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    Rookie: I'm hungry.

    Pixie: Here, eat this. *hands Rookie a computer playing JB music*

    Rookie: Justin Bieber! My favorite! *eats and Justin Bieber music plays from his mouth*

    Police Officer: *breaks into the PSA* Hello? We've come to arrest Justin Bieber again!

    Gary: What did he do this time?

    Police Officer: He hurt a police officer...'s ears.

    Gary: Fair enough.

    Police Officer: *arrests Rookie*

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    • Valentine ADL

      Rookie: In JB's voice I'm not Justin Beiber.

      Police Officer: Tell it to the Judge.

      Me: Why are we doing a part 2 anyways? Hasn't everyone already been zapped by the Distractulator?

      Gary: Because this party is supposed to take up the whole month. I think it should have at least 3 parts.

      Me: Meh... PSA Agents, take this, as a Valentine's day gift from me, to you. Use the code {{PinkADLT}}

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    • Douglas: *in the lab* Ooh, piece of candy, ooh, piece of candy, hey, there's no more candy!

      Herbert: *slaps Douglas*

      Douglas: Thanks, I needed that. Now, we have to get this Distractulator!

      Herbert: I thought we were going for the cloning device.

      Douglas: The Distractulator must be destroyed before we can get the cloning device! I've got it... I need to make a dematerializer!

      Brady: What's that?

      Douglas: It's a device that makes inanimate objects turn into animate objects!

      E.G.: Ha, and then what are we going to do?

      Douglas: Make it fall in love with me so it will come here!

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    • Me: Umm... didn't they already get the cloning machine? Estoy muy confundido. BTW, that T is only available until February 28th, after that, it won't be there. I'd get it while it's there.

      At Douglas's base

      Herbert: By the way, while you were eating that candy on the floor. Pulls out Cloning Machine

      Douglas: Finally, you did something right. Why didn't you show me this earlier?

      Herbert: You were eating candy...

      Douglas: You could have helped eat it. Or have gotten the distractulator.

      Herbert: We weren't after the distractulator... Throws Candy on the Ground

      Douglas: What are you doing? Ohh, piece of candy, ohh, piece of candy, ohh, piece of candy...

      Herbert: Seems like the results are permanent...

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    • Smulley 3.5: I have the Undistractulator 10000. *zaps Douglas*

      Douglas: Huh? Just lost my train of thought. Oh, right, the Cloning Machine! Well, anyways, we still need to get the Distractulator 5000. The PSA could distract the clones!

      Snowstorm: GRUGGH?

      Douglas: Yes! Thanks for reminding me! How about Lydia, Bella, Ava, Dian, Snowstorm, Perry, Xavier and Protobot protect the Valentine Box and zap more agents while the rest of us go steal the Distractulator?

      Protobot: I'm not okay with that. BOTS!

      Snow Bot, Jet Bot, and Wheel Bot come in.

      Protobot: They can protect the Valentine Box along with the others.

      Douglas: Okay, Protobot, I guess you're coming with us!

      Meanwhile, in the PSA base...

      Gary: I really feel like cloning some coffee right now. *reaches out and tries to grab cloning device* Huh? It's been stolen!

      Rookie: How do you know you haven't just misplaced-

      Gary: *punches Rookie* It's been stolen! I bet the LOVE took it! We've got to go get it back!

      Locy: *backflips into the entrance* Guys, I've got some news! The LOVE invented a device called the Valentine Box and is trying to distract us and make us fall in love with things!

      Gary: Then we have to destroy that.

      Near a lamppost...

      Charlie: Lamppost, it's not really working out between the two of us...

      Me: *sigh* I guess I could just find somebody else that's the same species of penguin I am.

      In the coffee shop...

      Clarisse: Adam, I don't want to see you two keep fighting. And I'm doing this for your own good. I think we should break up.

      Adam: But... But why? *tear rolls down his cheek and freezes*

      Clarisse: Because somebody will eventually get hurt if I stay. I'm going home.

      Adam: But-

      Clarisse: My decision is final. I'll be leaving tomorrow at midnight.

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    • Adam: I didn't hurt him, I just teleported him away. What's so bad about that?!

      Clarisse: I know you wouldn't hurt Jay, but I don't want to tear your friendship apart. I'm sorry, Adam... *vanishes in white misty cloud*

      Adam: *sits down at coffee shop table and barries head in arms*

      Me: *walks by* Oh hey Adam have you seen that lamp post anywhe- OOH, THERE SHE IS! *runs and hugs lamp post*

      Adam: *looks up* What in the name of...? *runs over* Charlie, what's wrong with you?!

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    • Me: *runs over and tries to catch breath* Charlie... Adam, why are you here?

      Adam: Why are you here?

      Me: Well, Charlie broke up with a lamppost, then ran over here...

      Adam: I just saw Charlie hugging a lamppost and ran over here...

      Me: Is that a frozen tear?

      Adam: Yes... *cries*

      Me: Why are you creezing?

      Adam: Creezing?

      Me: Combination between crying and freezing.

      Adam: *creezes more*

      Me: Adam, why are you creezing? And where's Clarisse?

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    • Adam: Umm... she broke up with me.

      I walk into the coffee shop


      Jay: What are you doing here?

      Me: I got a call from a friend, but that's not important, she said you were here Adam? WHY ARE YOU HERE!!!

      Adam: I was on a date.

      Charlie: Me too.

      Me: WE ARE ON A CODE RED!!! AND FOR SOME REASON I'M THE ONLY ONE WITH ANY SENSE!!! DOUGLAS STOLE THE CLONING MACHINE!!! And Charlie, you're married, why are you dating a lamppost, ohh, and Rookie is also in the right mind.

      Rookie walks in

      Rookie: Hi...

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    • Jay: Ugh, this is getting confusing. What's wrong, Adam?!

      Adam: Clarisse... she left me. :(

      Jay: :O MAYBE SHE WANTS TO DATE ME NOW *runs off*


      Rookie: Side-effect?

      ADL: Likely.

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    • Me: I just got a text, it's from Clarisse, she said Jay is drowning her with kisses, and she wants it to stop... TO CLARISSES IGLOO!!! THEN DOUGLAS'S BASE!!!

      At Clarisse's igloo

      Clarisse: Jay, stop it.

      Me: Pulls out Distractulator

      Jay: What are you doing ADL.

      Me: I didn't want it to come to this, but Rookie, is the path of M&M's complete?

      Rookie: All the way to the HQ.

      Me: OK Zaps Jay with Distractulator

      Jay: Ohh, piece of candy, ohh, piece of candy, ohh, piece of candy...

      At HQ

      Jay: Ohh, piece of candy, ohh piece of candy, hey, there's no more candy.

      Me: Jay, you need to focus on the mission.

      Jay: Who made you in charge?

      Me: Ummm... them.

      ADL Clones: HEY JAY!!!

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    • Douglas: Okay, now that we're in the PSA HQ, here's the plan-

      Me: Ohh, piece of candy *chomps on Douglas' arm*

      Douglas: OWW!

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    • Me: Douglas, where's the cloning machine?

      Douglas: I'll never tell you.

      Me: Clones, arrest him.

      Douglas: *sigh* My lab...

      Clones 16 and 43 arrest Douglas

      Me: You'll be spending a long time in that cell. Clones, go to Douglas' s base with Jay and I, this is a code red. The ha is in lock out mode as soon as we leave Rookie, clones 45 and 32 will stay to keep you company.

      Rookie: Ok.

      I call Clarisse

      Me: Clarisse, I'm going to need you at the dock as soon as possible. Yes, I'd like you to tell Charlie the lamppost is at the dock. I left the distractulator on your floor, be sure to zap Charlie with it. Whatever you do, do not enter the coffee shop, something shows a love potion was released in there. Once at the dock, dig a hole under the inner tubes, under there should be blueprints showing you how to make a giant robotic duck. The snowstone should help you build it quicker, Charlie has the snowstone, after that, head for Douglas' s base, got it? Ok, bye. Hangs up Ok, let's go.

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    • Me: Wait, how do you know Clarisse's phone number?

      ADL: Uh, we used to know each other in college.

      Me: How did you know Adam and I met her? And how does she know Charlie? And wait, you knew there was another Frost Bite here the whole time?

      ADL: Okay fine. We knew you would find out eventually.

      Real ADL: *walks in* Guys! I say this robot guy walk in my igloo a few weeks ago and he made a costume that looks like me!

      Fake ADL: *takes off mask, revealing robot* Ha Ha Ha!

      ADL Clones: *take off masks* Ha Ha Ha!

      Me: That still doesn't explain how Clarisse knows Charlie.


      Clarisse: Who's Charlie?

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    • Me: Who's that?

      Jay: You're just telling me this now?

      Me: Yeah, I would have said something sooner, but then I'd have to sign all those legal papers.

      Jay: Since when do you follow the law?

      Me: Meh, I do every now and then, HEY... that's the guy that was in my igloo a few weeks ago. Can I have that needle back?

      ???: Hands over needle

      Me: Why did you want that anyways?

      ???: We had to get into the PSA to warn everyone. You are all in danger, the prophecy will come true if you don't get the cloning machine back, you 2, Rookie, Adam, and Clarisse are the only 5 who can stop it as for us, we only have one thing left to say before we are destroyed, the prophecy.

      Total Destruction

      Icy Death

      Clones of Green

      5 Remain

      Agencies Powerless

      Against the Queen

      Me: I don't like sound of that.

      ???s explode

      Jay: Sounds like a St. Patty' s day event.

      Me: Only time will tell.

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