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    Ended Happy Valentine's Day!
    14:14, February 13, 2014

    Douglas: I present to you... The Valentine Box 3000!

    Herbert: Bravo! What does it do, make things fall in love? *laughs*

    Douglas: Yes.

    Herbert: *thinking* This is the perfect way to get Hailey! *out loud* So what's the point?

    Tusk: Isn't it ironic that an evil called LOVE makes a device that makes things fall in love?

    Douglas: Uh. I didn't notice that. Anyways, we could destroy the PSA! They'll be too distracted by their love.

    Herbert: I tried that once with potions. Eventually, it started World War III with zombies.

    Douglas: Ehh, who cares about Season 1? That season was really confusing. Well, here's an example.

    Meanwhile, in the PSA...

    Gary: I have invented the Distractulator 5000! It makes things become distrac- *gets zapped with Valentine Box* Coffee, will you marry me?

    Back in the base...

    Douglas: See? It works perfectly!

    Dian: Are you sure that's not the Distractulator 5000?

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    • At the PSA HQ

      Pixie: Gary, you are already married to coffee.

      Gary: Ohh...

      Hailey Gets zapped With Love Box 3000

      Hailey: OK, does anyone know where Herbert is, I'm going to ask him to marry me.

      Jay: Something weird is happening.

      Me: Yeah...

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    • Gary: Oh, my coffee is telling me that there are paranormal readings behind Ski Hill. Maybe whoever's doing this is- *gets zapped by the Distractulator 5000* Hey, has anybody seen my pants?

      Me: Gary, you don't wear pants.

      Rookie: *holding Distractulator 5000* Uh, was that bad?

      Pixie: Okay. Adam! Jay! Go behind Ski Hill and see what's happening.

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    • Herbert: So, how will making them fall in love help us?

      Douglas: Gary's cloning machine. If we get it, we can create an army of... uh... US's... or something... we're going to clone each one of us a few times and take over the island.

      Tusk: I call the Dojo >:D

      Herbert: Tusk, you always want the Dojo.

      Tusk: Yeah... :3

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    • Gary: Well, I'm taking my coffee on a date, I'll see you guys later. *Gary teleports away*

      Hailey: Where is my precious Herbie?

      Me: Something is definitely wrong here!

      Charlie: I wonder if- *gets zapped by Distractulator* let's go get pizza!


      Pixie takes Distractulator 5000 away from Rookie

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    • Me: Imma sneak  in the evildoers base Bye.

      Pixie: Evildoers... WHAT DOES THAT EV- Gets zapped by Distractulator Lets go to a movie!

      Me: at evildoers base

      Herbert: Lets zap Flames next to make him in love with uhhhh... Someone. Hey where is he????

      Me: :O screaming A LOVEATRON????????? hides behind rock

      Herbert and Douglas: turn around and sees nothing. Eh ok

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      Herbert: Who?

      Douglas: FLAMES!!! Ugh, you are all too slow. Zaps flames with Valentines Box

      Flames: I Love You Valentine Box!!!

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    • Douglas: Ah, now let's find our perfect match. Hmmm... aha!

      Candice: Who are you?!

      Douglas: *zaps*

      Candice: TRA!!! :O

      Flames: its Flames now, but CANDICE!!! :O

      Douglas: ...

      Herbert: I think they were once a couple or something :/

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    • Meanwhile, behind Ski Hill...

      Adam: So we've checked that lodge over there like 10 times and we still haven't found anything?

      Me: Wait, how do we know WHICH SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN IS BEHIND?

      Adam: I don't know.

      Me: Ugg, looks like we're checking the- *looks away and has wide eyes*

      Adam: What is i- *looks at what Jay is looking at and eyes widen*

      Jay and Adam both see an ice skating rink with a female Frostbite ice skating in it.

      ???: *sees Jay and Adam* Ah! *falls down*

      Me: *goes on ice and helps her up* Are you okay?

      Adam: *goes on ice to help her up, but slips*

      Clarisse: Uh, yeah... I think.

      Adam: *rushes over but keeps slipping* Are you okay?

      Clarisse: :O ANOTHER FROST BITE?

      Me: D:

      Adam: Why are you guys using emoticons?

      Me/Clarisse: I dunno.

      Back in Douglas' base...

      Douglas: This is amazing! We didn't even have to zap them and they're in love! *door falls on Douglas*

      Hailey: *walks in and hugs Herbert* I missed you Herbert Penguin!

      Bella: So Pixie calls Gary "Gary Bear..."

      Ava: And Hailey calls Herbert "Herbert Penguin?"

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    • Me: I've got cookies...

      Gary: Are they coffee flavored, because if they are, I need them to go on my honeymoon.

      Pixie: :|

      Me: No, they are chocolate flavored.

      GARY: NOOOO...

      Me: Gary, why is your name capitalized?

      Gary: Coffee, you know what I'm like when you're not around.

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      • *I crash into douglas base and i land on douglas*

      Douglas:Not again

      Me:*makes a derpy face* I like turtles

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    • Douglas: *zaps Poko on randomness mode*

      Poko: I have the sudden urge to marry a walrus.

      Tusk: *backs away*

      Poko: Not you, I meant Shurow!

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    • Me: Wait am i married  already? oh well

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    • Poko: Looks like I'm getting a divorce.

      At the coffee shop

      Adam: So that's when I became a Frost Bite.

      Clarisse: I moved here from Frostbite island over a year ago. I haven't seen another Frostbite since 2012.

      Adam: Me neither.

      Taco Vendor: (to Jay) Tu Estás muy celoso.

      Jay: What, no, I'm happy Adam finally started dating, what are you doing here anyways.

      Taco Vendor: I sell tacos, tiendes del café son unos buenos sitios a vendir los tacos.

      Jay: What?


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    • Clarisse: Ha! You tell the funniest jokes!

      Me: Okay, I can't stand this anymore!!! *punches Adam*

      Adam: OWW! What was that for!

      In Douglas' labaratory... I think I misspelled laboratory.

      Douglas: *eats popcorn* This is good.

      Herbert: Sir, the plan?

      Douglas: Oh, yes! *zaps the PSA HQ*

      The PSA HQ stands up.

      PSA HQ: I feel the sudden urge to marry Douglas.

      Back in the coffee shop...

      Clarisse: So, wait, you guys are fighting over me?

      Adam: No, he's fighting me, I'm not fighting back.

      Me: I saw her first!

      Adam: *shoots Frost Beam at Jay* Dude, would you lay off?!

      Clarisse: This is so... Romantic.

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      • turns into dark poko*
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    • Me: Umm... Why does everyone want marry Douglas? He's a bad guy.

      Pixie: Must marry Douglas

      Rookie: Must Marry Douglas

      Charlie: Must Marry Douglas

      Dogkid: Must Marry Douglas

      Gary: Must marry Douglas's Coffee

      Me: More importantly, why do I not feel the sudden urge to marry Douglas? TO THE LAB!!!

      In Gary's Lab

      Me: Hmm... Looks like I'm putting this cloning machine work to take down whoever's causing this.

      Clones Self

      Me: Did Gary fix all the bugs? Maybe I shouldn't clone myself too fast, one clone at a time.

      Clones Self

      Me: Keep making clones of myself, one a time.

      Clone 1: Ok.

      Me: Send every clone into offee break room, and make no more than 50 clones. I have a feeling Douglas is bwhind this, and I'll have to round up every agent that was outside of the HQ.

      Clone 1: Why are you monologueing?

      Me: IDK.

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    • Douglas: Hmmm... let's do an experiment. *zaps Herbert*

      Herbert: *goes conk-eyed* WEEEEEEE

      Douglas: *zaps Tusk*

      Tusk: :O HERBIE

      Herbert: TUSKEH

      Douglas: Wait, this means that the hypnotized agents could fall in love with anyone!


      Me: *talking to lamp post* You're so interesting :3

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    • Me: *appears out of nowhere* Huh? Where am I?

      Charlie: *kisses lamp post*

      Me: Uh, Charlie, are you okay?

      Charlie: Can't you see we're trying to have a moment?

      Me: How did I get teleported here?


      Clarisse: Guys, stop fighting, you're going to hurt somebody!

      Adam: *throws grenade at Jay*

      End of flashback.

      Me: Am I in awkward heaven?


      Clarisse: You didn't have to kill him!

      Adam: I didn't, that's a teleportation impact coffee-proof explosion grenade.

      Clarisse: *in mind* Coffee-proof?

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    • Me: You know, maybe you're not the woman I thought you were. You don't really do anything

      Jay: *sigh*

      Me: Oh what's wrong Jay

      Jay: I finally met the girl of my dreams, and Adam came and just stole her away from me!! >:(

      Me: :O *puts on press hat and pulls out Gary's mind-reading device* I smell a good story for this week's news address! o3o


      Jay: How'd it go?

      Me: Read what they said here.

      Jay: *reads* Well that's just great. -.-

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    • Douglas:what is that dargon guy still doing here

      Tusk: ill get rid of him

      • Gets thrown out*

      Me:That makes me ANGRY!!!!!!!!!

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    • Douglas: Not to worry, I know his weakness. *gets piece of cheese*

      Poko: :O

      Douglas: *tosses* Fetch, boy. >:)

      Poko: *catches cheese in midair and eats* nomnomnomnom :3

      Douglas: *zaps*


      Douglas: O.o

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    • Meanwhile

      Pixie is watching TV and a JB video comes on

      Me: I-I think I love him!!!!  

      Rookie: EWW Pixie's gone crazy! 

      Gary is giving his coffee a diamond ring

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    • Gary: Coffee, will you marry me? *pauses* Why not? *starts crying* BUT I LOVE YOU!

      Rookie: *grabs Distractulator 5000 and shoots Gary with it*

      Gary: Huh? Has anybody seen my coffee? Oh, there you are! *sips coffee*

      Rookie: *stares at device* I think I just solved the problem... OF NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO FOR MY SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT!

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    • At the school

      Rookie: The science fair isn't until October? Oh well, hmm...

      Rookie goes to Douglas' s base

      Rookie: Douglas, put your hands up!!!

      Douglas: Why?

      Rookie drops distractulator and creates path of M&M's

      Douglas: What are you doing?

      Rookie zaps Douglas with distractulator, then runs off, leaving a path of M&Ms behind him

      Douglas: Ohh, piece of candy, ohh, piece of candy, ohh, piece of candy...

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    • Me:yummm CHEEEEEESE

      cheese turns out to be posioned

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      Knocks cheese out of Poko's hands



      Gary: Agh! *zaps Pixie with Distractulator*

      Pixie: Huh, what happe-- Why am I listening to JB! *screams*

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    • Me: i still managed to eat it

      • dies*
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    • Me: NOOOOOOOOOO! *cries*

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    • Revives Polo

      Me: How many times do you have to die?

      Poko: As many as want.

      Me: :/

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    • Douglas: Okay Kelpto. You know what to do.

      Kelpto: Click Clack Click Click! (I won't let you down, boss!)

      Klutzy: Click Clack Click Clack Click? (Why don't you let me do these things anymore?)

      Herbert: Because you're barely evil and always screw everything up. :|

      Klutzy: D:

      Kelpto: *sneaks in and steals Gary's cloning machine without anyone noticing*

      Herbert: Nice work. Let's go. >:D

      The three sneak away and back to the LOVE, unseen by all the penguins distracted by the Valentine Box.

      Douglas: Great work. Smulley?

      Smulley 3.5 walks over

      Smulley 3.5: Time for the programming?

      Douglas: *nods* Do your stuff. >:)

      Smulley 3.5 types a code into the computer, and a small scanner pops out to scan Herbert. A converbelt suddenly starts up, producing dozens of polar bear clones.

      Douglas: *does evil laugh, which Herbert and Smulley 3.5 awkwardly join into*

      To be continued...

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