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    Note: This will probably be the final episode of Season 4- it doesn't have to be, but it probably will be.

    Me: Doesn't it seem rather strange that no villains have attacked the island lately?

    Everybody: Yeah.

    Adam: They're probably delaying something and they'll attack us whenever we least expect-

    Pixie (appears on screen): Agents! Bad news! Douglas... He's captured- *a flipper appears on the screen over her mouth* MMMMM!

    Douglas: *moves camera to himself* You'll never find her! What she was trying to say is... Not only have I come back to defeat you once again, but I have reformed the LOVE... And I have some new additions!

    Rookie: Like who?

    Douglas: Like... I can't remember the newcomers, so I'll just let Smulley 3.5 tell you ALL the names of the LOVE agents!

    Everybody: SMULLEY 3.5?

    Charlie: My dad's obsessed with Smulley.

    Douglas: I AM NOT!

    Smulley 3.5: Lydia, Douglas, Herbert, Tusk, Crissy, Britnay, Jedi, Perry the Pizza Guy, Uncle Arctic, Dian, Troy, Bella, Ava, Xavier, Smulley 3.5, Brady, Percy, the Protobot, and two villains you guys probably have never heard of: SNOWSTORM AND E.G.!

    Everybody: Snowstorm and E.G.?

    Smulley 3.5: Secretly, when Douglas was trying to create Charlie, he created the Ultimate Snow Monster, but it was even too powerful for him! So, Douglas locked him up for 22 years. Eventually, Douglas realized he could use a device that would electrocute this monster if he ever decided to betray us! And we call him Snowstorm.

    Charlie: And who's E.G.?

    Douglas: Seriously, you didn't find any of that the tiniest bit shocking?

    Charlie: I've fallen off a cliff and survived, seen somebody freeze a swimming pool, and had somebody read my mind. This doesn't seem the tiniest bit shocking compared to that.


    Smulley 3.5: During the time when Gary was evil, Douglas accidentally extracted the bad side. We've kept him in a cage because we wanted to surprise you or something. Just imagine: ALL OF GARY'S BAD SIDE IN ONE BODY!

    Rookie: So why is he called E.G.?

    Smulley 3.5: That stands for Evil Gary.

    Rookie: Oh...

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    • Me: ill get help


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    • Hailey: How about I step up to the plate, and get Pixie out of there before hell breaks loose?

      InuYasha: I'll go too.

      Hailey: -Looks to him- You're gonna die in there ya know.

      InuYasha: So?

      Hailey: They have weapons! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!

      Douglas: Who the hell is that guy.

      InuYasha: Your worse nightmare. >:)

      Douglas: You're failing, kiddo. (trollface)

      InuYasha: So, anything special you're gonna do to Pixie? -Glare-

      Douglas: Still thinking about it. I've just realized that Hailey has a crush on the same person she's married to. (yao)

      Hailey: Aw come on! (rage)

      Pixie: I knew that, I just promised not to say anything about it.

      Nixie appears out of nowhere with an encyclopedia, in Douglas' hideout.

      Nixie: TURTLE SLAYAP! *slaps Douglas*

      Douglas: *sarcasticly* Ow.

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    • Me: Nixie, is that my encyclopedia?

      Nixie: Umm... Maybe...

      Me: Why do you have that?

      Nixie: This is the EEBL!

      Everybody: What's the EEBL?

      Nixie: The Encyclopedia of Enemies' Base Locations, duh.


      Everybody from the LOVE appears at the PSA base.

      Rookie: Ha! They don't even have the Techno-Armor this time!

      Douglas: Really? *presses button and Nyan Puffle appears on the screen* OOPS, WRONG BUTTON! *presses another button*

      Tusk: GRAGGH! *turns into a werewalrus*

      Hailey: I've got him! *turns into a werecat*

      Herbert: *sets self on fire* HAHAHA! How come I'm not getting hurt?

      Douglas: You like the warm so much that you have adapted to even the most intense of heats! Incredible! *mutters* I just made you have fire because I don't particularly like you.

      Snowstorm: *becomes as large as Club Penguin Island* MWAG THWAG!

      Adam: I have an idea! Charlie, get to the cannons! Jay, go get the fireworks! Gary, stop handling this really well!

      Gary: Why?


      Gary: Oh, I was too busy admiring my coffee.

      Nixie: You forgot about something, Douglas!

      Douglas: Oh yes, I forgot to greet such *inside* a disgusting human *outside* a beautiful angel!

      Nixie: Oh *chuckles* You really think I'm...

      Douglas: Yes!


      Douglas: No, I don't actually, but it gave me just enough time to put on my jetpack, fly up to you, tie you to a rope on the ceiling, and pull a lever revealing a pit of evil Puffles with large teeth that I call Chompies over a big pit of lava!

      Pixie: How did you not notice that, Nixie?

      Nixie: ...I don't know.

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    • Me:im baaaaaaaaaaack

      Douglas: get him

      -Gets hit by tusk-

      Me:grrrrrrrrr -turns into bigger dragon and acts like hulk-

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    • Crissy: CLICK CLICK! *two duplicates of Crissy appear every time she clicks her claws*

      Me: Okay Adam, I've got the fireworks!

      Adam: Put them in the cannon!

      Me: *throws fireworks into cannon*

      Herbert: HAHAHAHAHA!

      Charlie: I'm almost at the cannon!

      Herbert: *gets to cannon before Charlie, lighting it on fire, then stands in front of cannon*

      Adam: This is perfect! Hey, you!

      Snowstorm: ME!

      Adam: Yes, you big, fat, ugly, white monster!

      Herbert/Snowstorm: HEY!

      Snowstorm: *runs across the room to Adam*

      The fireworks shoot Herbert over to Snowstorm, who melts due to Herbert being on fire.

      Snowstorm: NOOOO!

      Herbert's fire extinguishes due to the large amounts of snow turning into water.

      Herbert: AH!

      Douglas: NO! My beautiful snow monster! Agents, CHARGE!

      The agents charge at the PSA, and both agencies try to defeat each other.

      McKenzie: You disgusting beast! Why did you choose to turn evil?

      Brady: I never chose anything! It was YOU who chose something!

      McKenzie: And what was it that I chose?


      McKenzie: -_- You turned evil before I knew him.

      Brady: Oh, right, that's because I was hypnotized by Tusk.

      McKenzie: Oh. Okay.

      Brady: Oh, and my new Techno-Armor ability... *surfs through the air*

      Brady and McKenzie continue fighting.

      Gary: Hello, me!

      E.G.: Hello, other me!

      Gary: Hey, Rookie's not even smart anymore.

      E.G.: He isn't?

      Gary: No.

      Albert: Rookie is indeed not smart anymore!

      E.G.: YOU LIED TO ME, ME! *thinks of a lightsaber, and one appears in the air*

      Gary: Oh, well that's your special Techno-Armor ability? Thinking of something will make it appear? *pulls out lightsaber* Good thing Disney bought Star Wars!

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      - has crushed both evil gary and good gary-

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    • The LOVE has outnumbered the PSA and they all sit in small cages.

      Jay: Cages? Really? That's the best you got?

      Douglas: These are power-canceling cages. Your weapons or powers will not work in them.

      Pixie: Well that's just not fair.

      E.G.: We got them all except for Charles and that Adam guy.

      Douglas: Drat! Find them immediately before they try and pull anything, they're the only ones who can defeat me!

      E.G.: Yessir.

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    • Douglas: Shut up. 

      Smulley 3.5: We have found Adam! *sets in front of Douglas' screen*

      Douglas: YOU IDIOT! That's just an ice sculpture of a Frost Bite! *facepalm* If you want something done right... *presses button* you've gotta do it yourself.

      Smulley 3.5: Aw crap *explodes*

      Douglas: *teleports to PSA HQ* I want those two and I want them now!

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    • -Eacapes and smashes everyones cages-

      Pixie:thanks poko

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    • Pixie: POKO WAKE UP

      Poko: What? Why are we still in cages?

      Pixie: I don't know what you're talking about, but you were sleeping.

      Poko: So that was just a dream? -.-


      Adam: This can't possibly work.

      Me: It has to! Are we just going to let our friends be captured and... well, who knows what he's gonna do to them!

      Adam: This just seems kinda risky for not only us, but everyone.

      Me: You got a better plan?

      Adam: ...I guess not.

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    • Gary: Perhaps I could pick this lock?

      Me: Give it up Gary Bear, we're trapped! Unless... *whistles*

      Poko: What good did that do?

      Me: You'll see...

      * Dragon flies through window*

      Jay: A dragon? But.. how?

      Me: This is Silverclaw, I met her during the Medieval Party.

      Gary: Well, can she help us?

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    • Me idont think can see im a very minute dragon that only breaths when tail is stepped on,That turns to hulk like dragon when is angry AND  i first  appeared in a 1998 film (rage face) oh and im the dragon king

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    • my character isn't supposed to be revealed until the end of the roleplay.

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    • Me:*eats douglas* NO MORE DONALD!


      Me:wait,you aren't either one of the scottish twins YOU ARE NOW KNOWN AS BECKY!

      Douglas: *facepalm* you idio...

      Me:*eats tacos* now I've shut him up

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    • Douglas: ENOUGH! *grabs out strange gun and electrocutes Helmet*

      Helmet: *surges with electricity* WEEEEEEEEEEESH

      Douglas: *throws Helmet at wall*

      Helmet: SHEEEEEEEEEW *hits wall head-first*

      Douglas: *points gun at agents* And now, it's time to finish the job.

      Me: You're quite right, Douglas. Except you're the one who's finished. *crashes through wall*

      Gary: Oh come on I just had that wall repared!

      Douglas: Hah, you don't scare me. All you have is that little ice gem. What are you gonna do, freeze me to death?

      Adam: How did you know?

      Adam freezes Douglas into a block of ice.

      Me: Case closed. >:)

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    • Me: i have no idea whats going on whats so ever

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    • Me: Let's take this icecube and throw it into the volcano!

      Charlie: Shouldn't we just lock him up?

      Me: Yeah, probably. I just really want to throw something into a volcano!

      Gary: Pixie, are you alright? O-O 

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    • One day later...

      Gary: Douglas has been put on ICE. In these temperatures, he won't be waking up for quite a while.

      Pixie: I still think we should've thrown him in a volcano...

      Gary: ...Uh, anyway... the rest of the LOVE escaped, but they will return someday for revenge, and maybe to rescue Douglas.

      Me: We'll be ready for them.

      Adam: CHARLIE!

      Me: What?!

      Adam: The freezing chamber you re-froze me in tracked my DNA. 

      Me: So?

      Adam: It told me, I'm your...

      Me: What?!


      The End

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