• Gary: Yay! This month's party is the Future Party!

    Me: Gary, we've already seen the future...

    Gary: Yeah, but this is going to be a different future! Like, there's going to be-

    Me: It can't be a DIFFERENT future. If we want this to be a good party, we have to go to the future and defeat Kevin. Now.

    Charlie: Wait, Jay, that future was supposed to happen in November.

    Me: Yes, but I prevented it.

    Charlie: And you were supposed to be Jay-Borg.

    Me: Yes.

    Charlie: And you reincarnated.

    Me: Uh-oh... This could be bad...

    ADL: Please don't tell me it's a paradox.

    Me: It's not a paradox if it was always going to happen... Wait, I have an idea. *dresses up like Agent Blue Jay* Okay, this should work. *disappears and then reappears two seconds later*

    Pixie: Where did you just go...

    Me: To the future as Jay-Borg... Unfortunately, I'm about 4 years older.

    Sunny: Great...

    Me: So, what happened today again?

    Pixie: Uh... Nevermind. Have you stopped Kevin yet?

    Me: No... That's what I came back here for. I didn't defeat Kevin. He... He killed all of you. You need to come with me if you want to live. We're going to the year 2017.

    The PSA is in the year 2017.

    Jay-Borg: Hello, me.

    Me: Hello, me.

    Jay-Borg: So, I see you've come back.

    Me: Yes, but I never did this part when I came to the future. What happens from here on out will cause a paradox, but according to my calculations, it should only make the Protobot 10000 able to rebuild himself... and turn himself into the Protobot 30000.

    Jay-Borg: Okay then... Have we stopped Kevin yet?

    Me: No, that's what we came back here for, to prevent their deaths and to defeat Kevin. That should cause a slightly bigger paradox... Could maybe make the EPF become the Extra-Planetary Federation or something...

    Jay-Borg: Let's not worry about paradoxes right now, and let's defeat Kevin for the final time.

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    • Gary: Whoa! I wonder what kind of coffee they have here?

      Me: Do you ever think about anything except coffee? -_-

      Gary: FYI, yes, I'm currently thinking about finding my future self. Because he probably has coffee...

      Me: *faceflipper*

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