• Gary and I are working on a new invention

    Me: So Gary Bear, what exactly does this thing do?

    Gary: The InstaBrownie 3000 makes brownies in under 5 minutes! That's over 5567 more milliseconds I'll have to work on my inventions!

    Me: Oh cool! And that's 5567 less milliseconds I'll have to wait!

    Puffles: *running in* What are you guys talking about? 

    Me: Oh nothing..

    Puffles: Well anyway, That Herbert clone is running around the island singing Justin Bieber songs O_O

    Me: This is terrible!

    Gary: This IS terrible, I'm out of coffee!

    Me: Gary Bear, can't you think of anything else?

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    • Gary: Oh yea! My coffee mug needs cleaning...

      Pixie/Me: ....

      Me: Um shouldn't we stop Herbert from singing Justin Bi-

      Pixie: SHUSH! 

      Me: What?


      Me: I did?

      Pixie: Are you TRYING to get banned on my chat?


      Pixie: Good, then don't say those words.

      Me: Uh...Herbert is singing..songs. We should stop him.

      Gary: Okay! But first, someone needs to wash my coffee mug.

      Pixie/Me: ...

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    • Me: Gary, if you mention your coffee one more time today, I will push you off the iceberg, on purpose!

      Gary: Okay, okay, I get it.

      Puffles: GUYS! We need to stop Herbert!

      Rookie: *walking in* Hi guys! *Starts whistling a 'song'*

      Pixie: AHH *covers ears!*

      Gary: *puts on superheadphones 3000* Ahh silence!

      Rookie: What's wrong with you people? Oh and I used Puffles' bathroom, so you might not wanna go in there for a while!

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    • Me: M-m-my BATHROOM!!! *tackles* Nobody said you could use my bathroom!

      Rookie: BUT IT SMELLS NICE! :(

      Pixie: AGENTS, FOCUS!

      Gary: We need to stop Herbert's clone!

      Me: It isn't going to be easy though. We'll probably faint from just hearing a few words!

      Gary: Wear these! *gives superheadphones3000*

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    • me-what what what is is is going going going on on on

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    • The agents head to the dock, where Herbert is happily dancing

      Gary: It's worse than I thought..

      Me: I'm so glad I have headphones!

      Rookie: I wonder what he's singing? *takes off headphones*

      Herbert: Baby, baby, baby, OHH

      Rookie: AHHH *faints*

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    • Me: ROOKIE! Ugh...I don't want to drag him all over the island.

      Pixie: Just hold him for now, we'll make a stop at the HQ later.

      Gary: Uh..what now?

      Pixie: *activates Net Shooter 3000*

      Herbert gets wrapped in the net

      Herbert: *Sings* *net breaks*

      Everyone: *dumbfounded*

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    • Me: How does that even happen?!

      Gary: It seems he's singing at such a high frequency, that it caused the net to just disintegrate.

      Puffles: Uh yeah, okay.. so what do we do now?

      Me: I know someone who can help! *whispers name*

      Gariwald (in his ghost form): You called Pixie? 

      Me: Good  you're here, listen, I need your help with something.

      Puffles: Who's she talking to? There's um, no one there..

      Gary: Pix has a very unique gift, she can talk to ghosts.

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    • Me: AAHHHH GHOSTS?! My other fear! *stares at Gary with empty eyes*

      Gary: You are creeping me out....

      Pixie: Gariwald can you help us?

      Gariwald: I don't know...this music is hurting my ears.

      Pixie: Put on these!

      Gariwald: *headphones drop onto the ground*

      Pixie: Oh..right...

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    • Me: Wait, do ghosts even have ears?

      Gariwald: Uhh yes.. We're very much like living penguins, except for the transparency.

      Puffles: AHHH!

      Gary: *puts on ghost goggles* Great Uncle? Can you help us? 

      Gariwald: I feel faint.

      Me: Ghosts faint?

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      Pixie tackles Hailey for breaking the Fourth wall, and saying JB's name.

      Pixie: What did Locy tell you. NO. BREAKING. THE. FOURTH. WALL.

      Hailey hisses like a cat

      Pixie: Don't do it again.

      Hailey: Don't do what? Break the Fourth wall, or hiss?

      Pixie: BOTH. And don't say JB's name.

      Hailey: You just did.

      Gary: -Faceflipper-

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    • Original Herbert: What is that foul noise? It sounds like the penguins are having a party. This party is more annoying than the rest.

      Klutzy: Click Click

      ​Herbert looks at his singing clone

      Herbert: Klutzy, we can use this mysterious polar bear to lure the penguin out of Club Penguin once and for all, then kill him.

      Klutzy; Click-a-Clack

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    • Me: How do we... Uh... Yeah, I'm still trying to process that he broke the net by singing...

      Pixie: Oh, great, Jay can't even think straight.

      Me: This Herbert is more powerful, but less evil... I don't understand it...

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    • Gary: We need a new plan!

      Me: Hmm, maybe this Herbert like pizza?

      Puffles: Maybe.. I'll go get some!

      Herbert: Baby Baby, BABY OHHH!

      Jay: Hurry Puffles!

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    • Hailey: -Gets out guitar, and plays Good Riddance- Another turnin' point, a fork stuck in the road...

      Pixie: That's not gonna work.

      Hailey: I DON'T CAAARE. -Keeps playing it.- Times grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go...

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    • Me: I got the pizza *throws at Herbert Clone's face*


      Pixie: Good, he stopped for now!

      Jay: But we need more pizzas! He's already done!

      Herbert: *BURP* Now a new song...BABY BABY BABY OOOHH

      Everyone: THAT'S THE SAME SONG!

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    • Herbert: BABY BABY BAY OHH!!!

      Gary: Everyone, if we all attack him at once.

      Pixie: But the music, if we get to close, the headphones will be ineffective. Jet Pack Guy, don't go any closer.

      Jet Pack Guy goes one Step further, then faints.

      Gary: Agent Down

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    • Me: *throws snow shurikens at Herbert*

      Herbert: BABY OO-OOWWWWWW!!! THAT HURT! *eyes turn red* Who did that?!

      Pixie: AHH SCARY!

      Jay: Stay back you polar bear *throws fire balls*

      Herbert: That hurt too...ROAR! *tries to slam the agents but they dodge*

      Gary: Whoa..this Herbert is a lot stronger than our Herbert! He made tons of cracks and holes in the ground!

      Hailey: KITTEN POWER! *starts scratching Herbert*

      Herbert: OW! STOP!

      Jay: Now's our chance! *hits Herbert with water hammer*

      Me: Right! *shoots lightning bolts*

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    • Me: Umm guys?

      Jay: Not now! *continues fighting*

      Me: But guys..

      Puffles: Use your super-penguin abilities and help us!

      Locy goes up and tickles Herbert

      Herbert: AHHHH! THE TICKLING! IT BURNs! *melts into white goo*

      Me: See? Who needs super-penguin abilities when you got awesomeness!

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    • Jay/Me: *stares at Locy, dumbfounded*

      Pixie: Now that THAT is taken care of, we should..uh...

      Gary: What do we do now?

      Dogkid: I guess we are done...

      Locy: But I just got here!

      Hailey: What happened to not breaking the fourth wall?

      Locy: That wasn't really breaking it....

      Me: WHATEVER *presses The End button*


      Me: .....

      THE END

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