• Me: So how are all those other dimension people getting over here?

    Gary: I don't know. But I know how we can stop it! I made this ray that will teleport us to other dimensions! All we need to do is to go over there and find out how they are getting over here.

    Me: Well then lets go!

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    • Me: I believe it was the wormhole that made them come here? Plus, there are an infinite number of universes.

      Gary: Well, other dimension Rookie made a device that sent them through a wormhole in another dimension. All we have to do is make a counter device! Which should take...

      Me: I've already invented it. *pulls down curtain*

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    • Gary: Now go.

      Rookie: Ohh, a button with a broken chart and a box on it. *clicks*

      Everyone teleported to uncharted regions of the Box Dimension.

      Gary: Rookie, don't click random buttons, now this is brpken, everybody, search for box portals.

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    • Me: Found one! *they enter a candy dimention*

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    • Gary: Why couldn't it jave been the coffee... COFFEE CAKES!!!

      Locy: There goes G...

      Rookie: Wait til he finds the coffee pool.

      Gary: *SCREEMS*

      Rookie: I take it he found it.

      Gary: And it's nice once you get used to it, hey a portal. * Throws it out of the pools*

       *They enter the coffee dimension*

      Rookie: An uncharted Dimension, what a discovery.

      Gary: I'm going Coo Coo for Coffee, I'm going Coo Coo for coffee.

      Jay: We lost Gary.

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    • Gary: COOO COOOOOOO *runs around screaming 'coffee'*

      Pixie: GARY BEAR! CALM DOWN!

      Gary: COFFEE COFFE COFFEE COFFEEE!! *jumps into a coffee mug in a coffee tub in a coffee pool in a coffee lake in a coffee ocean*

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    • Me: Uh, I bet he'll soon discover that that isn't coffee.

      Pixie: What is it?

      Me: It's lava, Herbert put a hologram over it.

      Gary: WHAT THE- *runs out of dimension*

      Me: *whispers to Pixie* Well, looks like that got him out of there.

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    • Me: Whoa what dimension is this? *sees a giant Justin Bieber head* Uh oh...*BARFS*

      Pixie: Oh hey, Puffles! What are you looking at- *BARFS*

      Jay: What's everyone doing? *BARFS*


      Rookie: What are you talking abou-*BARFS*

      Gary: Why is everyone gathered up over there? *walks over* *BARFS*

      ADL: I can't tell what this dimension is supposed to be. *turns around* *BARFS*

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    • Me: Hey, I barfed up a portal.

      ​Everyone enters portal

      Gary: This is the Agent Popduck's Stomach Dimension.

      Me: How am I here?

      Rookie: There's Ted E Bear.

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    • Me: Ew it's all digested....

      Gary: Wait won't we become digested too?

      Pixie: Oh no! The stomach acid is starting to come!


      Jay: Quickly open up another portal!!!

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    • Me: Still better than the JB dimension.

      Everyone: True that.

       *Enters the Clown Dimension*

      Me: Clowns are evil!!!

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    • Me: Wait a minute... *shoots fire at Popduck's stomach*

      Agent Popduck: *barfs*

      Me: Oh yeah, we're just in his stomach again... *face flipper*

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    • Blue Jay of Lightning wrote:
      Me: Wait a minute... *shoots fire at Popduck's stomach*

      Agent Popduck: *barfs*

      Me: Oh yeah, we're just in his stomach again... *face flipper*

      Placed above my quote for continuity reasons.

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    • Me: Hmm I wonder...*opens purse and climbs into* guys come in here!

      Gary: A purse dimension? Okay that's just weird!

      Rookie: Ooh I found Pixie's credit card!

      Me: Rookie, hand it over NOW!

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    • Rookie: *Flips propeller cap upside down and enters* Woah, the Propeller Cap Dimension. *Takes new cap that looks exactly like the old one*

      Gary: Gadzooks, another portal, enter it.

       *They enter the Green Dimension*

      Me: That's where the recycling plant went...

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      Popduck: Jay, focus on the mission.

      Me: There's a portal to the dimension we were going to go to in here!

      The PSA agents go through the portal.

      Gary: Now all we need to do is destroy Rookie's machine!

      Me: It won't be that simple... I don't exactly think they call it the PSA in this dimension...

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    • Me: Then what's it called?

      Jay: The Elite Pixie Force.

      Me: How do you know that?

      Jay: It says it on that sign over there, the Elite Pixie Force will save you from those happy polar bears.

      ​Happy Herbert appears

      ​To Be Continued...

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