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    Gary: O.k. now that Harrison is captured, it's time for us to capture Herberta.

    Rookie: I imagine she'll sing hillariously.

    Me: No she won't, it will be more annoying than the other two.

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    • me-where will we find Herberta?

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    • Me: She's probably at the Dojo...

      Pixie: Why?

      Me: Because I saw her going there a few minutes ago. They are selling sushi for free this month!

      Rookie: I WANT FREE SUSHI!

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    • Me: ME TOO!

      Rookie and Puffles run off into the horizon

      Pixie: Uh you know the Dojo is over there right? *points to the opposite direction of where they were running*

      Me: Oh..right...

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    • ​At the Dojo

      Puffles and Rookie; SUSHI!!!

      Sushi Vendor: Sorry, we're sold out. A Polar Bear took it all...

      Rookie: Uggg, which way did it go?

      Sushi Vendor: That way.

      ​Puffles and Rookie head off in that way then the rest of the PSA arrives

      Pixie: I thought they'd be here by now.

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    • me-hmm

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    • Puffles: Now how are we gonna catch her?

      Me: FREE FOOD!

      Herberta:*runs to us* Free food?

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    • Herberta: No food, me eat penguins.

      ​Herberta grabs Rookie and starts nibbling on him

      Herberta: To sour.

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    • Rookie: GIVE ME MY SUSHI!

      Puffles: YEAH!

      Me: *ties Rookie to a tree* Uh, well... *captures Herberta*

      Herberta: *groaning* BABY, BABY, BABY OH! *trap breaks*

      Rookie: I told you it would be funny!

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    • me-(chases Herberta)

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    • (traps Herberta in trap)

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    • back at the HQ

      Me: I wonder if the others caught Herberta yet?

      Gary: I wonder if Rookie will remember to get me some coffee..

      Me: *gives coffee to G* Happy now?

      Gary: Finally, I've been wa-

      Herberta jumps through window


      Me: *faceflippers* I should have known that was gonna happen..

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    • JPG-how will we get her

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    • Herberta: GARY! IT YOU!

      Gary: I don't think she has very good grammar...

      Herberta: *hugs Gary* WHEN WEDDING?

      Gary: She's... *faints*

      Me: Well, Rookie is married to Pixie in that dimension, so I guess Herberta fell in love with Gary because Rookie was taken?

      Locy: I didn't understand a word he just said.

      Rookie: Hey, I can see my igloo from here!

      Me: *duct tapes Rookie's mouth shut*

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    • me-he's always annoying

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    • Herberta: *kisses Gary* I love you!!!

      Rookie: EWW!

      Me: *Smacks Herberta* Hey furball! No one touches my Gary Bear!

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    • (tackles Herberta)

      ME-(in hissing voice) he's my uncle. He chooses who he loves.

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    • Me: *attacks Herbert* HE'S MY... Actually, he isn't related to me at all. BUT HE'S MY CO-AGENT!

      Herberta: *in really high voice* BABY, BABY, BABY, OH!

      Earthquake starts.

      Pixie: I guess this is the end...

      Herberta: *in low voice* BABY, BABY, BABY, OH!

      Hurricane starts.

      Me: *stuffs duct tape into Herberta's mouth*

      Herberta: *swallows*

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    • Me-this is it. The apocalypse.

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    • Herberta: SING JUSTIN BIEBER, FOOL! *turns into giant laser shooting polar bear*

      Me: This is about as tough as our enemies will get.

      Herberta: *grows spikes*

      Me: Actually, THIS is as tough as our enemies get.

      Herberta: *hands turn into hammers*

      Me: Wait, no, I don't think our enemies can get-

      Everybody: *covers Jay's mouth*

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    • Me-(swings katana at Herberta)

      Herberta-But I dodged it

      Me-(rapidly swings sharp things at Herberta)

      (Herberta smashes me)

      Jpg-you've ask for it-

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    • Me: Maybe they all have the same weakness! *tickles Herberta*

      Herberta: Ow it hurts! But I cam stand it!

      Me: hmm.... *sings pon pon pon*

      Herberta: Too catchy! IT HURTS! *melts into white goo*

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    • Me-what the heck

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    • Me: She'll revive soon so lets take this goo into a jail cell while she's still powerless

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    • Me: Hmm... I have an idea! But we'll need Gariwald's help...

      Pixie: Wear these glasses! *gives everybody glasses*

      Me: I don't need glasses to see ghosts...

      Gary: How come we didn't know that?

      Me: Well, anybody who isn't afraid of ghosts can see ghosts... *dials Gariwald's phone number* Hello, Gariwald? This is the PSA speaking. Could you give us one of your Ghost-Catchmatronamajigs?

      Gariwald: *split screen* Yes, Jay! *throws dice to Jay*

      Pixie: How is that even possible?

      Me: Ghosts have very far range... *via phone* Can you also send us a device that turns people into ghosts?

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    • Me: Look were on a tight scedule lets just use a sponge! *uses sponge to soak up the herberta goo* we need to get this sponge in jail quick! Wow thats something you don't say everyday.

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    • Rookie: Why not send her back to her dimension, are enemies seem to escape a lot.

      Gary: If I had a nickel for everytime you had a bright idea Rookie, I'd be broke, that's a waste of energy.

      Hailey: And if we get rid of all our enemies, we'd run out of Roleplays

      ​Pixie Tackles Hailey

      ​THE END

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