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    Jay: Are they in the pit?

    Me: Yes, but what I don't understand is why they didn't go through the clearly marked exit I used.

    Jay: Withdrawal symptoms, anyways, we just need to find Happy Herbert, then we can truly punish them. We don't have to worry about them escaping the pit, there is no way out anyways.

    Me: Where's the boss?


    Charlie: You'll never get away with this, my employees will come.

    'Douglas': You mean those guys who are too busy tracking down Happy Herbert to punish those crackheads who escaped their prison cell?

    Charlie: Yes!!!

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    • The Crackheads have found a way out of the pit and are wandering around in the tunnels under the Chocolate factory

      Barnes: We've been down here for weeks now, let's just face it, there's no way out!

      Gracie: *checks watch* We've only been in here for 15 minutes....

      Barnes: Oh... I guess that explains why none of us have needed to eat or-

      Me: Shh, do you guys hear that? 

      • The sound of someone hammering can be heard coming from somewhere nearby

      Watson: I think there's someone else down here...


      Gracie: You idiot, what if it's a Chocolate Factory employee?

      ???: And what if it isn't?

      A figure steps out of the shadows

      ???:  I've been waiting for you all to arrive. 

      Barnes: *groans* How did YOU get here?

      Me: Um, is this someone I should know? 

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    • In the Chocolate Factory...

      Locy: *looks in through door* Jay, we need to go!

      Me: Just a second. Did you see anybody in the dungeon who was one of our employees?

      ADL: Nope. Just Gracie, Barnes, Helmet, May, Watson, Pixie, and-

      Me: Pixie? She works here.

      ADL: Oh, right.

      Me: Lock her up in the dungeon. *pulls out remote and presses button* Okay, Locy, let's go look for JB.

      ADL: I think he's performing in France.

      Me: France? I thought you said he was performing in London!

      Locy: This poster says he's performing in London... *pulls out poster that says he performed in London two weeks ago* Oh.

      Me: Wait, why do you have that poster?

      Locy: Uhhh... I found it in Happy Herbert's cave! Yeah...

      In the dungeon...

      ADL: *enters the dungeon* Oh, and one more thing. *locks Pixie up in cell*

      Pixie: NO!

      ADL: OH SH- *censored* I'VE ONLY GOT FIVE SECONDS UNTIL THE EXIT DISAPPEARS *runs toward exit*

      Suddenly, the exit disappears.

      Pixie: What happened?

      ADL: Jay pressed a button that causes the exit to disappear after a minute. I was too late...

      Gracie: AHHH!!!

      Pixie: What?

      ADL: That's not really the Pit of Confiscated Crack... That's the Pit of Punishment.

      Pixie: That's horrible! What punishment?

      ADL: No crack.

      May: I'M DYING

      ADL: They'll also probably die unless they find the exit- Oh wait, the button also triggers the Pit of Punishment's exit to disappear after 30 minutes.

      Pixie: THEY'RE GOING TO DIE! You need to get them out of there!

      ADL: No.

      Barnes: I found crack down here!

      ADL: WHAT? We need to get them out of there!

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    • Pixie: Sure, just send me down there, and I'll get them out.

      Me: Do you think I'm stupid, crackhead. I don't know how they got crack, but their supply is limited, and they won't be able to survive solely on crack.

      Pixie: I've went a whole year with only crack before.

      Me: Well, Eats door to the Pit of Punishment I'll be back soon.

      Pixie: By the way, I'm not really Pixie, she's in the pit.

      Jumps into Pit of Punishment

      Pixie: And there's no crack in the pit.

      Me: Ohh, sh*t!!! Larry, pull me up.

      Larry: I can't, I'm a figment of your imaginitivation.

      Me: Then give me a pogo stick.

      Larry: Here!!!

      Bounces up with Pogo Stick

      Me: Thought you could fool me.

      'Pixie': Yes, we're already in the tunnels.

      Me: How?

      'Pixie': It's simple,a key to a door to the tunnels, and the door into them were down there, AND THE DOOR WAS UNLOCKED!!!

      Me: Larry, follow the crackheads.

      Larry: Sure thing Mr. Lover.

      Larry enters the pit of punishment

      'Pixie': Who are you talking to.

      Me: My imaginary friend...

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    • Locy: Ok, so do you have any other leads?

      Jay: Where else do you think HH could have gone?

      Locy: Hmm.. Search online to see if there any fan clubs or something meeting. Somewhere a crazy JB fan would go if they lived around here.

      Jay: Ah, there is!

      Locy: Cool! Lets go get Lucy!

      At the meeting

      Locy enters

      Crazy JB fan: OMG JUSTIN BEIBER! Oh wait nvm

      Jay enters

      Bonnie: OMG JUSTIN BEIBER! Oh wait nvm

      Locy: How much does JB come here?

      Abby: Never... Now SHH your talking over the live feed!

      Locy: If the feed is live then how come you expect him? Actually, I don't wanna know.

      Jay: We're looking for HH, have you seen him?

      Locy: I think he has my sister!

      Bonnie: He's usually here, but I guess he decided to take a rain check.

      Locy: Darn.

      Jay: Can we get out of here? That live feed is making my ears bleed.

      Locy: Sure, I'm gonna go to the castle and plan Lucy's funeral-

      Jay: We have to find Charlie, or we'll be planning his funeral!

      Locy: You don't have any leads though..

      Jay: Or do I?

      Locy: Do you?

      Jay: No, I don't.. I should have never trusted Smulley.

      Crazy JB fan: Smulley? I know him! I once did a favor for him in exchange for a JB ticked. I'll always wonder what was in that penguin-shaped bag... Um, but if you want his address, I'll write it down for you.

      Jay: Yes please!

      The crazy JB fan gives them the paper, and Jay and Locy go to the address

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    • Tunnels

      Me: It's the Terrible Trivium, obviously.

      ???: I need you to move this sand pile from here to there. But all I have is these tiny tweezers. I also need you to move the water from this well into the other well. But all I have is this eye dropper. And finally, I need a cave. Dig a cave into this wall with this nail.

      Me: I was ri-

      ???: Just kidding. Anyways, you should know me, Mole.

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    • Larry: This place is a maze, I could sure go for some crack right now. But Mr. Lover told me crack was bad for my health.

      Sign: Crack ahead

      Larry: Where there's crack, there's bound to be crackheads.

      Goes through wall

      Larry: No, just some guy digging a tunnel with a nail.

      Continues on

      Larry: Here they are, and they've got crack too. I WANT SOME CRACK!!!

      Mole: And that's the way out...

      May: Can you say that again, I was to just getting high.

      Mole: All I said was go straight, then climb the ladder.

      Larry: This seems like this is a trap... well, time to report to Mr. Lover.


      Larry: It's ok, they found a way out.

      Me: What? We're going down there to stop them.

      Enters Pit off Punishment

      Larry: Can I have a crack now?

      Me: NO!!! Now show me how to get through these tunnels.

      Larry: I just went through the walls.

      Wall breaks open

      Guy: I DID IT!!!

      Me: We're turning the water on.

      Larry: Far ahead of you, I also set the bomb.

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    • The Crackheads steal everything in the kitchen and are about to exit.

      Me: Wait- don't touch the door-

      Barnes touches the door, and with a swish and a boom, the entire kitchen is engulf in a fireball.

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    • *the fire alarm goes off*

      Gracie: BARNES! What did I just say? 

      Barnes: sorry...

      Me: How'd we get into the kitchen anyway?

      Helmet: OH GOD, I'M ON FIRE!! 

      *water is thrown onto Helmet*

      Gracie: We should probably exit this kitchen before we're caught again.

      Me: Let's go through this hole the fireball created.

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    • We go through the hole, and on the other side is Morgan Freeman in a white room.

      Morgan Freeman: The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit.

      Then the Crackheads are transported to what seems like outside.

      All of us then start to laugh, for no particular reason, then throw colorful crack powder at each other.

      Barnes: What are we doing?

      Helmet: That crack the Mole gave us is giving us one acid trip!

      Then, the whole scenery disappears and is replaced by darkness. We all see a sharp, short, and painful flash of light and double over in pain.

      We're still in the burning kitchen, but all of us think we escaped.

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      Gracie: Kitchen?  What kitchen?  We're in the middle of a field,  surrounded by turtles. 

      Barnes: Hey, how'd we get in my shop? And why is there a banana dancing on my counter?  

      Helmet: Why is there a train in my living room? 

      May: You people are all insane,  we're CLEARLY at the bottom of a lake!  

      *in the distance,  the sound of someone singing "Baby" can be heard*

      Me: Uh, guys... we should probably get outta here...


      Helmet: Rookie,  stop parking your train in my igloo!


      Me: We're all screwed! 

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    • Me: *walks up behind Happy Herbert, wearing a pair of earmuffs* ATTACK!!!

      Happy Herbert: *belts out lyrics to "Baby"

      Barnes: MAKE IT STOOOP

      Me: Drive them far away from here and you'll get a double lifetime supply of chocolate!

      Happy Hebert: *nods but keeps singing*

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    • Everyone's ears explode

      Me: I have an idea.  Quick, Barnes,  give me some of your explosive crack! 

      Barnes: What? I can't hear anything but that horrible singing! 

      *I take the crack out of Barnes' pocket and throw it into Happy Herbert's mouth*

      HH: BABY BABY BA- Happy Herbert explodes

      The Crackheads run away

      Charlie: OH COME ON! 

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    • Me: *runs over* Charlie!

      Locy: Okay, so we found him.

      Me: How did you escape?

      Charlie: Lucy helped me.

      Locy: You know where she is?

      Charlie: Yeah! Here's what happened.

      Flashback cause reasons

      "Douglas": Your friends won't be able to save you now.

      Charlie: How do you know that?

      "Douglas": Because they're looking for someone else...

      Smulley: Douglas, we need to talk in private.

      "Douglas": Okay. Initiate silencing sequence.

      Smulley: *puts earplugs in Charlie's ears and duct tape over his mouth*

      Charlie: *thinking* Really?

      A few minutes later...

      "Douglas": WHAT'S THAT SOUND?

      Smulley: It seems to be coming from the northeastwest direction of the Earth, for nineteen lamps are electrocuting fish that are swimming in the sun- *deactivates*

      "Douglas": AGGH! That sound has overridden you!

      Charlie: Good thing I can't hear anything.

      Suddenly, Lucy bursts in.

      Lucy: The mayor of this town is forcing me to apologize to everyone for maximizing Happy Herbert's voice. Charlie, what are you doing here?

      Charlie: LUCY!

      Lucy: *frees Charlie*

      Charlie: AGGH! Is that Happy Herbert?

      Lucy: Yes, I'm sorry for capturing him. I tried to make him a better singer.

      Charlie: I need to "borrow" him for a second...

      End of flashback

      Charlie: So that's how it happened.

      Smulley: *arrives* Hello again, Charles.

      Me: SMULLEY! Stay back, Charles, I can handle him-

      Smulley: *arms become rocket launchers*

      Me: ...You can take him.

      Charlie: HEY!

      Smulley: Oh, all of you have found out too much about our base, so I'll need to go undercover as your security guard again. I'll see you all this morning. *laughs and grabs a time machine*

      Charlie: No! You can't mess with time!

      Smulley: I already have. *presses button on time machine* Goodbye!

      Charlie, Jay, Lucy, and Locy all tackle Smulley and are sent back in time with him.

      Me: Oh, great! This will mess up time completely!

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    • Pixie: Now can we leave?

      May: One minute please, just let me smoke this.

      I appear

      Me: Nobody's smoking anything. Takes crack from May

      May: NOOO!!!

      Me: This place is rigged to flood, then explode within the next 12 hours, 13 minutes, and 59 seconds. Door's wide open to anyone who gives me their crack.

      Barnes: Here you go. Runs

      Me: Anyone else? Crack explodes

      Crackheads follow Barnes

      Me: GET BACK HERE YOU!!!

      Starts chasing the Crackheads

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    • Poko appears

      Poko: You idiots! What nitwits!

      Me: Why have you appeared just now?

      Poko: You nitwits needed to learn. My prophecies are stern.

      May: Can you at least help us escape instead of stand in the way‽

      Poko swoops us up and flies away

      Duck: They got away this time, but they will face the oncoming wrath of the Chocolate Factory workers...


      (if you wish to start the next episode, go ahead, or I will start it)

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