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    Another boring day in the Coffee Break Room...

    Rookie: MARCO!

    Locy: POLO!

    Me: We aren't even playing that! We're playing Truth or Dare!

    Pixie: I thought we were playing Go Fish!

    Gary: I thought we were going to compete in the Olympics for Competitive Coffee Spitting!

    Puffles: Is that even a thing?

    Me: Locy, truth or dare?

    Locy: DARE!

    Me: Hmm... You have to-

    Future Puffles: *time machine bursts in* Come with me.

    Puffles: Woah... It's me! From the future!

    Future Puffles: Into the time machine, everybody. We are on a special mission!

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      • Me - to trust you if you are not a bot sent by Herbert? Do you have the iPhone 10?
      • Future Puffles - Yeah! It looks like a lightsaber! (Takes off Lightsaber)
      • Everybody - Oh cool! 
      • Me - Pfftt well I am so bored so nevermind. Let's go
      • Everyone goes into the Future*
      • Locy - O.o What is that?
      • Pixie - Is that our future?
      • Future Puffles - Yes yes...Sadly...
      • Gary - What happened here?
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    • Future Me: Kevin brainwashed Herbert and made him an unstoppable villain.

      Me: That sounds terrible!

      Future Me: PSA managed to stop him but many agents died in the process.

      Jay: WHO?!

      Future Me: Pixie died and Gary was heartbroken so Jet Pack Guy took over the agency. Rookie died as well.

      Locy: ...

      Future Me: Kevin then turned Hebert into a Cyborg-Polar Bear. It made chaos all over Club is now Klub Kevin.

      Jay: Where are the rest of us?

      Future Me: YOU ARE ALL DEAD!!!

      Me: *whispers to Jay* I knew I had temper problems but this is just waaay too much.

      Future Me: Gary is the only one alive besides me in the PSA! But he can't do a thing. That useless idiot is still mourning over Pixie.

      Pixie: Awwe how sweet.

      Gary: I'm not an idiot! *dusts of coat* I'm very smart, thank you very much!

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      • Me - Hey look! A fat Polar Bear is enslaving the penguins and puffles!
      • Jay - Its Herbert...
      • Me - Aww Herbie...he probably had colesterol and obesity which he couldn't even stretch out! Poor least those penguins are helping him! :D
      • Locy - Then how come Herbert has enough energy to scream at them so crazy?
      • Me - Herbert must have been very desesperate...that's all prbly :3
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    • Herbert: RAAAAAAAAAWRRR! *shoots cannon balls*


      Locy: He doesn't even talk anymore!

      Jay: What do we do?!

      Pixie: Future-Puffles! Take us to Gary! NOW!

      Future Me: As you wish, Pixie.

      Herbert: RAWWWWWWWR! *hand turns into a sword*

      JPG: Watch out! *pushes Puffles out of the way*

      Me: AAAHHHH

      Future Me: Whoa...Jet Pack Guy. I thought I'd never see you again.

      JPG: Well this is...past

      Gary: Ew is THAT the PSA HQ?!

      Jay: Sure looks like it. Yup it has everything it needs! Mold, ants, bugs, fallen rocks, and Herbert. Wait...WHAT?!

      Locy: I got your back! *throws fireball*

      Herbert: *red eyes* ROOOOAAAAAAR

      Future Me: Everyone, this way! 

      They go inside secret tunnel

      Future Me: Future Sensei built this place for the PSA years ago. And then he died.

      Jay: HE WHAT?!

      Future Me: He was poisoned...nobody knows who did it.

      Jay: I'll get revenge for you, brother...

      At the HQ

      Future Gary: *not moving nor talking* *super pale*

      Pixie: GARYYY BEAR!!

      Future Gary: PIXIE?! Why do you look so young....

      Future Me: I got them from the past...

      Locy: What year are we in anyway?

      Future Puffles: We are only 1 month away from your "today."

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    • Puffles: A month? But everything looks so different!

      Future Puffles: I think it was a month anyway.. 

      Me: Gary Bear, you have hair!

      Future Gary: Of course I have hair, you wanted me to grow it out..

      Gary: Oh goodness, I look like my great uncle!

      Rookie: I DIE IN THE FUTURE?! *cries*

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    • Future Me: Everyone does...we are the only two left. Kevin is more powerful than you can imagine.

      Jay: Ugh if only I could kill my brother now. You know what?! I'm going to!

      Future Me: JAY NO! It's dangerous! He's far too powerful. Kevin gathered up enough power to go to alternate worlds! He went there and absorbed the power of everything imaginable. There's no way we can defeat him....

      Pixie: Then we'll go back to the past and prevent Kevin from doing this!

      Future Me: You can't...I already tried. I sacrificed all the abilities I had to undo all of it. If Kevin dies, the whole future will be different. Jay will not be born. Sensei will be powerless. AA becomes married to Gary. Agencies won't exist and the island is 10 times smaller, due to global warming caused by Herbert.

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    • Me: You figured all that out?

      Future Puffles: Yep.

      Me: Wow... Anyways, we're actually six years in the future.

      Future Gary: AHH! Jay-Borg! *hides behind couch*

      Me: What?

      Jay-Borg: *bursts in through ceiling* Destroy PSA.

      Future Puffles: Also, uh, Herbert turned you into a robot that was meant to destroy the island.

      Me: WHAT?

      Jay-Borg: Activate Herbert Cam. *hologram of Herbert appears* Shall I show the past PSA their fate?

      Herbert: No. I want them alive. Put them in my lair.

      Jay-Borg: Affirmative. *hand turns into net and grabs PSA*

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    • Me: AHH! A Herbert-Borg and Jay-Borg! Whats next?!

      At the HQ

      Tusk-borg: HAHA! THE PSA AGENTS!!

      Me: I totally saw this coming...

      Rookie: That's because you are typ-

      Locy: If you are going to break the fourth wall, I'M going to turn YOU into a cyborg...

      Rookie: Affirmative...

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    • Gary: Tusk is a robot! AHHH

      Me: I'll fix this! *throws water at Tusk-borg*

      Tusk-borg: NOOO! *melts*

      Rookie: Haha, he melted like the Wicked Witch!

      Future Gary: Great Scott! Woah, why didn't I think of that?

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    • Gary: Perhaps I am smarter than my future self!

      Me: You do know it was PIXIE who came up with the idea right?

      Gary: Oh yeah...

      Pixie: Everyone run! Wheel Bots are chasing us!

      Me: I got a better idea. Locy, Jay, let's go!

      Locy: TRIPLE

      Jay: WATER

      Me: WA- Nah this is too cheesy.

      Locy/Jay: Agreed

      They send a wave towards the Wheel Bots

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    • Me: Now we have to escape this net!


      Tusk-Borg: *reappears* Jay-Borg, close the net.

      Jay-Borg: Affirmative. *closes net*

      Gary: What just happened? We're closed in!

      Locy: We're trapped!

      Me: I'M CLAUSTROPHOBIC! *pants*

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    • Me: I'm just afraid of cats.

      Jay-Borg: Sending in..Cats.....

      Me: *screams* EEEEEK CATS!!!! *jumps on Jay*

      Jay: *screams* EEEEEK TIGHT SPACES!!!! *jumps on Locy*

      Locy: Why am I carrying two people.....YOU TWO ARE HEAVY! LOSE SOME WEIGHT!

      Jay/Me: *screams at the top of our lungs*

      Pixie: AGENTS CALM DOWN! We'll figure a way out of this.

      Rookie: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!

      Pixie: What on earth are you doing...

      Rookie: You see, I've always made this promise to myself that if I die, I must die shoving my face with cake.

      Pixie: .........I see..


      Jay: *SCREAMS* WHY OH WHY!!!

      Locy: BE QUIET!!!!

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    • Me: Wait a minute... If we find a way out, Jay-Borg will never exist!

      Future Puffles: Uh, I'm just saying those were Jay's last words...

      Pixie: WHAT?

      Dot: We have to get out of here... And Jay, if you die, I'll come back and save you.

      Jay-Borg: Drop Catherine out of the rope.

      Me: *falls out of rope* Uh-oh... I think something bad's about to happen...

      Jay-Borg: Follow me. Tusk-Borg, carry the PSA away.

      Tusk-Borg: Affirmative.

      Jay and Jay-Borg walk away. Do not question where they went, because you don't know. I SAID YOU DON'T KNOW, SO YOU DON'T KNOW, GOT IT?

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    • Me: JAY NOOOO!!!

      Dot: I have to save him! Puffles here! *spits something at Puffles* 


      Dot: *whispers a code sentence* Boom go electricity activated.

      Puffles: *winks at Dot*

      Tusk-Borg: Silly penguin! Electricity can't explode!

      Puffles: But this can! *electrofies device* *Tusk-Borg goes boom*

      Pixie: Future Gary, JPG eliminate these peices! 

      JPG: Roger!

      Future Gary: Good luck finding, Jay!

      Future Me: *comes into a random stop* This is bad...

      Me: What's going on?

      Future Me: I'm getting random memory visions. New memories have been pouring in since you've arrived.

      Sees an image of an army of robots, an explosion, and a penguin crying.

      Future Me: No, we can't save Jay!

      Me: Why?!

      Future Me: He is already a cyborg..if we follow we are going to turn into cyborgs too.

      Dot: Well too bad! I'm changing the future. 

      Me: I'm coming with you!

      Dot and Puffles run off into the other direction.

      Future Me: *thinking* I can at least protect one part of the future. *out loud* Gary, I need you to invent a forcefield device for each of the agents.

      Gary: Why?

      Future Me: JUST DO IT! And hurry...they'll come back soon. I have to go follow Puffles.

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    • In the room where Jay-Borg took Jay...

      Me: Jay-Borg, the jig is up. I know you're a fake.

      Jay-Borg: Okay. I never died. But how did you know?

      Me: The chip installed in my neck that specifically prevents me from being evil unless my body is transformed completely.

      Jay-Borg: Okay...

      Me: But why do you act evil?

      Jay-Borg: They think I killed everybody, but I really sent them to a safe island. I have to do it to stay on the island.

      Me: But why do you want to stay on the island?

      Jay-Borg: I promised somebody that there would always be one good living penguin on the island. When the time is right, I'll destroy Kevin, and they can all come back here.

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      • Kevin - Well well well...what do we have here?
      • Locy - What do you want freak?
      • Me - I like Pie
      • Kevin - YOU!
      • Rookie - Me?
      • Kevin - :| No...YOU PHINEAS99!
      • Me - :O WHAT?
      • Me - Oh cool! Will I meet Bender and R2D2 too?
      • Kevin - NO IDIOT! :|
      • Me - Ohh whatever...Wait WHAT?!
      • Kevin takes Phineas99 of the net*
      • Me - I need to go back in time...Now where is my Time Machine Watch...Oh It was on my flipper already (facepalms)
      • Kevin - What are you doing wimp?
      • Me - Nothing but...CHANGE THE TIME! (Travels back in time to the Past)
      • Phineas99 travels in time to year 2113*
      • Me - I will need to be fully prepared for those stupid "burgs". 
      • Wheel Bots - Affirmative
      • Me - Ok...that escalated quickly...Wait...this doesn't seem to be the past...I need to check my watch
      • Phineas99 checks his watch*
      • Me - Oh Fluffy Puffy Puffles...I am ONE HUNDRED YEARS LATER! This seems to be worse...oh bad oh bad...Puffle Slavery, all penguins turned into cyborgs, EVERY mascot died. 
      • Ultimate Kevin-tron 9000 arrives and sees Phineas99*
      • Kevin 2113 - Attention penguin, surrender now and die
      • Me - NEVER! (Phineas99 tries to go back in time)
      • Kevin 2113 laughs*
      • Me - CMON YOU STUPID MACHINE WORK! (Time Machine Breaks down). Oh crap...I am screwed...
      • Kevin 2113 - ...TOTALLY screwed penguin...
      • Me - I need to escape!
      • Phineas99 falls on a secret hole*
      • Me - AAAAAAAHHHHH!
      • Kevin 2113 - Hmm...where did he go...? Hmm... 
      • Kevin 2113 starts scanning around*
      • Kevin 2113 - CYBORGS! LOOK FOR HIM! Meanwhile...It is time to "play" with the time now...
      • Kevin 2113 has a Time Machine Watch on his robotic arm*
      • Kevin 2113 - MWUAHAHAHAHAHAH! (Kevin 2113 goes back in time to year 2013 where the other PSA Agents are
      • Me - Hey...looks like I found a Resistance Base (Phineas99 knocks the door)
      • Secret Penguin - Hello? Who's there? 
      • Me - Me, Phineas99
      • Secret Penguin - Are you a penguin?
      • Me - Yes
      • Secret Penguin - Ok go in
      • Secret Resistance Team shows up*
      • Penguin #1 - Hello. Welcome to the team. We are the last penguins to ever live on the world. 
      • Penguin #2 - We are doing secret plans to stop this once and for all
      • Penguin #3 - We have been trying this for so long...but we lose
      • Penguin #4 - Many brave penguins lost in the Past...filling up with tears in their grave...
      • Penguin #5 - Even Kevin doesn't know of it though...
      • Penguin #1 - Come join us. We will live alone here forever. There is no hope left...
      • Penguin #2 - You see...we are 5 in total and we are alone everytime
      • Penguin #3 - We love new recruits. No matter how they are
      • Me - Well...*sigh* since there isn't anything else left...(cries)
      • Penguin #4 - Don't worry. We will always be together no matter what
      • Me - (Cries whispering itself) Stupid Time Machine Watch ;(...And what are your names?
      • Penguins - ...We all forgot our names. We don't know who we are...sadly...
      • Phineas99 sees with a familiar face to Penguin #1 similar to Gary*
      • Me - Are you Gary?
      • Penguin #1 - Gary? He was my father. My mother was PixieLil. I am currently 99 years birthday will be in 9 months. I am the oldest penguin of the Resistance
      • Me - Let's see... O_O Pixie Lil is gonna be Pregnant O_O Pixie Lil is gonna be MOTHER! :O
      • Penguin #2 - Wait boy...are you from the Past or what?
      • Me - Yes. I have a Time Machine Watch but it broke sadly...
      • Mysterious Voice #6 - Hmm...I think I know how to repair this...
      • Everyone stare at the Mysterious Voice which it was a semi robotic penguin
      • Penguin #6 - I was hiding here all the time long...
      • Everyone - Who are you?
      • Penguin #6 - I am...Gary...
      • Everyone - (Surprised) GARY?!
      • Penguin #1 - Father!
      • Gary 2113 - Son...
      • Gary 2113 - Lol not really. PixieLil created an Inmortal Pill to me before she was about to get killed. Her last words where "Gary, take this. You will live forever with this. Its a pill to be inmortal". Then I was like "Ok but why me? Why don't you take it?". Then Pixie Lil responded "...Because there is only 1 left and because I... love you". After that, Kevin picked up PixieLil and made her a cyborg. I remember when my son, my baby saw his mother being taken. Then my son heard those noises and he started to cry deeply in his heart...
      • Penguin #1 - (Cries in tears) I remember that...I will never forget that...
      • Me - Wow...that must be really sad...
      • Penguin 5 - Still a better love story than Twilight though! (Everyone laughs)
      • Gary - ...We need to talk SSHH...
      • Penguin #4 - OK! (Screaming so loud Wheel Bots almost hear)
      • Gary - SSSSSHHH! QUIET! There is not much time left. I need to start working on the Time Machine Watch quickly so we can stop this...
      • Everyone - Ok...
      • Meanwhile in 2013...*
      • PixieLil - Ugh...I don't feel good...
      • Rookie - Wait, what is that noise?
      • Kevin from 2113 arrives*
      • Everyone surprised*
      • Kevin 2113 - Prepare to be eliminated...
      • Everyone - (Screaming) AAAAAAHHH!!!
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    • (Sorry if my reply was so long anyways....)

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      • Meanwhile in Year 2113...*
      • Me - Hey Gary, are you finally done? :|
      • Gary 2113 - Uh what? Uh what do you mean?
      • Me - Of the Time Machine Watch
      • Gary 2113 - Oh sorry, I didn't even started yet...I was taking a long long nap...
      • Me - GARY! :|
      • Gary 2113 - What? I am very old...
      • Me - Then start working on it NOW!
      • Gary 2113 - But don't worry, it is something really quick...look...
      • Gary from 2113 changes the batteries from the Time Machine Watch and replaces it with new batteries*
      • Gary 2113 - There my boy
      • Me - ...So that was it only? :|
      • Gary 2113 - Yes...I know something silly...
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    • Back in the room...

      Me: So, what are we waiting for? Give me cyborg powers so we can save the agents!

      Jay-Borg: I've always had these powers...

      Me: I have?

      Jay-Borg: Yes. Now, let's find the PSA. Do you have the device?

      Me: What device?

      Jay-Borg: The Supertracker DNA device.

      Me: No, but I have Gary's trackers... *grabs Dot Tracker* Dot's heading towards a mountain...

      Jay-Borg: That's the Mountain of Terror, Herbert's secret base!

      Me: No, this identifies it as Tallest Mountain.

      Jay-Borg: It hasn't been called Tallest Mountain since November, 2013.

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    • Back in year 2013

      Locy: Kevin get us out of here!

      Me: Where did Phineas even go?!

      Kevin: Nevermind that! He probably died. There's no way cake lovers are going to survive around these parts.

      Future Me: UNHAND THEM KEVIN!

      Kevin: Or else what? Your Card Jitsu abilities are long gone. You can't control electricity anymore either.

      Future Me: But he can! *throws Power Amplifier 3000 at present Puffles*

      Puffles: FIRE! *burns the net*

      Locy: Hey! I want one too. 

      Future Me: Sorry I only had time to make one.

      Locy: Since when did you make stuff anyway?

      Future Me: After Gary totally died emotionally because of Pixie's death, I had to take over as head scientist.

      Locy: I guess that explains it. Anyway LET'S FIGHT!

      Kevin: Oh please! I can take care of you in a flash!

      Future Me: Uh oh this is bad. Locy throw the smoke bomb in your pocket.

      Locy: What smok- Oh hey! Where'd this come from?

      Future Me: I don't know I just saw it in my memory vision.

      Locy: SMOKE BOMB! *throws smoke bomb at Kevin*

      Kevin: MY EYES!!!

      Me: EVERYONE RUN!!

      Back to Gary and Pixie

      Gary: I've finished making the force fields!

      Pixie: Awesome I'll turn one on to test.


      Gary: Where'd that come from?

      Pixie: Good thing we have these things! *turns on forcefield* Let's get them Gary.

      Gary: *in head* This must be why Future Puffles wanted me to make this. He must've had a memory vision. 

      Pixie: Gary, come on!

      Gary: *outloud* Oh right!

      Meanwhile, in year 2113

      Phineas: I'll be going, Gary I'll be going now.

      Gary 2113: Bye Phineas! I'll say hello to your future self for you in the after life.

      Phineas: Wait you're a ghost?

      Gary 2113: Well duh! You expected me to live for 150+ years?

      Phineas: :| Oh right...

      Phineas teleports back in time to year 2012

      Phineas: Were am I now? Ooh 2012! I DID IT! WOOOT! 

      Phineas: *game face* Oh right, gotta stop Kevin!

      Kevin: Wheel bots! Hurry and build my time machine already!

      Phineas: Freeze Kevin!


      Phineas: You are going to be stopped.


      Phineas: No! Gary gave me special equpiment!

      Phineas: *launches plasma net at Kevin*

      Kevin: AHHH I'M TRAPPED!

      Phineas: *puts mini magnets on the ground* This should interfere with their electrical systems.

      Wheel Bots: *shut down*

      Phineas: Last but not least! The time machine! *uses TNT to blow it up*

      Phineas: WOOT I DID IT!

      In future 2113

      Puffles: WHAT?! We are dissappearing!

      Future Me: Phineas must have destroyed the time machine in the past. So you guys couldn't have gotten here.

      Kevin: NOO YOU AREN'T GETTING AWAY! *prepares to slash present Puffles*

      Future Puffles: OH NO YOU DON'T!



      Locy: That's true.

      Locy: GOOD LUCK PUFFLES! *Locy and Puffles fade away*


      Pixie: ARE WE DYING?!

      Gary: No someone destroyed the time machine while in the past.

      Pixie: YAY WE ARE GOING HOM!

      Pixie: SO LONG LOSER PENGU-I mean cyborgs.

      Cyborgs: RAWWWRRR

      Pixie and Gary fade away

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    • Me: Where is me?

      Gary 2013:Here

      Me:No not me me

      Gary 2113:He means the future him

      Me 2113:HEY ME

      Me:Hey me anything fun happens in the future?

      Me 2113:no *crys*


      Me 2113:IM NOT CRYING 

      Me:Wheres snowy 

      Me 2113: :( he blew up in a fight


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    • Back in 2013

      Me: We're home! 

      Gary: Great Scott! I still can't believe that's going to be our future! I think I need some coffee..

      Puffles: I never want to do that again!

      Rookie:  *crying* I left my pet rock in the future! WAAAA


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