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    Gary has ditched the PSA meeting in order to run to the coffee shop and buy 10 gallons of coffee. Everyone else is chasing him.


    Coffee Shop Manage:'s going to take away.

    Gary: *bling bling eyes like in those animes* I HAVE TIME

    CSM: ...Uh...okay...

    Pixie: GARY BEAR!!! 

    Gary: Uh oh...

    Pixie: *smacks Gary Bear* You can't just ditch a meeting!

    Gary: I like coffee, deal with it! *Starts running*

    Pixie: Come back here!

    Rookie: *accidently knocks down Gary's order of coffee* WHOOPS!

    Everyone except Rookie: *SLIPS* *CRASHES* *EXPLODES* *BURNS* OOOOWWWWW!!!!

    In the end everyone goes to the hopsital except for Rookie

    Me: *sobs* OW OW OW MY FEET!

    Pixie: My flipper is broken...

    Gary: BOTH of my flippers are broken! Because SOMEONE fell on me!

    JPG: Ugh..why did my jet pack have to explode...

    Jay: Now we are covered in burns!

    Hailey: *sobs* Where are the kittens I ordered to comfort me...

    Locy: JPG I thought your jet pack was water proof.

    JPG: It's not coffee proof.

    Dogkid: Coffee is cursed...

    Rookie: Uh oh! Herbert escaped from the HQ!

    Dot: Does it LOOK like we can stop him?

    Rookie: Uh...yes? Mummys Vs. Herbert

    Me: I'd slap you, but I can't feet hurt too much.

    Tra: My everywhere hurts..even my but-

    Pixie: SHUSH! I hate to say this but..ROOKIE GO STOP HERBERT!

    Rookie: It's a job for...ROOKIE! *Falls onto the floor for no reason*

    Gary: ....PSA is doomed...

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    • Me: Gary this is all your fault! If you hadn't ditched the meeting, none of this would've happend!

      Gary: I'm sorry sweetheart... 

      Puffles: We're  doomed!

      Me: Not so fast.. Guys, I never thought I'd have to use this, but.. *pulls wand out of pocket*

      Locy: Woah, is that what I think it is?

      Me: *zaps flipper* Ah, much better! Who's next?

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    • Me: ME ME ME!

      Pixie: *zaps*

      Locy: Me too! 

      Pixie: I'll just zap everyone at once. *zaps*

      Dogkid: Yay! Now we can actually fight and not explode in anxiety because of Rookie.

      Rookie: Hey! I would've beaten Herbert!

      Jay: Riiiiight....

      Gary: Rookie where was Herbert last seen?

      Rookie: I think some people were singing JB songs...kind of suspicious don't you think?

      Hailey: Oh no! Herbert must have made a JBifier!

      Me: JBifier? What is that?

      Hailey: It slowly turns people into JB.

      Me: *imagines everyone becoming JB* OH HELL NO! 

      Pixie: We have to stop him!

      Gary: I got the perfect device! Behond, The UnJBifier!

      Everyone: Oooh, aaahh!

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    • Hailey: Wow. I wish I was smart as you ._.

      Gary: ...Thanks.

      Hailey: Anytime, bro.

      Random penguin: BABY BABY BABY OOOOOHHHH!!!

      Hailey: GYAAHH!!! -Covers ears- WHAT THE GAGA WAS THAT!?

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    • Gary: *zaps random penguin with UnJBifier*

      Penguin: Baby ba- What just happend? 

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    • Hailey: You were singing...Dustbin Beaver.

      Random Penguin: I was?

      Hailey: Yup. :T

      Pixie: Nice job with censoring.

      Hailey: Thanks.

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    • Me: Ahh guys! More random penguins

      Everyone: *blasts penguins with UnJBifier guns*

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    • Hailey: Can't read my, can't read my, no they can't read my JOKER FAAACE!

      Random Penguin: What the what?

      Hailey: Umm...Bazinga? -Bad pokerface-

      Pixie: -Faceflipper-

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    • Me: Baby Baby Baby, Ohh...

      Gary: Ohh no, Agent Popduck is in trouble. Quick, the UnJBifier

      Pixie: It's out of power.

      Gary: To my lab.

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    • Popduck: Baby, Baby, Baby, OOOOOHHHH

      Rookie: *Turns into stone*

      Me: ROOKIE! NOOO!!

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    • Me: Hmm.. I have an idea! *starts singing Firework*

      Gary: What are you doing?

      Me: I'm going to try to get people to sing this instead!

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    • Random Penguin: Baby baby baby... Hey, you, stop singing that, or I'll bring all the Bieber Fans to attack.

      Gary: Pixie, you should stop singing, it seems it's only making matters worse, we should go back to the lab to charge up the UnJBifier.

      Rookie: Or we could put on the headphones from last time.

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    • Me: How are you talking? I thought you were stone.

      Rookie: Pixie's song made me normal again.

      Pixie: Awesome! Good songs can heal the penguins!

      Me: But it only works on STONE penguins. It still won't UnJBify them.

      Gary: Hurry! Let's run!

      Me: Go run, run, run. I'm gonna stay right here. Watch yo-

      Gary: *smacks Puffles* FOCUS

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    • Agents arrive in G's Lab

      Gary, ok now to plug this in and wait.

      Pixie: Is there anything we can do to speed up the process?

      Gary: No, but we can use the Prototype I made that if works correctly, means better results than the first UnJBifier, but if it doesn't work it would be a very powerful JBifier ray, it's not worth using until tested on a test puffle in a confined container.

      Rookie: That poor puffle, test it on me, a puffle won't be JBified on my watch.

      Gary: No Rookie...

      Rookie: This whole mess is my fault anyways (Gives a speech)

      Pixie: Actually it was...

      Gary keeps Pixie from continueing

      Rookie: let the puffles free!!!

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    • Gary: FINE! *Zaps Rookie*


      Gary: *turns into stone*

      Pixie: *Slaps Rookie*

      Rookie: *faints*

      Pixie: I think it JBifies non-JB-penguins and UnJBifies JB-penguins.


      Gary: *Wakes up* Whoa what happened?

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    • me-what's happening.

      Me-I always wonder in at the wrong time.

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    • Puffles: So shouldn't we have just zapped him again?

      Pixie: He deserved to be slapped.

      Gary: OK, now time to put this threw the Cloning Devise 3000

      Pixie: Why didn't you clone the first one in the first place? Why don't I know about these inventions?

      Gary: I have a lot of free time, and I didn't think about it.

      Pixie: Just clone it, and arm every uneffected PSA agent, we have some zapping to do.

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    • Outside


      Me: that everyone?

      Pixie: All that's left is Herbert!

      Gary: Get him, agents!

      Locy: HIYAH! *Zaps* Huh? It's not working.

      Gary: Whoops the gun only works on penguins.

      Dogkid: What do we do? AHH COVER YOUR EARS!


      Hailey: That was close. Gary how long will it take to retarget them at polar bears as well?

      Gary: An hour.

      Jay: An hour?! We don't have that kind of time! Our guns will run out of ammo by then.

      Pixie: It's okay! I brought the Cloning Device 3000.

      Me: I'll hold that. For now fix just one gun, we'll clone it later!

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    • JPG-erm

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    • One Hour Later

      Gary: Thank you for cooperating Herbert, now just stay put as we zap you. AGENTS ZAP!!!

      Everyone zaps Herbert

      Herbert: What are you foul birds doing here

      Herbert Runs away

      Gary: The results are temporary, so he will be back to his old self soon.

      Hailey: Back to himself in the next roleplay he's in?

      Pixie Tackles Hailey

      Pixie: Where were you during this roleplay?

      THE END

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    • Hailey: I WAS AT NARNIA!!

      Pixie:...Narnia isn't real.

      Hailey: It is in my imagination.


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