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    01:33, January 14, 2014

    Zelda: *uses scissors to cut duct tape* Hey, why am I in Gary's room? Oh, this machine is shiny! *presses button and the machine turns invisible* Uh, that obviously did nothing. *opens window and looks outside*

    The next day...

    Charlie: *walks in* Zelda, where are you? Are you hiding?

    Helmet: AHH! The window is open and the duct tape is cut!

    Me: You don't think she was...

    Everybody: PENGUINNAPPED?

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    • Charlie: Oh no, this is bad, this is really bad!

      Jay: Pixie's gonna kill us!

      Helmet: Or worse, fire us!

      Dogkid: OWW, something just pulled my hair!

      Charlie: Who just kicked me?

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    • Hailey: Is it just me, or did Zelda run off faster than a Paula Deen sponsor? o o

      Dog: Now ain't the time! We gotta find the kid or Hell's gonna break loose!

      Hailey: ono RIGHT

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    • Me: Don't worry guys, I've seen in cartoons what to do in this type of situation. *grabs bucket of yellow paint*

      Zelda: *kicks Hailey*

      Hailey: MROW!

      Me: *throws paint, which lands on Zelda, making her shape visable*

      Jay: How are you so good a trajectory? You hit her dead on!

      Me: You think I play Angry Puffles whenever I have free time for nothing?

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    • Me: Wait wait wait wait wait wait *three hundred forty seven waits later* wait wait wait... How did you know she was invisible?

      Charlie: The security camera.

      Zelda: *pours water all over herself* Haha, you can't see me!

      Me: *puts in horror movie* This should attract her.

      Rookie: OOH CAN I WATCH *sits on chair which Zelda is on* OOH LOOK IM FLYING!!!

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    • Zelda: OWWW! The big fat penguin sat on me! WAAA

      Rookie: Ahhh ghost!

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    • Me: Thanks Rookie! *covers Zelda in permanent paint*

      Zelda: Waaaaaaaaa


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    • Hailey: No, I have a better idea. Zelda, if you make yourself visible, I'll let you watch the first five minutes of Higurashi.

      Zelda: Whuzza Higurashi?

      Hailey: Horror anime. With girls who lose their sanity to protect their friends. It's pretty violent so... yeah.

      Jay: What about Hetalia?

      Hailey:...Or Hetalia, but it's like a PG-13 level. :| Especially with Belarus trying to have kids with her older brother.

      Zelda: //Justin Bieber EWWW face//

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    • Me: NO ANIME. Anime is the last think she needs to see at her age. Right now we need to figure out how to undo this invisibility effect. Zelda, were you in Gary's lab?

      Zelda: No

      Me: Huh, that's odd...

      Zelda: *thinking in head* I was actually in his room >:D

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      Me:with the mind reader THAT IS 100% NOT GARY'S IDEA!

      Me:NOW! PUT ON TUMMIS! >:)


      ME:SHADDUP *superglues duct tape on her beak*

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      Helmet: It's her punishment >:)


      Helmet: :| It's not a horror mov- oh, forget it... >:) *turns up volume*

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      *phone rings and is answered by Charlie*

      Charlie: Uh-oh, it's Pixie!


      Me: Um, is everything okay?

      Charlie: Everything is fine, perfectly fine!

      Me: Well, Gary and I have decided to stay an extra week, will you be able to keep watching Zelda?

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    • Charlie: o-o of course!

      Pixie: kthxbai

      Me: *randomly walks in* HEY CHARLES I BROUGHT YOU COOKIES

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    • Zelda: COOKIES, GIMMEE!

      Charlie: Are those chocolate chip cookies?

      Eagles: Yeah....

      Charlie: Pixie's list says that Zelda can't have chocolate chip cookies after 4:00 PM.

      Eagles: It's 4:30


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    • Zelda: I'M OUTTA HERE *tries to get out of chair*

      Me: *lightbulb appears over head* I have an idea. *goes on Pixie's computer and pulls up WikiHow article*

      Article: If your baby is thinking about running away, or dreams of running away, lock their door at night and put a chair in front of it. Make sure to get soft, gentle straps so your baby stays in bed. Strap their flippers down very carefully, and strap in their feet. Put a soft pink strap across their tummy, and put up gates or barriers around their cribs. Do not do this with babies that are under control, only babies who sleepwalk or run around your igloo at night. If they cry or scream a lot, get them a binky . Open their beak very carefully and set it inside. Put in a gentle glue so the binky stays in place. Now your child won't annoy you, and they are incapable of speech or crying. Take it out for meal times only. Do this for a week or two until your toddler knows better. Long term use can cause damage. Also, set rules. You might be afraid your toddler will run away if you do this, but this will protect your toddler, your privacy, and maybe even your sanity. Don't let your toddler go into your room, they will break something sooner or later. If they threaten to run away, don't give in. Take all of their things that they pack and lock their luggage in a closet. Lock your toddler in their room and strap them to a chair so they can't run away. Remember though, it must be a soft pink strap or the toddler will feel intimidated and maybe even cry for help. Stuff a cloth in their beak.

      Jay: ...And how does that help us?

      Me: I'll show you *takes duct tape off of Zelda*

      Zelda: YAY

      Me: *puts soft pink straps down*

      Zelda: Awww ;(

      Me: *puts binkie in*

      Zelda: :O :D *sucks on cutely* :3

      Me: She's mature, but she's still just a baby :P

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    • Me: *EATS cookies* want some guys?

      Charlie: *EATS cookie*

      Jay: ' no thanks

      Zelda: *falls asleep*

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    • Helmet: *puts headphones playing the Tummis theme song on Zelda*

      Zelda:  Z z Z z Z z Z z

      Helmet: *turns up volume to maximum*

      Zelda: WAAAAAAAA

      Helmet: *stuffs cloth in Zelda's beak*

      Me: ...

      Helmet: I just wanted an excuse to do that :P

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    • Me: I ate all but one off the 7384 cookies... I'm going to sle- *faints*

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    • The Next Morning...

      Zelda: That was the worst night ever, I got no sleep!

      Me: You slept like a bunny.

      Zelda: Because I was tired :/

      Helmet: And because of your soothing Tummis music :3

      Zelda: -.-

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    • Phone: *rings*

      Helmet: *picks up phone* Hello?

      Pixie: It's me. Gary and I are coming home because Gary accidentally ate his coffee cup in his sleep and the doctor says that the only cure was to go back to our base and eat one out of 7384 cookies. So, can you guys make 7384 cookies?

      Helmet: Umm, we already have. And we have one left.

      Pixie: YAY!

      Helmet: Bye *hangs up* Guys, Pixie's coming home!

      Everybody: YAY!

      Me: I can't spend another minute with this-

      Pixie walks in.

      Me: ANGEL!

      Pixie: Why is Zelda in soft pink straps? Did you guys read that WikiHow article that tells you how to take care of a baby who wants to run away?

      Charlie: Yes, why?

      Pixie: Look at number 729527491 on the list.

      Me: *reads list* Do not follow instructions on the WikiHow article that tells you how to take care of a baby that wants to run away. The next time after the next time she wakes up, she will destroy everything in the building...

      Gary: *throws up* Give me that cookie...

      Me: *hands Gary a cookie*

      Gary: *eats cookie and is suddenly cured*

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      • the building collapses*

      Me: AGHHHH!

      Charlie: Uh-oh, *hides behind Jay*

      Zelda: Agoo!

      Gary: Wait, how did we just survive a building collapsing on us?

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    • Zelda: Eh Bah Bah! *has bump on head*

      Me: Ooh. *cringes*

      Zelda: Agoo

      Pixie: She's...

      Gary: ...normal again?

      Zelda: GOO! *plays with teddy*

      Jay: The collapsing builidng must have knocked her brain back into position!

      Zelda: :3

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    • Me: Maybe this isn't so bad after all...

      Gary: My igloo! *screams*

      Zelda: Eh Bah Bah!

      Gary: Charlie, you owe me $50000 in damage costs! 

      Charlie: :(

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    • Me: Wait, how is this all my fault?

      Pixie: You should have read the list!

      Me: If I had started reading it when you left I would still be reading it!

      Pixie: True...

      Me: Also, I didn't want to stay here, Jay convinced me, and he said I wouldn't get blamed for anything.

      Pixie: Fine then. JAY?!

      Jay: Gee, thanks Charlie :|

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    • Me: So now I'm in trouble? Okay fine -_- *hands PSA badge to Pixie* I guess I'll take responsibility, even if it means losing my job...

      THE END.

      Me: You should've fired him instead.

      Hey, I heard that!

      Me: That can't just be the end!

      What did you expect, a Disney movie?

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    • And that was Babysitting Blues!

      (We all come back onto stage and bow)

      Audiance: BOOOOOOOO

      Me: I don't think they liked it.

      Jay: I told you it was a lame ending. :|

      The End

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