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    • Phineas99 sees Helmet and PH kissing*
    • Me - (Sigh), I wish I had her... :(
    • Helmet - Hey Phineas
    • Me - Hi...
    • Helmet - PH is pretty right?
    • Me - Yeah she is... :$
    • Helmet - What's wrong?
    • Me - Nothin... :$
    • Helmet - You like PH don't you?
    • Me - What? PFFTT No bro!
    • Helmet - You do like PH bro. Too bad because she's mine! (Helmet leaves with PH to their igloo)
    • Me - (Sigh) Time to go home...
    • At Phineas99's Igloo*
    • Me - Hey look! Why do I have 14 puffles? I remeber adopting 11...Oh wait...Why do I see mixup color Puffles of Green and Pink? Oh Jack are father! Congratulations.... (cries) I will go to bed...
    • Later...*
    • Me - (Sigh) time for a walk...
    • Phineas99 sees everyone with girlfriends*
    • Me - Pixie and Gary, Dogkid with Jet Pack Guy, Locy with Rookie, PH with Helmet, Tralala with Candice...(Sigh) what about me?
    • Locy - (Punches Rookie) Idiot...
    • At Phineas99 Igloo*
    • Me - Oh yeah...This will finally work now! Time to get my girl back! MWUAHAHAHAHA! (Has clonenizer 9000)
    • Phineas99 clones as Helmetpig*
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    • Me: LALA! Oh hey Helmet! Did you see Phineas? He looked pretty sad a few hours ago.

      Helmet (Phineas): OH...HEHEHE I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS.....BUT uh..I'm gonna go jump down a lava pit! 

      Me: Oh ok- WAIT WHAT?!

      Me: HELMET?! This is bad...

      At the HQ


      Rookie: That..SOUNDS FUN!!

      Lily/Locy: *faceflipper*

      Me: *pant pant* PIXIE!

      Pixie: Yes? ...What did you do? You are drenched with sweat.

      Locy: EWWWW YOU SMELL!!!

      Me: ...Nevermind that! Helmet wants to jump down a volcano!

      Pixie: WHAT?!

      Helmet: Huh? I'm right here...

      Jay: Puffles, are you imagining things?

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    • (I did not restore the thread btw)

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    • Puffles: NO! Im telling you, YOU said you were gonna jump into a lava pit!

      Me: Who in their right mind would do that? It's totally ridicules! *looks at rookie*

      Helmet: But I didn't say that!

      Me: Hmm, when was the last time you saw him?

      Puffles: At the coffee break room!

      Me: Then lets go and look for clues! *gets a sherlock homes style hat and cloak and goes into the coffee break room*

      Puffles: So this is where he was. Hey look I found some hair!

      Me: I am the detective here! *gets hair* Hey look I found some hair!

      Gary: I'll run a DNA test to find out who it belongs too! Then we'll see who's impersonating Helmet!

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    • Gary: Weird..the hair belongs to Helmet!

      Phineas: *in head* Yes! My cloning machine was a success.

      Helmet: But I just got here!

      Locy: What were you doing before you arrived at the HQ.

      Helmet: ....

      Locy: TELL ME!

      Helmet: It's kinda embarrassing..

      Me: We won't laugh

      Helmet: Okay here it goes..

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    • Me: This is strange... Let me check the security camera footage... *rewinds security camera footage and sees Rookie kissing a cardboard cutout of Locy*

      Puffles: Uhh... Rookie, where did you get that cardboard cutout?

      Rookie: Gary's closet.

      Me: I'll rewind a little farther... *security camera footage shows Phineas99 turning into Helmet* WHAT?

      Rookie: Gary's closet!

      Gary: Why were you in my closet?

      Rookie: I thought it was Puffles' bathroom!

      Me: Guys, be serious!

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    • Me: Why do you have cardboard cutout of me in your closet?

      Gary: I have cardboard cutouts of all the PSA agents!

      Me:Uhh... anyway... How could he do this? And more importantly, why?

      Gary: He must have some sort of cloning device!

      Me: I'll be the dectective here! He must have some sort of cloning device! Do any of you know where he could have gotten that?

      Gary: Well, I recently made a cloning device, and it got stolen!

      Me: Hmmm, Phineas doesn't seem like the kind of person who'd steal, we need to find him! Interagation time!

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    • Me: Locy, you, Pixie, Puffles, Tra and I will work on the case of Phineas99 turning into Helmet.

      Rookie: What do I do?

      Me: Go with everybody else to solve the case of why Gary has trackers of us, why he watches us sleep and why he has cardboard cutouts of us.

      Helmet: ROGER!

      Me: My name is Jay, not Roger.

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    • Me: No roger, as in OH NEVERMIND

      Me: So we need to find Phineas! Any ideas?

      Jay: Well he said he was going to a lava pit so..

      Me: Any other ideas?

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    • Me: I bet that was just a bluff....

      Jay: Why would he disguise as Helmet though?

      Me: Maybe Helmet stole some pie from him. So he's going to steal stuff and frame Helmet!!

      Locy: Nah I don't think that's it. But you are on the right track. What does Helmet have the Phineas wants badly....

      Locy/Me/Jay/Pixie: PH!

      They rush into the Pet Shop

      PH: G'day mates!


      PH: What happend...

      Locy: In a way, you are kind of in trouble.

      PH: How? I've never hurt anyone. And I don't know many things-


      PH: No I meant-

      Me: You don't know how to count?

      PH: NO! What I was going to sa-

      Me: What's 1+1?

      Pixie/Jay/Locy: PUFFLES!

      Me: Sorry...

      PH: What I was GOING to say was, "I don't know many things that could be used by enemies."

      Pixie: It's a long story. Just follow us back to the HQ.

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      • the agents and G goes back to hq*                                                                                    Puffles:What Will We Do Now?                                                                                          G:how about we get Agent Rigby?                                                                                     Locy8: no g hes useless                                                                                                     G: thats what you always say                                                                                            G:LETS GO YO DOPES
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    • me-what's happening

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    • Me: Well now that were all at HQ with PH.. Uh why are we at the HQ with PH?

      Puffles: Well I figured if we bring her here, it could be bait for Phineas!

      Me: Yeah! Duh Puffles!

      Puffes: :/

      Me: Helmet will have to hide. If we reveal him, the whole plan will be ruined.

      Jay: What plan?

      Me: Just follow my lead....

      Helmet: *hides*

      Helmet *phineas*: *Walks in* Oh there you are PH! I was wondering where you were! Listen I need to tell you something.. We're breaking up!

      Me: AHA! Nice try PNINEAS but the gig is up!

      Phineas: *Walks in* Hey guys whats going on!

      Me: Huh? Wait, if phineas is over and Helmet is hiding, THEN WHO IS THAT?

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    • me-mon dieu

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    • One of the Helmets: What are you talking about? There's only one Helmet.

      The Other Helmet: And it's me!

      Me: I have no idea which Helmet is the real Helmet?

      Phineas99: Oops... I think the Clone Machine became self-aware...

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    • me-this reminds me of the MLP episode "Too many pinkie pies".

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    • Me: Hmm, I have an idea! 

      Locy: What is it?

      Me: What if we ask both of them a question only the real Helmet would know the answer to?

      Gary: Brilliant idea!  

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    • Me: Who are you married to?

      Both Helmets: Paige, but you can call her PH or Puffle Handler.

      Me: It seems that the clone knows everything the real Helmet knows!

      Locy: Hmm... You don't think...

      Me: Yep.

      Puffles: Definitely.

      Pixie: What are you talking about?

      Me: Uh, we all know how to read minds... I taught that last week.

      Gary: Then do it!

      Both Helmets: *in head* Bleh! That cheese I ate for lunch tasted horrible!

      Me: This is strange... The real Helmet likes cheese, but these ones don't. BOTH of these are clones!

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    • Me- ask them when they were born

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    • Me: Helmet! When were you born?!

      Helmet 1: Yesterday

      Me: Jay kill that one.

      Jay: KILL?!

      Me: YES KILL! >:)

      Jay: Scary......

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    • me-KILL! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Me: Both are clones... Trap these ones while I go look for the real Helmet.

      Gary: Why you?

      Me: Hey wait a minute... This thread is REALLY off discussion. One minute, Phineas wants to get revenge on Helmet, the next we're looking for-

      Locy: *hits Jay with a frying pan* STOP IT!


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    • Locy: Oh I stole one from your house.

      Dogkid: YOU WHAT?!

      Locy: I'm sorry! Rookie said I could have it.

      Dogkid: Why would you trust Rookie..

      Locy: Oh yea...why would I trust Rookie?

      Dogkid/Locy: *Glares at Rookie*

      Rookie: :B

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    • Dogkid-Did you touch the bottom of the pan?


      Dogkid-Ok. Because I smashed it in Llama poop and rubbed it in skunk barf and dragon feces.

      Rookie- -MediaWiki_Emoticons_Stare.png

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    • Rookie: Puffles I need to use your bathroom.

      Me: NOOOOOOO

      Rookie: *Barfs in Puffles' toilet*

      Pixie: GUYS! GET SERIOUS!

      Jay: I still haven't found the real Helmet.

      Locy: Did you check the volcano?

      Jay: Why would I ch-Oh right..

      The agents go to the volcano

      Helmet: *tied up and has that...thing around his mouth* MMMM MMMMM

      Jay: What's he saying...

      Me: I don't know

      Helmet: MMMM MHMM MMMMM

      Locy: Ugh just save him already!

      Pixie: We can't! He's superglued to that rock.

      Dogkid: Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

      Me: The lava is rising!


      Gary: That was a really high-pitched "mmm"

      Jay: I'll try to hold it back! WATER!!!!!

      Water evaporates

      Locy: Good going Jay....

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    • JPG- What now


      Me-what good does that do?!

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    • Me: I wonder... *throws snowball into the lava*

      Lava: I am talking lava.

      Me: WHAT?

      Lava: *goes down a bit after being hit by snowball* My name is Larry.

      Everybody: *dumbfounded*

      Me: *flies up to Helmet and rips off the duct tape*

      Pixie: You can fly?

      Me: Yep.

      Helmet: OWWWWWWW! Now get me down from here!

      Me: *cuts rope* Don't worry. Larry, spit this guy out after you eat him.

      Larry: Yes, Jay.

      Gary: You know each other?

      Me: ...yes.

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    • Jimmy-um..BYE!

      (Jimmy climbs onto 200 of the birds, so he can escape)


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    • Me:*uses jet pack* ok guys...I'm the real Helmet and I can prove it

      Me:I can grow a mustace in 5 seconds

      Me:*grows mustace*

      Me:So Phineas wants to get revenge because I'm with PH

      Me:I guess we were never friends...

      Me:here's what I know about clones

      everyone else:and what's that

      Me:they hate cheese,they hate jet packs,they are not smart and they hang out with preps

      everyone else:How do we know ur not a clone

      Me:I used my jet pack and have a puffle whistle in my hat

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    • Jay: But where will we find them?

      Me: Well *gets sherlock homes cape and hat* If they hand put with preps, we need to get to the stadium!

      Dogkid: But preps have been uncommon lately! Their spred out all over the island!

      Me: Relax I got this. We'll need to get bait for the preps as bait for the helmets. Man that's something never said before...

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      • Phineas99 sees a clone Helmet in the Forest*
      • Me - Hey Helmet! Do you like my new glasses? Many people tell me I am way cooler with these glasses than my original 3D Glasses, however, I want to be unique bro...however...I don't see very well with these glasses...
      • Helmet Clone #1 - Yes I like it
      • Me - Helmet, I also need to tell you something...I was jealous of you and PH and I really love PH man...however, I stole Gary's Clonenizer which makes you clone people (obviously as the name says), and they can be trained well. I tried to train them to breake up with PH, but before doing that, I thought that it wasn't right doing that, and I am sorry bro...friends?
      • Helmet Clone #1 - PH? Who's PH? EVERY HELMET! WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHO PH IS!
      • All Helmets leave from the Forest and lookout for PH*
      • Me - Uhh...I will take that as a yes...
      • The PSA appears in the Forest and finds Phineas99*
      • Me - Hey guys! Like my new glasses? I am blind with these glasses however...but I guess I will need to get used to it...
      • Helmet - How could you Phineas...
      • Pixie covers Helmet's beak*
      • Pixie - Sorry Phineas...but do you know where the Helmet Clones are?
      • Me - Helmet Clones? Wait Helmet, weren't you going to look for PH?
      • Helmet - PH? Wait, is PH with us?
      • The PSA looks everywhere and they lost PH*
      • Locy - Wait, where is Rookie also? Ugh...that kid...
      • Meanwhile in the Hidden Lake...*
      • Rookie - I swear PH...I swear I heard a strange noise underground!
      • PH - Yeah yeah...right...let's go back to the Forest
      • Helmet Clone #1 appears*
      • Helmet #1 - Are you PH?
      • PH - Uhh already know that mate
      • Helmet #1 - Good...SUMMON ALL HELMETS!
      • All Helmets Appear*
      • Helmet #1 - Let's take PH with us!
      • Rookie - Not in my watch! Wait! My rubber ducky is floating away in the water! Gasp why did I take it with me? (Rookie leaves to the Underwater)
      • PH - Aaaahhh!!!
      • At the Forest*
      • Gary - Did someone hear that?
      • Pixie - It sounded like PH...
      • Locy - IT IS PH!
      • PSA goes to the Hidden Lake*
      • Pixie - ...I don't see anything here...
      • Locy - Me neither...
      • Puffles - Wait, I see Rookie coming back in the sea!
      • Helmet - I hope its PH with Rookie...
      • Rookie - Hey guys! I saved my Rubber Ducky! Anything suspicious here?
      • Jay - And PH?
      • Rookie - PH? I uh...don't know :S WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?
      • Everyone - :| ROOKIE!
      • Rookie - I like trains
      • Jay - Well...are there any clues?
      • Pixie - I don't think so...EVERYONE LOOK FOR CLUES!
      • Me - I found this! Its a...Justin Bieber CD Album? What the...
      • Helmet - What do girl preps normally like?
      • Everyone - Singers
      • Helmet - Exactly, singers like Justin Bieber. And who hangs out with the preps?
      • Rookie - MY MOMMY!
      • Everyone facepalms*
      • Helmet - :| NO ROOKIE! THE HELMET CLONES!
      • Rookie - Oooh...Okie dokie...
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    • Me: Flipper prints... These lead to the Cove...

      Helmet clones storm. People can only hear bold text.

      Me: We need to stop them!

      Everybody: WHAT?

      Me: WE need to stop THEM!

      Pixie: Did he just say we eat to crop them?

      Locy: No, he said we bead to flop them!

      Me: I have to do everything myself... *launches all Helmet clones to a distant island*

      Gary: Where'd that catapult appear?

      Me: It was in my pocket the whole time.

      Puffles: How deep are your pockets?

      THE END.

      Helmet: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the me clones.


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