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    Me: The clouds are really you think it'll rain soon?

    Jay: You don't like rain?

    Me: NOPE! After it rains snails always come out...*shudders*


    Me: Shuddup >3>

    Rookie: Hey guys! I got some piz-*falls onto the ground*

    Jay: AHH! What just happened?


    Me: Pixie, Gary! Rookie randomly fell on the ground.

    Pixie: Hmm..he's asleep.

    Jay: ...Are you serious?


    Me: Rookie..wake up...ROOKIE! WAKE UP!

    Gary: It isn't working.

    Jay: Oh can't be.

    Pixie/Locy/Me: What?

    Jay: It's been a hundred years...there's no way this still exists.

    Locy: WHAT IS IT?!!!!

    Jay: It's the 1,000 year hibernation....

    Hailey: What's that...

    Jay: It's victims are forced to sleep for 1,000 years without waking up.

    Me: Pfft it's Rookie! Who cares?

    Locy: Puffles! Even if he's a complete idiot that needs a brain transplant, he's still a PSA agent!

    Pixie: Locy's right, we have to save him!

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    • Me (very angrily): Puffles! What do you mean, "It's Rookie, who cares?"

      Gizmo: I may be able to revive him, but I need some information first. What exactly is this 1,000 year curse and how does it occur?

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    • Me: But this is impossible...

      Puffles: OOH! Time for a story!

      Me: You see, it only attacks people every one hundred years... It's been 136 years and- *falls asleep*

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    • Me: Okay, what's going on here, and will it affect anyone else?

      Thistle: *walking in and singing* THISTLE IS DA HOUSE TONIGHT!

      Me: Oh good, you're here.

      Thistle: So is anything exciting goin- Rookie! what happend to my precious Rookie Bear?

      Gary: Rookie Bear! Hahahaha

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    • Me: AHHH! JAY!!

      Locy: What do we do?! Even Jay is out!

      Pixie: Now we won't be able to figure out the cause of this cur- *falls asleep*

      Me: You have got to be kidding me.

      Gary: AAHHHHH!! PIXIE!!!

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    • Gary: Pixie, darling please wake up! 

      Thistle: *crying* ROOKIE BEAR!

      Gary: Pixie, if you wake up I'll giv- *falls asleep*

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    • Me: Puffles, Gizmo, it's up to us. We need to find the cure and fast.

      Gizmo: First we need to find out what causes this.

      Me: Hmmmm....

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    • Gariwald: Hello living penguins! I hope I'm not late, Great Scott, what happend here?

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    • Locy: Hey I'm here too!

      Charlie: I wonder why we weren't affected...

      Dot: I think I know the reason!

      Me: What?

      Dot: Remember that really weird drink Rookie had mashed up yesterday?

      Me: My gawd that tasted terrible...

      Dot: I think he accidently made an antivirus against the curse!

      Locy: So we need to recreate it and give it ot the sleeping agents?

      Dot: Yup! But hurry! I didn't drink the juice so I'll sleep any se- *falls asleep*

      Charlie: Even though you can't hear this, thanks Dot!

      Locy: Wait then why is Gizmo not asleep?

      Charlie: He's a robot

      Locy: Ooh right..

      Me: Common' guys! We are the only ones who ca-

      Gizmo: *falls on the ground*

      Charlie: I take that back, he CAN fall asleep.

      Locy: We are the only ones who can save the agents now.

      Me: Right, ACTION POSE!

      Locy/Charlie/Me: *action pose*

      Charlie: Okay enough of that....

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    • (Gizmo gets up)

      Gizmo: I had you guys going, didn't I?

      Me: Very funny, Giz. Now get over here and help us make a rancid drink!

      Locy: Not something you hear every day...

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    • Me: What did he even put in it?

      Locy: Oh! I remember he said he put everything in the pantries!

      Charlie: Uh..big problem.

      Gizmo: And what is that?

      Charlie: The pantries are empty...

      Me/Locy/Gizmo: This isn't good...

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    • Me: We could run to the store, but the cashiers are probably unconcious by now!

      Gizmo: Then let's steal something!

      Me: But that violates the PSA code!

      Puffles: Well are we just gonna LET the entire island spend the rest of their life asleep?!

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    • Gizmo: One antivirus come- *flinches* come- come- *falls on ground*

      Puffles: I think that antivirus may give a virus to robots...

      Charlie: Seriously? *grabs antivirus and pours in Jay's mouth*

      Three hours later...

      Locy: He still isn't waking up! I think I know what to do...

      Puffles: So do I!

      Locy: BUILD!

      Puffles: CELEBRATE- oh, build. Build what?

      Charlie: A portal to the other dimension. We could get their help!

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    • Gizmo: A portal to the other demension?

      Me: Yeah, our alternate selves should know what to do!

      Locy: If you say so...

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    • Me: Yo me


      Me: Stop spamming

      Other Me: Sorry

      Locy: Fight the urge..fight the urge...

      Charlie: Do you guys know how to reverse the curse? OH HEY THE RHYMED!

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    • Other Me: The secret to reverse the curse, you'll find inside of a prep's purse!

      Me: ...

      Other Me: I'm not the best rhymer!

      Me: I forgot how weird this demension is...

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    • Me: Tell me about it..

      Locy: PEOPLE GET ON TRACK! We can't let the penguins from OUR demension sleep forever!

      Other Locy: She's right! We have to save them!

      Me: OMG! We can get the Rookie from THIS dimension to make a potion!

      Other Rookie: Excuse me, but I don't think I have the knowledge to make that sort of contraption.

      Locy: You forgot the Rookie here was smart...

      Charlie: I have an idea! Other Rookie, we need to borrow your pantry!

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    • (everyone returns to our demension)

      Gizmo: Alright, we got the stuff, but I'm staying away from it. I don't want another virus...

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    • Me: *throws stuff at the sleeping penguins* WAKE UP!

      Charlie: Is it working?

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    • (Rookie wakes up)

      Rookie: NO, SOCKS! DON'T BITE THAT- huh? What? Oh, hey guys. As I was saying, I got some pizza!

      (Rookie eats a slice of pizza as other agents wake up)

      Me: YES!

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      Pixie: What worked?

      Gary: I don't remember anything...

      Jay: What happened? I blacked out...

      Dot: *yawn* I'm surprisingly tired.

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    • Me: Well, it looks like everything turned out okay!

      Puffles: Wait, what insurance do we have that penguins won't continue to get knocked out?

      Gizmo: My sensors indecate that the 1,000 Year Curse should stop knocking people out by tomorrow, it lasts 24 hours. 

      Locy: Wait, does this mean we'll have to...

      Me: Yeah...

      (everyone gulps and begins chugging the potion)

      The End

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