• To separate the roleplays that'll have to do with TCMMDI and normal roleplays, I made this board. Every Sunday, a new episode will be released. If the episode we're currently on isn't finished by next Sunday, I'll let it continue until the next Sunday. I know the time limit for the episodes might put pressure on people with school and reality. I just don't want two episodes going on at the same time, the episode before the newer one hasn't even ended!

    Here is how the roleplays will be set up:

    Title: Episode name, season number/episode number

    Ex. Crackheads on the loose, S1E2

    Then whoever makes that episode can start the plot. If you'd like to make an episode, message me on my message wall. If multiple people message me, first come first served. I don't want multiple people making multiple roleplays for one episode. If I'd wish to start an RP, I'll announce it.

    Update: If you're going to join a roleplay, please read the previous roleplays if you haven't. If it's a lot, then just skim through them to make sure you understand the situation.

    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please say.

    ~ Dogamyoverworld Coollogo com-192051403 TalkDogaressaoverworld

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