• Earthis: Should I wear... Wolf costume... Or... Ugh no...

    Riley: You better figure out what you want to be for Halloween. It's next week you know...

    Earthis: I KNOW I KNOW... I'll figure out at some point.

    Pixie: Anyway, It's that time of year again, We need to decorate for Halloween!

    Earthis: *yawns* That was always boring.

    Riley: Come on Earthis, Have some sense.

    Earthis: Well It's the truth...

    Riley: I have the coolest idea!

    Earthis: What?

    Riley: We-

    Gary: GUYSS!!!!!!! I finished the robots for the 10 anniversary party!

    Riley: Nice!

    Earthis: Imagine if the robots turned evil *smirk*

    Riley: Anyway, We should carve some pumpkins!

    Pixie: Ok!

    Gary: I need to set up for the party. Oh and thanks for making the party hat Charlie! It looks great!

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    • Me: *waddles in* Hey guys! *is dressed as a demon*

      Earthis: *SCREAMS*

      Pixie: *looks like whatever*

      Riley: *SCREAMS*

      Gary: *jumps into pixie's arms and drops his coffee*

      Me: ....oh the costume...sorry....

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    • Earthis: *coughs* I didn't scream... Anyway, Nice costume!

      Raven: Do you know what your being for Halloween?

      Earthis: Not yet...Wait, Actually I do! Riley, You dont have a costume in mind do you?

      Riley: Not exactly but I wa-

      Earthis: Great! I have the perfect idea! *teleports to igloo*

      Riley: Uhhhhhhhh ok...

      Earthis: *arrives back with Red and Whitr Superhero costumes with superhero gloves* 

      Riley: Oh jeez...

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    • Me: Im lost...? *takes out my wand and twirls it, changing into my regular clothing*

      Earthis: Shhhh no you're not...

      Riley: Earthis no....

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    • Earthis: Let me explain!

      Riley: Oh god.

      Earthis: Long ago there were two legendary Superheros that saved this world, THE UNIVERSE! But after their great victory, They went missing!

      Riley: Wait what!?

      Earthis: One was named Hugo, (the white one) and the other one was Noah.

      Raven: They didn't come up with any CREATIVE superhero names?

      Earthis: Nope!

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    • Earthis: Anyways, the world was going through the apocalypse, about 4,000 years ago, and total global extinction seemed imminent. Hugo and Noah both lived in a small town, walled off from the rest of the world. When news of the apocalypse reached their town, everyone panicked. Noah and Hugo eventually came to their senses, and decided the only way to end the apocalypse was to destroy the source of the apocalypse. The two decided they were not strong enough to destroy the source on their own, so they traveled, and met a mysterious penguin who granted them Super Powers. Noah was made super strong, while Hugo was made super agile. The two, with their newfound abilities, went and destroyed the source of the apocalypse, and haven't been seen since. Considering the time since they have last been seen, they are assumed to be dead.

      Riley: So we're dressing up as these super heros that I just heard of, because potatoes?

      Earthis: Just choose who you want to be, and put that costume on.

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    • Riley: Eh fine I'll be Noah.

      Earthis: Yay! I'm Hugo! He had this AWESOME weapon that was a Dual Paintbrush!

      Riley: Hes a splatoon character? 

      Earthis: No! Well, Kinda, Anyway Noah had this huge sword!

      Riley: AWESOME! Will we make it?

      Earthis: Perhaps...

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