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    17:26, August 2, 2013

    everyone is at psa hq in the coffee break room but suddenly A giant sword falls in te hq 

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    • Me: that was sudden

      harold:ow it hit my tail wait did it?

      grumpy: nope


      me:whats it doing here

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    • Gary: Hmm, this sword is very similar to the Thunder Blade, it must be *drumroll* the Lighting Blade! 

      Pixie: Lightning Blade! Very interesting..

      Rookie: CAKE!

      Me: Hmm, does anyone else find it strange that a sword just fell out of the sky?

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    • exor:my name is ex...

      me:oh shaddap

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    • Gary: *picks up sword* Hmm

      Me: This is really weird!

      Rookie: Can I use Puffles' bathroom?

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    • me:what is it doing oh great air

      grumpy: why o why o why

      nibbles noms pokos foot

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    • Me: *swings sword around* WHEEEEEEEE!

      Pixie: Puffles! That's dangerous cut it out!

      Rookie: Ooh, I really need to use the bathroom! *runs around in circles*

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    • picks up mystreious note


      1.a hq

      2. a pizza place


      4the sky

      me:the sky!

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    • Me: Guys, something really weird is happning! 

      Gary: Weird as in, I'm not really in the mood for coffee?

      Me: You aren't! *faints* 

      Gary: Nah, I always want coffee. I was just giving an example of weirdness.

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    • Me: *picks up Lightning Blade* I know all about this sword! My username is Blue Jay of Lightning on this wiki!

      Locy: *smacks Jay*

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    • Me: *stares at sword* So...what do we do with it?

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    • Me: Puffles, we stab Herbert with it, duhh.

      Gary: Agent Popduck, you're too violent sometime, we follow the locations on the list, next is the pizza place. TO THE PIZZA PARLOR!!!

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    • At the pizza parlor...

      PP Owner: AHHH! HE'S GOT A WEAPON!

      Me: Uh....You mean this? *Holds up Lightning Sword*

      Customers: *SCREAMS IN PANIC*


      Rookie: Oooh free money!

      Pixie: Rookie! *sigh* Gary what now?

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    • Gary: In the kitchen, I smell pizza being forged.

      Everyone except Gary and Rookie: Pizza?

      Rookie: It's obvious some mysterious being is creating four swords, one in each location, while apart, they bring him strength, but together, they can stop his plan.

      Gary: Rookie, even I wouldn't have thought of something that far fetched.

      Jay: There's a pizza sword all right.

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    • Me: Wheres the next sword?

      Gary: It's in Soda Seas!

      Pixie: Get some Aqua Grabbers guys! We are going diving!

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    • Me: Popduck to Gary, find anything?

      Gary: I found an underwater cave.

      ​Agents enter the cave

      Puffles: Woah, a Stone knife.

      Gary: Good, next we must check the sky...

      JPG: I've got this one. ​Searches whole sky it's not up here.

      Rookie: Do you find it odd the Lightning Blade fell out of the sky?

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    • Me: Hmm.. Did you find anything suspisous?

      JPG: Nope. Just your average sord shaped clowd.

      Me: ... Lets's cheak it out.

      They all go to the cloud

      Gary: Thats odd we can stand on this one!

      Me: Thats cause it's not a cloud! Lay the swords down that we have so far!

      They law the swords on the cloud

      Me: Somethings happening!

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    • ​Harrold P. Bear appears.

      Rookie: He looks vagly like Herbert, but like he's a Polar Bear we havn't encountered yet.

      Harold: You fools, I was Harrison P. Bear's cousin.

      ​Italic shows flashback

      ​It was the early days of Club Penguin island, Harrison proclaimed himself leader of thr penguins. I tried to warn the penguins of his evil ways, but he locked me up in a prison, only to be unlocked by uniting 4 swords. A sword of lightning, a cheesy sword, a sword made of rocks deep under ground, and a cloud shaped like a sword in the sky. I didn't have the chance to create the 4 until just recently.

      Harrold: But alas, Harrison is dead, and this penguin called Jay took over his rule, the curse was lost as he disappeared, and there was no leader of Club Penguin.

      Jay: Woah, that's a big backstory.

      Gary: Jay, he has come to warn us of the curse on the leader of Club Penguin, that's technically you since you've never resigned.

      Jay: Uhh ohh...


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