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    21:57, August 10, 2013

    Rookie: *sobs*

    Pixie: What's wrong Rookie?


    Pixie: :|

    Locy: Man up Rookie!

    Rookie: I-i-it was so YOUNG! *bursts out crying*

    Jay: :| 

    Jay: *grabs a random rock* I uh found your rock.

    Rookie: OMG THANKS JAY! I'm eternally grateful! I'll do what ever you say for today!

    Me: *whispers to Jay* You should tell him to stop using my bathroom.


    Me: What happened, Gary?

    Gary: A ton of squids are just popping up everywhere outside! They are attacking the citizens!

    Locy: I'll activate the cameras around the island and take a look. 

    Locy: AAAHHH!!

    Squidzoid: MUAHAHA! STUPID PSA!

    Rookie: Squidzoid? What are you doing here?!

    Me: Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Girl was so two months ago...

    Squidzoid: ALL OF CLUB PENGUIN WILL BOW DOWN TO ME! Because I'm attacking everyone with squids.


    Locy: MAN UP!

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    • Me: How did this happen?

      Gary: *looking embarrassed* Well, it might have something to do with that leftover Squid Surprise casserole I threw out the window last night...

      Me: Gary, how would leftovers come to life?

      Gary: was kind of experimenting with it....

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    • Me: Ahhh I hate squids..although they ARE pretty tasty. But live squids are a no-no!

      Locy: Well we have to do something about this! These aren't normal squids.

      Pixie: Gary what exactly did you do to these things?

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      • Gary - Well I uhh...(Embarrased) made a potion to try to revive my puffle which he died yesterday...but I decided to test it first with something small and simple. So I tested it with the Squid leftovers. After sitting there on a chair for 15 minutes waiting and waiting...nothing happened. I still doubt how he turned big and evil...
      • Puffles - Can you show us the potion?
      • Gary - Sure it was here on this cabinet (Opens cabinet seeing its not there) ....Wait what? But I left it here! Unbelievable!
      • Pixie - Hmm...Let's see what the cameras recorded yesterday...
      • The video shows Gary putting some drops to the leftovers, then after a time of waiting, it wasn't working. Then Gary left the room....then after an hour, an undercover fat guy passed by, putting some other drops and stole Gary's formula in the cabinet. Then the leftovers turned alive causing a hole in the Command Room and leaving the room*
      • Everyone - (Staring at the roof, talking at the same time) I never noticed that
      • Locy - Wait where's Rookie?
      • Me - IDK
      • Meanwhile at the Ski Village...*
      • Rookie - LALALALALALLALA What a nice day on Club  Penguin!
      • Squidzoid - RAWWWWWRRR! 
      • Rookie - OH Hi Squidward!
      • Squidzoid - (Angry and furious) I AM NOT SQUIDWARD!
      • Rookie - Oh...Hi stranger!
      • Squidzoid carries Rookie taking him away*
      • Rookie - Aww! You are doing horsey! I am the cowboy! YEE HAW!
      • Squidzoid - :| SHUT UP!
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    • Rookie: RIDE 'EM COWBOY!!

      Squidzoid: Do you ever zip your mouth?

      Rookie: Wait if you are Squidward...AM I SPONGEBOB?!

      Squidzoid: .....No you are dumb like Patrick. Wait why am I playing along with you?! I told you, I'M SQUIDZOID!!!!

      Rookie: Oh you are a good actor.

      Squidzoid: NO NO NO! I'M THE REAL SQUIDZOID!

      Rookie: .....Can I eat you?

      Squidzoid: *faceflipper*

      Back at the HQ

      Me: Wait..this fat it Herbert?

      Gary: I'm not sure..if it was, there would've been white fur left over.

      Pixie: I don't think it's Tusk either. He's more of a hunchback then a down right fat walrus.

      Locy: Could it be Squidzoid?

      Jay: He's pretty skinny though...

      Phineas: :O *gasps* MAYBE IT'S PROTOBOT!!!

      Me: There are no wheel tracks though..

      Dot: This is a hard mystery to solve.

      Pixie: Gary and I will go down to the lab and look for clues. Puffles, Locy, and Phineas go look for Rookie. Jay and Dot stay here and protect the HQ from intruders.

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    • At the place where rookie is

      Me: Rookie? What are you doing here?

      Rookie: Im patrick!


      Me: Look mister leftovers, I got something for you! *gets fake orca whale*

      SZ: AHHH WHALE! *runs into the ocean*

      Phineas: Well that bought us some time!

      Me: Now to find out who that fat guy is!

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    • Me: Let's hurry back to the HQ.

      At the HQ

      Locy: Pixie, Gary! Did you learn anything?

      Pixie: We found some scratches on the floor. Gary took some rocks for a DNA test.

      Dot: how did it go over there?

      Me: We found Rookie but he's being really....weird...

      Rookie: GIDEYUP HORSEY!!

      Phineas: I'M NOT YOUR HORSEY!!

      Rookie: Stop being so grumpy Mr. Krab!

      Phineas: MY NAME IS PHINEAS!!!

      Rookie: Sandy what's with Mr. Krab today?!


      Rookie: Actual-

      Jay: Nevermind don't answer that....

      Gary: I GOT IT!

      Locy: Ooh what does it say?

      Gary: This is really odd....

      Jay/Phineas/Rookie: What?

      Gary: It's a crab's DNA...

      Me: But don't squids eat crabs?

      Gary: That's what's weird....

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    • Me: Maybe it's that crab standing over there eating the refrigerator. *points*

      Everybody except Jay and Rookie: I didn't notice that.

      Rookie: MR. KRABS! *hugs giant crab*

      Me: I think this crab was so big that a squid couldn't eat it...

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    • Me: What do we do? How do we fix this squid problem...

      Rookie: Maybe we can throw crabs at them as a distraction.

      Locy: You know that actually isn't a bad idea...

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    • Puffles206 wrote:
      Me: What do we do? How do we fix this squid problem...

      Rookie: Maybe we can throw crabs at them as a distraction.

      Locy: You know that actually isn't a bad idea...

      • trows crabs at squid*
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      Rookie: No! *launches at squid*

      Locy: NOOOOOOO!

      Crissy: *comes out of squid's mouth*

      Me: WHAT?

      Crissy: *grabs Shellia and puts in squid's mouth*

      Locy: RIP Shellia... *tear runs down cheek*

      Squid: I'm hungry... *eats Crissy*

      Gary: FOR MY LEFTOVERS! *sets squid on fire*

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    • Me: WAIT! *puts out fire* Shellia is in there!

      Inside the squid

      Shellia: Man it's dark in here.

      Me: It's going to be about 15 minutes before Shellia starts getting digested. We need to rescue her before then. Any ideas?

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    • Me: We'll force him to barf!

      Jay: Yea! I can punch his stomace really hard!


      Pixie: How about an invention?

      Phineas: We go in as well!

      Gary: COFFEE!!!

      Locy: ....You guys are terrible brain stormers...

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    • Me: 10 minutes left.. What are we gonna do?

      Gary: I know! Behold my barf-a-tron 3000!

      Me: Thats just some leftover squid surprise..

      Gary: Yes, and it's scientifically proven to make someone barf!

      Me: Alright then! *Throws the squid into sqidzoid's mouth, causing him to barf out shellia*

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      • Squidzoid - Gulp...I don't feel good...I think I need to...(Squidzoid pukes)
      • Shellia - ... ._. 
      • Gary - Oh thank god she's fine...
      • Me - Well now what?
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    • Gary:how about we eat the squid?                                                                                        Locy:|

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    • Locy: Wait! He threw up Crissy!

      Me: Well, at least we saved Shellia...

      Gary: Did ANYBODY hear me?

      Everybody: No.

      Gary: I said let's eat the squid.

      Me: He's right for once... We just have to set them all on fire and they'll turn back into leftovers... Then we can worry about that crab.

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    • Me: Wait but the squid is covered in barf....I doubt it'll taste good.

      Rookie: We can clean it!

      Locy: Ew I bet I'd still taste the stomach acid...

      Gary: Locy, you just made me lose my appetite.

      Pixie: I wasn't going to allow you to eat that anyway, Gary

      Squidzoid: I'M STILL ALIVE HERE!!


      Everyone except Rookie: *insert sick emote*

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    • Me: Well unless it tastes good it won't turn into leftovers, so first, we'll need to wash it. Any ideas?

      Rookie:*Sprays squid with hose*

      Me: That'll work! Now we need to look up a recipe for squid!

      Puffles: Got one! We'll need garlic, lemon, lemon zest, salt, and pepper!

      Me: Alright! I'll get the garlic!

      Rookie: I'll do whatever you do!

      Puffles: I'll get the lemon!

      Jay: And I'll get the salt and pepper!

      Me: The rest of you stay here and stall the squid!

      They split up

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    • Me: *holding salt and pepper* Oh wait... I'M ALLERGIC TO SALT AND PEPPER! *sneezes*

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    • Me: ...Where do you find lemons in the forest.

      JPG: In the forest?


      JPG: Locy said everyone was taking a long time so some agents had to go follow the other ones.

      Me: I wonder who's following Jay...

      At Jay



      Jay: I'm *SNEEZES* sorry *SNEEZES*

      Dot: This is going to take a while...

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    • Dot: I've got an idea. *holds salt and pepper up to Jay's beak*

      Me: *sneezes salt and pepper back to Locy* Hey, it worked!

      At the place where Locy is...

      Locy: AHH, SALT AND PEPPER! *ducks*

      Rookie: *gets knocked unconscious by the salt and pepper*

      Locy: Where am I going to get some garlic in the forest?

      Rookie: I'm okay... *throws up some garlic*

      Locy: Uhh... I guess this'll have to do...

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    • Me: But then again, it won't taste very good. I was just gonna go over to the store and buy garlic.

      Rookie: uggggg..

      Me: He'll be fine!

      After buying garlic, locy goes back to the place puffles is

      Me: Puffles! How's it going!

      Puffles: I can't find any lemon!

      Me: Of course you can't! I sent you out to BUY lemon! Hey wheres jet pack guy!

      JPG: I'm back! And I got lemons!

      Me: That'll work! Come on, we need to get back to the squid!

      Back at the squid

      Me: Puffes! Zest the lemon and cut it!

      Puffles: On it! *shaves lemon peel and cuts lemon in half*

      Me: Jay! Cut this garlic!

      Jay: On it!

      Me ANNNNNDDD FIRE! *Throws salt and pepper*

      Puffles: *Squids lemon juce and throws lemon zest*

      SZ: Huh? Whats going on?

      Me: Jay light the squid on fire!

      Jay: *Shoots fire at the squid*

      SZ: NOOOOOO! *turns back into leftovers*

      Puffles: Yay we did it!

      Jay: What do we do now!

      Me: Lets eat!

      The end

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