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    Hey, guys. I'm pretty new to the whole Roleplaying thing, but I'll give it a shot.

    (Rookie runs into PSA office)

    Rookie: GUYS! Come quick!

    Me: What? What happened?

    Rookie: Prisoner #4 is gone!!

    Pixie: What?!

    Gizmo: Show us!

    Rookie: Come on!

    (Rookie runs back into prison area, followed by Charlie, Pixie, and Gizmo)

    Me: Oh no...

    Pixie: Brady escaped...

    (Jail cell labled "4" has a hole in it's backside. Gizmo begins to clean it up as other agents run in.)

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    • Me: AHHHHH NOT BRADY! He's evil...

      Locy: No..he's dreamy.

      Jay: Locy! Snap out of it! *smacks*

      Locy: Pfft I was kidding. Did you really think I was a prep?

      Me: Er Rookie are you okay?

      Rookie: *sobs* Locy doesn't think I'm DREAMY~ *cries*

      Locy: ...It was a joke

      Gary: Agents! We must find a way to capture Brady!

      Charlie: Where could he have gone?

      Jay: The beach?

      Charlie: GENIUS!!!

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    • Me: Gizmo, take us there immediately!

      Gizmo: Roger. Teleporting To Beach.

      (everyone is instantly transported to beach*

      Gary: The lighthouse! It's been destroyed!

      Rookie: Who could've done this?

      (everyone looks at Rookie)

      Locy: Is it not that obvious?

      (Puffles begins to walk into the lighthouse)

      Puffles: Let's see if he left any clues.

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    • Me: I found a sock..

      Gary: *grabs sock* I think this is one of mine..

      Rookie:  I found another one, Eww, it smells!

      Puffles: What would Brady want with Gary's socks?

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    • Pixie: Maybe he wants to destroy the world with Gary's stinky socks!

      Pixie/Me/Locy/Jay/Rookie: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

      Gary: ...My socks aren't THAT smelly

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    • Me: Umm.. Gary, you aren't the one who has to wash them.

      Rookie: I found Socks!

      Gary: Rookie, that's a puffle..

      Rookie: Yeah, his name is Socks!

      Gary: Why would you name a puffl-

      Socks eats Gary's socks

      Gary: Oh..

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    • Me: Ewwww are you sure this is healthy?

      Rookie: Well he eats my socks. *holds up one of his socks*


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    • Me: Hey, look at this!

      (picks up yellow feather and hands to Gizmo)

      Me: Gizmo, analize. 

      (Gizmo scans feathers)

      Gizmo: This is Brady alright.

      (McKenzie runs in)

      McKenzie: Guys, Brady's attacking the Plaza!

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    • Me: Um, guys, aren't we supposed to be looking for Brady?

      Gary: Yes, of course!

      Rookie: No! Socks come back!!!

      Socks runs to the beacon

      Me: Maybe he knows where Brady is?

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    • McKenzie: Did you guys hear me?!

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    • Me: No

      (McKenzie makes an annoyed face at Puffles)


      Pixie: Hurry to the Plaza, agents!

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    • (Preppy penguin runs over to us)

      Prep (sobbing uncontrolably): PLEASE HELP! THAT FREAK JUST ATE MY ADORABLE LITTLE POOKIE!!! :(

      Gizmo: Hey, for once he did something good.

      Prep: SHUT UP YA ROBOT!

      (Prep knocks Gizmo's head off with her purse)

      Me: OH COME ON!!!

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    • Me: *in head* Hmm, maybe Brady is good for something Well, um, we'll get you pookie back for you miss.

      Charlie: Gary, do you know how to fix robots?

      Gary: Yes I do, but we'll have to go back to my lab.

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    • Charlie: Gah we don't have time for that though! Brady is too strong, we need as many people as we can get.

      Me: Don't you mean penguins?

      Charlie: Whatever!

      Pixie: LOOK OUT!

      A car on fire comes flying towards them

      Locy: AAHHHHH!!!!

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    • (is hit by car)

      Me: Why is everything always so hard?!

      McKenzie: Guys, is it just me or did Brady just grow five feet?!

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    • Gary: Great Scott, I think I know what's going on!

      Me: What?

      Gary: Okay, so I was storing the crystals from the Marvel Takeover in my socks for safekeeping. Brady must have stolen them.

      Locy: You put them in your socks? Eww!

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    • Me: He's multiplying the crystals... If he has too many feet, he'll be really tall!

      Brady: Haha, you ain't gonna catch me, you- *foot grows on beak*

      Pixie: What just happened?

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    • Me: The crystals are having a negative effect on him due to the fact that he's a-

      Pixie: Please don't say it.

      Me: I wasn't gonna...

      Gary: We need to get those crystals back! It's the only way to stop him!

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    • Me: I thought the crystals are already in his body!

      Pixie: Then we'll pull them out!

      Me: What?! How?!



      Charlie: ME TOO!

      Jay/Locy/Charlie: *holding knives* HEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE

      Me: Scary....

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    • (the three of us run to Brady and a loud scream is heard)

      Me: Got 'em!

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    • Brady: LET GO OF ME *voice deepens* NOWWWWW!!

      Locy: What just happened?!

      Brady: RAWWR! *knocks Jay, Charlie, and Locy back*

      Jay: He isn't a penguin anymore!

      Charlie: H-h-he's a monster!!!

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    • Pixie: This has taken a weird turn...

      (Brady looks at McKenzie)

      Brady: MCKENZIE DIE NOW!

      (Brady grabs McKenzie with his giant flipper)

      McKenzie: *screams*

      Me: BRADY.

      Brady: ??

      Me: Get your hands. OFF. MY. GIRL!!!!!

      (runs at Brady and knocks him off his feet)

      Brady: ARRGGGHHHH!!!!

      (McKenzie is shot into the air)

      McKenzie: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

      Me: NOOO!!!!

      (Gizmo's headless body suddenly runs over and catches her)

      Puffles: WOAH! Way to go, Gizmo!

      Gizmo's Head: Thanks, but can somebody re-attach me?

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    • Me: *grabs Gizmo's head and throws it at his body*

      Charlie: ...Puffles that isn't going to wo-

      Gizmo: Good as new!

      Me: You were saying?

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    • Me: Let's stop this- I have to say it- Bradycneme! Okay, I didn't really have to say that...

      Rookie: What's that?

      Me: It's a type of dinosaur...

      Rookie: What's a Dino-

      Brady: *eats Rookie*

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    • Puffles: ROOKIE NO!!!


      Pixie: Stop spamming or I'll ban you.

      Me: Very funny.

      Pixie: :P

      Locy: YOU GU-

      Gary: *hits Locy* No one touches my Pixie!

      Jay: Focus! There's a flipping dinosaur!

      Me: We need to get Rookie out of there before he gets *shivers* digested. Gizmo, options!

      Gizmo: We need to cut him out of there.


      Puffles: No more surgical procedures! 

      Me: Awwww....

      McKenzie: You guys are thinking to hard about this.

      (McKenzie walks towards Brady)

      Me: McKenzie, NOOOO!!!

      (McKenzie pushes over Brady)

      Brady: AAHHHHH

      (Brady hits ground with a loud thud)

      McKenzie: One thing I learned from working with Brady during the Summer Jam, he's a real pushover.

      (Gary gives Brady a shot)

      Gary: This injection should return back to normal.

      (Brady shrinks back to normal)

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    • Me: I don't think this shot is what did it, though...

      Rookie: *comes out of Brady's mouth with power crystals* OOH, IT'S EVEN SHINIER OUTSIDE OF THE STOMACH!

      Locy: Rookie- s-s-SAVED US?

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    • Gary: *sobs* I thought it was my medicene. *sniff* I AM A FAILURE

      Me: No you aren't Gary!

      Pixie: Cheer up Gary Bear!

      Gary: Yea you are right...Let's throw Rookie a party!

      Jay: ROOKIE PARTY!!!!

      Charlie: YAAAAAAAYYYY

      Jay: We should do whatever Rookie wants!!!

      Charlie: Sounds like a good idea.


      Rookie: Will you marry me, Locy?

      Locy: I knew this would happen...

      THE END

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