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    ((So I have decided to "kill off" Eagles. And by kill off I mean he is going so somehow fuse with Raven so they become one... You'll see...))

    Eagles: *working in his lab on some giant machine*

    Raven: *walks in with food* Hey bro! What's up?

    Eagles: Working! Go away.

    Raven: But I brought you food and was going to ask if you w-

    Megg walks in, interrupting Raven

    Megg: Eagles, have you finished yet? We have somewhere to be?

    Raven: Excuse you, I was talking.

    Megg: Well now you're not. *smirks*

    Raven: *glares daggers and sets food down, tackling Megg*

    They get into a huge fight and Eagles tries to separate them

    Eagles: STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU! *tries to pull them apart*

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    • I walk in and see Raven and Megg fighting

      Me: Um, I'll come back later. ..

      Eagles is pulled into the fight

      Eagles: HEY, STOP!

      Megg pushes Eagles and Raven into the machine*

      Both: *screaming*

      Me: *walking back in* Wth is going on in here?!

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    • Megg: I pushed them inside.


      Raven: *smacks Eagles* DUMB <censors for a few words>!!!

      Eagles: *huffs* IT'S MEGG'S FAULT!!!


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    • Me: I don't care who started it. Help me get them out of the machine!

      While Meg and I are attempting to free Eagles and Raven,  Gary waddles in and sets his coffee mug down on a llarge, red button

      Me: GARY NO!

      The machine roars to life

      Eagles and Raven: *Screaming*

      Gary: Oops... I hope I haven't just killed someone. ..

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    • *Gary gets smacked with a frying pan* SPOILERS!

      Eagles: *pauses screaming for a moment* WAIT WHO DIES? And wow, I am surprised it wasnt rookie this time! *claps*

      Raven: *slaps eagles* YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

      Eagles: Pixie grab my laser! *points*

      Pixie: What laser?

      Suddenly part of the ceiling falls down and rookie right behind it

      Rookie: oops...

      Eagles: *sighs* Of course... Because we can't have one roleplay without Rookie doing something bad....

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    • Rookie: Yes we can, this just isn't one of them.

      Eagles: -_-

      Raven: Umm... Eagles...

      Eagles is heard screaming

      Eagles: PLEASE GET US OUT OF HERE!!!

      Pixie: What is this anyways?

      Gary: Well, I kind of hate Albert, so I created a machine that can fuse him and Rookie back into a single penguin. I gave Eagles the blueprints to build it, and gave him the money to buy the parts. I've been testing a smaller model on apples and oranges. Do you want an orange apple?

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      Rookie: *takes an Orange Apple and eats it* Wow...

      Gary: Um...yes...

      Eagles: AND I HAVENT INSTALLED A STOP BUTTON YET! GARY WHY DID YOU SET YOUR COFFEE ON THE RED BUTTON!? IT WAS HUGE! HOW COULD YOU MI- *starts screaming again as he and Raven are sort of drawn together*

      Raven: *screams extra loud*

      Pixie: .... *gives Gary a look*

      Gary; *nervously sips coffee*

      Raven and eagles then looks as if they are standing in one place, then Eagles disappears and it is just Raven

      Raven: Where did Eagles go? *steps out of the machine because the automatic doors opened*

      Gary: Um... you are Eagles now....

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    • Raven: WHAT?!!?

      Gary: Don't worry, I just need to find my portal gun, then I can separate you two apart.

      Rookie: About that, I was playing in your lab yesterday, and I found this.

      Rookie pulls out a broken portal gun

      Gary: Well, I'm going to bring this to my lab to see if there's a way to reverse the effect of the machine. Until then, umm, have a banana flavored omelette.

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      Gary: Well are your can...change into him... 

      Raven: So I am a shapeshifter?

      Gary: Well that was one of Eagles' superpowers...which you now have...

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    • Raven morphs into Eagles

      Raven: Cool!

      Gary: Well: I'm going to get more coffee. 

      Raven: HEY! You're supposed to be fixing the machine. 

      Gary: I can't work without coffee.  I'll be back in three hours.

      Me: *Facepalm*

      Raven throws the omelette at Gary


      Gary teleports away

      Raven: Now what?

      Me: I guess we'll have to fix this thing ourselves.  Can someone hand me a monkey wrench? 

      Rookie hands me a literal monkey

      Me: Where did that even come from? 

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    • Roookie: POCKET MONKEY :D

      Raven: god

      Pixie: *facepalms* I'll get it myself. *grabs a monkey wrench*

      Raven: Wait need a screwdriver!

      Megg: Cuz you know everything! *rolls eyes*

      Raven: Hey technically I am your husband now...

      Pixie: O_O

      Megg: O_O oh hell no!

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    • Megg storms out of the building

      Raven: Was it something I said? Because if I recall correctly, she's the one who pushed us into that machine.

      Pixie: Don't worry about it.

      Meanwhile, at the Coffee Shop, where Gary obviously is

      Gary: I'll have one extra, extra, extra, extra, extra large coffee.

      Coffee Shop Barista: Would you like fries with that?

      Gary: Umm? Sure, why not?

      CSB: That will be 10,000 coins.

      Gary: Charge it to my Tab.

      CSB: Here's your coffee, and here's your fries. Have a nice day.

      Gary returns to the HQ

      Gary: Does anyone want some fries?

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    • Earthis: *as he is walking in* Um, No...

      Rookie: SURE! *eats all the fries*

      Earthis: Um ok.. What the heck is happening? Oh hey Raven, Wheres Eagles... And what is that machine...? O_O

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    • I also walk in

      Me: Yeah, what is that thing?

      Gary: Long story short is I had Eagles build a machine that would fuse Albert and Rookie back together, and Eagles and Raven got sick inside.

      Earthis: Okay then.

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    • Raven: So now I am both Eagles and myself... Look... *changes into eagles*

      Everyone who just got there: O_O 

      Raven: I think it's kind of cool actually...Except I can hear Eagles in my's his <censored> wife's fault. OH SHUT UP EAGLES I NEVER LIKED HER *hits self in the head*

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    • Gary: I'm going to need a few rare parts, but after CPBay ships them to me, it should only take about a week to complete, assuming I don't procrastinate, blow anything up, or spill my coffee.

      3 months later...

      THE END

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