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    Oldlife: So here is the labyrinth.

    Jay: So when do we get split up?

    Oldlife snaps fingers

    Oldlife: Now!!!

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    • Wingman: >:O *runs at Oldlife's foot, knocking him over*

      Oldlife: Oof! 

      Me: Thanks, Buddy. 

      Jay: Okay everyone, let's split up.

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    • Me: Why did I pick to go strait when everyone went left?


      Me: Ohh yeah, nobody else is here, this reminds me of the time I got stuck in that airvent.

      Flashback with me stuck in an airvent

      Me: Hello, anybody there?

      End Flashback

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    • Me: Wait, me and Rafe are ghosts, can't we just fly through all the walls?

      Rafe: I suppose so.

      A giant fortune cookie comes down from the air. It opens.

      Me: "These are ghost proof walls. Also, ghost flying is disabled in this room."

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    • Lucy: It appears the entrance to the labyrinth is blocked now.

      Helmet: Hey, where's ADL, I thought we were going to stay together...

      Outside of the maze, Oldlife pulls a lever

      Helmet and Lucy caught in a wall that does a 180 degree spin

      Charlie: Where did Helmet and Lucy go?

      Jay: This can't be good.

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    • Me: Don't worry guys! I'm still here!

      A trap door appears under Donutella


      Charlie: Are you ok?

      Me: I'm fine just go on without me!

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    • Me: Okay bye

      Donutella: Wait, you're supposed to act like you want to help me! Get back here!

      Wingman: Squeak

      Me: What is it buddy?

      Wingman: SQUEAK!!!

      A pit of fire appears


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    • Me: Where am I?

      Rookie: I think your in my igloo!

      Me: AGHH! *jumps out of window*

      Rookie: Or is this Herbert's cave?

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    • Me: *falls down*

      Rafe: *falls down* I think you'll have to carry us...

      Charlie: Oh boy. *grabs Rafe's and Jay's hands*

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    • Me: Hey look, it's a sign that says "exit."

      Charlie: Where?

      Rafe: It must be under a ghost spell lock. Only ghosts can see it.

      Charlie: So, just tell me which directions to go.

      Me: Left.

      Charlie goes left.

      Me: No, you're other left! I'm not that good with directions...

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    • The Never Ending Labyrinth Me: What do you know? A map of the labyrinth, that helps. Now to solve it.

      Hours Later

      Me: So that's how we will get out...

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    • Me: ...I have a better idea. *ignites jetpack and flies out of labyrinth* EVERYONE TELEPORT TO MEH

      Everyone has already started making their way through the maze

      Me: Suit yourself. 

      Wingman: *on my shoulder* Squeak!

      Me: *flies off*

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    • Me:*teleports to charlie* herro dere!

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    • Everyone is at the end of the labyrinth hours later

      Me: That was lengthy, did anybody else find a map?

      Helmet: No.

      Me: Note to self, don't go into libraries, hey look, the way out.

      Everyone Leaves

      The End

      Oldlife: Hello? Anybody remember me? Is that it? Am I stuck in here for eternity? I'll take that as a yes...

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