Oh boy.

      Me: Hmm... *lightbulb appears over head, then possesses Dian, then jumps out of ship, lands in water, electrocuting Dian, then de-possesses her and goes back up to ship*

      Douglas: Well, a forcefield will be equipped with the next one! ROUND THREE!

      Tusk jumps onto ship with a rhino horn on top of his head and a forcefield that blocks all attacks.

      Tusk: GAH! *charges at Charlie, who is standing next to the exit*

      Charlie: *runs away*

      Tusk: *falls out of exit*

      Charlie: Well that worked.

      Douglas: FOURTH ROUND!

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    • Me: Fudge! Gizmo, get us out of here!

      Gizmo: Good thing I installed lightspeed!

      Me: Lightspeed won't work underwater! We need ludicrous speed!

      Gizmo: Okay, but I recomend you hold on very tightly.

      Douglas: What the...

      Mega Grabber zooms off

      Douglas: Grr! After them!

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    • Douglas: Go Ludicrous Speed.

      Dian: But sir, that's the one thing didn't install onto the sub propperly.

      Douglas: Do you want to be fired!?!?!

      Dian: Ludicrous speed sir, but I suggest you were a seatbelt.

      Douglas: What do I look like? Like I'm 2 years old?

      Dian: No sir.

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      Gizmo: III thiiiink weeee're faaaaar enoooough aaaawaaaayyyy nowwwwww! *slows down*

      Me: *faints*

      Jay: Yikes! Good thing I'm a ghost and that didn't effect me at all!

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    • Gizmo: Ohh dear why is Herbert there, and there, and THERE!!!

      Jay: I think we went too far.

      Gizmo: Ohh, my GPS says we are at the North Pole.

      Jay: Hey look, it's Tusk, with 2 tusks.

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    • Crissy comes out of nowhere.

      Douglas: Go get them, Crissy!

      Crissy: CLICK!

      Crissy goes to the Mega-Grabber.

      Crissy: CLICK! *a giant claw appears in the middle of the air, moving to how Crissy moves her right claw*

      Shellia: *puts a brick in Crissy's giant claw*

      Crissy: *tries to crush brick* CLIIIIIICK! *falls off*

      Me: He has GOT to get more powerful servants.

      Douglas: Umm... Round Five! XAVIER!

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    • Douglas: Well, since you guys are too far away now, I'll have to TELEPORT the rest of my acquaintances there!

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    • Me: Oooh so thats who these people are! Man their real meanies.

      Dian: Seriously? A little girl? They gotta think more about who they put in that agency!

      Me: That wasn't nice! DONUT RING! *A gigantic donut traps Dian but she eats her way out* DONUT RING!

      Dian: Aww man now I'm full! Whatever. Eventually I'll get hungry again!

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    • Meanwhile on land.

      Herbert: -Has a bunch of cuts on his arms and back, with a horrified look on his face.-

      Hailey, what happened to you?

      Hailey: -Looks up, in her werecat form- ...What?


      Hailey: 'Kay. -Turns to Herbert- You're lucky you're still alive. Don't even think about throwing a wedding dress at me again. -Runs off while shifting to her human form.-

      Herbert: -Passes out from injuries-

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    • Herbert: *gets shocked from Techno-Armor, killing him*

      Hailey: Wait, wouldn't that REVIVE him?


      Hailey: GAHH, I'm going to regret doing this.

      Hailey gives CPR to Herbert.

      Hailey: What? NO I DIDN'T! I meant I was going to regret carrying Herbert on my back to the hospital.

      Oh. Back in the Mega-Grabber...

      Douglas: Xavier? Are you there?

      Xavier: *jumps onto ship* YES, SIR! *grabs giant sword and puts a leak in the Mega-Grabber, then jumps out*

      Charlie and Jay: UH OH!

      To be continued...

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