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    "Hey guys, have you seen Kitty?" 

    Charlie was the first to break the silence, when he realized that one of the agents didn't make it to the meeting on that day. "...Anyone?" the albino penguin asked, a bit of hysteris in his Chris-Pratt-esque voice. A metal hook from a redhead was a response. "Well, do you know where she is?" Charlie had glanced to the ginger. "The lass told me she had a stomach cramp," he answered, a thick Irish accent obvious to the group. Said pirate added on. "She had also said that she had to go somewhere, but didn't say anything after that." Great, more evidence in finding her.

    "Well Foxy, since you're so close to Shiro, why don't you go find her?" A brunette agent - Lucy - asked, glancing to the gingeraffe, eyeing him suspiciously. "Aye, she and Linebeck did drag me out o' Hell once, so it be best that I did somethin' for her."

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    • "What the bloody hell is going on here?" Asked a ginger haired penguin as she waddled into the PSA HQ. "Kitty appears to be missing" replied her Co-Director,  Charlie.  Before Pixie was given a chance to respond,  a tall, dark haired man wearing a pirate's coat entered the room.  " 'ey guys," Linebeck said, in an obviously false pirate accent.  "There's somethin' ye should all come see...." 

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    • "Ye found Shiro already?" Foxy asked, a single amber eye widening. "If ye did, do ye know where she is?"

      "If Herbert found her, he'd be dead by now," Charlie responded, sarcastically glancing at an imaginary watch. 

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    • Charlie's albinistic eyes carefulul studied Hailey's workspace, looking for clues as to where she could have gone.

      "Woah, woah, woah, hang on a second," he said suddenly. "Why do you keep saying that I'm albino?"

      Charlie stupidly believed that the narrator would actually respond to him.

      "Hey!" Charlie shouted. "I can hear every word you're saying!"

      He pulled out his rocket launcher and pointed it towards the ceiling. What he seemed to have forgotten is that the narrator didn't have any physical precense and that all he would accomplish was blasting a hole through the ceiling and likely hit someone on the surface. Grumbling, Charlie heeded the narrator's words and reluctantly put his rocket launcher back on its display case.

      Suddenly, something on Hailey's desk caught his attention. Charlie waddled over to it to find a piece of paper near the edge, hidden under an old bottle of rum, most likely Foxy's.

      "I be havin' a disorder," Foxy cried as he downed a whole nother bottle of rum in the corner of the room.

      Charlie picked up the piece of paper and read it aloud:

      Don't come looking for me.
      — Shiro

      "Is this what you were talking about Linebeck?"

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    • "Aye, that's what I was try'nta explain," Linebeck responded, the fake accent being obvious. "I don't care what the lass' note says, I'm going to find her wether she wants me to or not!" The ginger pirate vowed after getting over his small rum binge. "Okay then. Foxy, you go find Shiro, and bring her back here so she can tell us what's wrong," Pixie said, the pirate nodding and dashing out of the building.

      >>> Hidden Lake<<<

      Shiro was curled up behind a waterfall. Her stomach cramps going away finally, what was left behind was a tail. A mermaid tail, to be exact. Orange with black tiger striped, it took away her cat features as well, leaving her as her normal human self, jet black hair, normal hands - no claws - and no cat tail. And her mentaility was perfectly normal.

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    • Foxy sighed and looked behind him. Charlie was still following him, lugging his rocket launcher.

      "Come on mate, yer flipper's gotta get tired of carryin' that eventually."

      "It is," Charlie replied. "but I don't care."

      "Why ye be pointin' it at me head though?"

      Charlie's vibrant red eyes seemed to flicker as he quickly put the rocket launcher down and pretended he didn't know what Foxy was talking about.

      "Okay seriously, my eyes are only red when I'm at my second home in Hell!" Charlie shouted. "I'm not albino here!"

      Charlie somehow expected the narrator to know that even though there are no pictures in roleplay threads, and that Charlie's most recent picture of himself showed himself in Hell so the narrator was completely justified in thinking that.

      "When I find out who you are, I swear..." Charlie murmured under his breath, for some reason thinking that the narrator wouldn't be able to hear him.

      Foxy suddenly shot up from his rum-induced slouch. Charlie was instantly alert.

      "What is it?" he asked, aiming his rocket launcher at the trees.

      "I know where we need be headin'."

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    • "Okay, then where?" Charlie questioned, an imaginary eyebrow narrowing in confusion. "The lass had also complained of falling every time she stood up. Is there any underground lake around here, lad?"

      "Well, yeah, there's the Hidden Lake underneath a huge boulder -"

      "Then she's most likely there," The ginger answered, subtly cutting Charlie off. "We need to get to her before somethin' happens."

      Charlie still held his rocket launcher, navigating his way to the Forest where the Hidden Lake was under. "Sometimes I wish I was on vacation in Hell."

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    • "Well, ye can go there any time ye fancy, can't ye lad?" Foxy asked.

      "Good point!" said Charlie. "Be right back!"

      Charlie disappeared for two seconds before returning back.

      "Ah, that was fun!"

      "...Does any time pass when ye be in Hell?"


      "I see..."

      Foxy turned his attention to what was in front of him just in time for him to see pure rock hurl at his face- or from our point of view, crash into a large boulder. Foxy hobbled backwards and looked at it.

      "Hah, this is it! I did it!" he shouted triumphantly.

      "You do realize that we've been right by that the whole time..." said Charlie.

      "...Let's just go inside, lad."

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    • Pixie entered the Hidden Lake and emitted a yelp of surprise.  Sitting in the corner, behind a waterfall, was a mermaid. Pixie studied her face.

      "H-Hailey? Is that you?" 

      "Go away" The mermaid replied.

      "Hailey?!" Charlie gasped, climbing down the ladder.

      "Don't look at me!!" Hailey shouted,  diving into the water.

      Linebeck scratched the back of his head. "Well,  this is certainly a predicament. " he said, all traces of his false accent having vanished.

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    • Suddenly, Jay wrote himself into this roleplay because he can.

      "That can't be Hailey," said Foxy. "She looks nothin' like 'er, and she doesn't even 'ave a cat tail!"

      "Except for the fact that she's the only human- or humanoid- on this island," said the rather annoying Jay. "Shut up, narrator," said Jay in complete agreement.

      Charlie questioned how Hailey was a mermaid. Of course, he didn't know what a mermaid was, being a penguin, so the time-space continuum decided to eat him for continuity errors.

      "Hey!" argued the albino penguin. "You can't eat me!" Charlie then decided to just teleport to Hell, and from there, he teleported back to the Hidden Lake.

      Meanwhile, Jay pondered over why there were two Roleplays now written in the third person that both had to do with Hailey's forms. "Don't worry 'bout it," Foxy told him. "I'm sure there be a reasonable explanation."

      Suddenly, out of nowhere, Locy fell from the sky and hit everybody in this Roleplay with a broken frying pan multiple times.

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    • Shiro tail-slapped Locy as she tried to hit the cat-demon-mercat thing's face with said object. "Ne, that's a bit annoying," she muttered, before looking at the group. "I thought I wrote a note saying not to look for me. Why didn't you listen!?" She screeched, hysteria in her voice.

      "A certain ginger didn't wanna listen," Pixie responded. "The lass dragged me out o' Hell with Linebeck's help, so I thought I'd do somethin' for her! Y'know, one good deed deserves another?" Foxy was using hand gestures to explain. "Oh my god, Foxy calm down, you're scaring Kitty." Charlie rubbed his temple with a white flipper - no racism intended -, the blue-eyed Shiro hiding the majority of herself in the water.

      "If that pedophile marshmallow finds me, he's going to Hell."

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    • Suddenly a wild Herbert appeared. 

      "Well damn" Shiro muttered,  pulling out an axe. Herbert was standing just out of her reach, taunting her. 

      "Herbert, why do you have to appear in EVERY SINGLE RP?" Pixie asked angrily. 

      Herbert shrugged. "Because I'm awesome and also the main antagonist?  Oh and Hailey is he-" Herbert was unable to finish his sentence as Foxy chose that moment to push him into the lake. 

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    • Charlie was looking at the Costume Catalog he stole from the Mall.

      "What?! I didn't steal it!" Charlie protested.

      Charlie is a demon from Hell, so it would make sense for him to steal it.

      "Ugh, you know what? You, I'm ignoring. Hailey's tail... I feel like I've seen it somewhere before."

      He flipped to the Underwater Adventure page and having immediately found what he was looking for, showed the picture to everyone else.

      "I LIKE PONIES!" Charlie shouted naively.


      Charlie went on, "MY FAVORITE PONY IS-"

      "STOP CHANGING MY LINES!" Charlie shouted, subjecting everyone in the underground cave to his stupid voice.

      "GAHH YOU KNOW WHAT, WHATEVER! Here's the picture I was talking about."

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    • Shiro held the catalog in her hand, studying the photo. "Funny," she said. "My hair ain't blue."

      "At least it ain't like Bonbon's!" Foxy chimed in, before he himself got pulled into the lake with Herbert, the both of them fighting over who has a better accent. 

      "ALRIGHTYOU TWO, CALM YER HORMONES BEFORE DEMONIC SPAWNS ARE BORN!" Charlie shouted, both of them with faces of " w t f ".

      "...Okay, forget I said that." Charlie facepalmed.

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