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    22:50, August 26, 2013

    Me: I'm sorry guys, this is ALL my fault...

    Puffles: No, this wouldn't have happened if Percy hadn't captured us. It was his fault.

    Gary: But he's still out there...

    Pixie: Now we'll have to rebuild the HQ and Coffee Break Room!

    Rookie: UGGH, that sounds like too much work.

    Pixie/Puffles/Jay/Locy: Have the day off.

    Rookie: YAY!

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    • Rookie: What should I do? OOH THE DONUT STORE!!!

      Pixie: Now that he's out of the way, we can focus on remodeling.

      Me: Should we make the HQ better than the way it was before?

      Pixie: Nah just make it the same.

      Jay: This is going to take months!

      Locy: Why do you think that?

      Jay: Well the EPF HQ got destroyed in November 2012, and they still aren't finished!

      Me: Wait what's that sound?




      Charlie: WHO GOES THERE?!

      Pixie: Wait...

      Everyone: ROOKIE?!


      Everyone: *faceflipper*

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    • Me: Rookie we never had a donut shop!

      Rookie: But there was a place closing so I thought I would save up the money and buy the shop!

      Me:... How about you just get us some pizza?

      Rookie: Works for me!

      Me: Anywho.. Let's get this place fixed up! *Takes out jackhammer, which causes the HQ to be even more damaged then usual.*

      Me: huh.. That usually works..

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    • Me: Gizmo!

      (Gizmo zips to me)

      Gizmo: Hello!

      Me: Tell us what kind of materials we'll need to rebuild this place.

      Gizmo: Uh... wood, glass, plastic, and clay.

      Me: This could be a little costy.

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    • Me: We could chop down some trees....I don't know about the glass, plastic, or clay though.

      Gary: Maybe they are selling them in the Gift Shop!

      Locy: Didn't you hear that it's the Clothes Shop now?

      Gary: Oh yea, I forgot.

      Jay: Well let's go check if they are there!

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    • Rookie Returns

      Rookie: I've got the pizza, now we can start.

      Locy: Rookie, we didn't want to tell you this, but your puffle ran away.

      Rookie runs away screaming

      Pixie: Locy, Rookie doesn't own any puffles.

      Locy: I know.

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    • Me: Wait what about Sock?

      Locy: Oh shoot!

      Rookie: *falls on the floor crying* SOCKKK WHERE ARE YOU???

      ADL: I found him! *grabs random orange puffle*

      Rookie: YAY!!

      Jay: Guys..focus on rebuilding this thing

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    • Me: Rookie, I just noticed something, Herbert's attacking the Night Club, he invented an invisibilty machine, and it's disguised as the DJ3K.

      Rookie: But Herbert's in the one cell that didn't explode!

      Pixie: When did we capture Herbert?

      Rookie: The Director sent me on a top-secret mission.


      Rookie: Just playing with you, I'll go check it out.

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    • Me: NO, ROOKIE, DON'T CHECK IT OUT! Stay here!

      Rookie: I'm tired of you all telling me what to do!

      Me: I meant, ROOKIE GO CHECK IT OUT!

      Rookie: No, I'm staying here!

      Tra: Isn't there a Herbert-shaped hole in cell number 4 from season 1-

      I won't say much, but there is a Tra-shaped hole in the wall that Locy made.

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      • Phineas99 comes in*
      • Me - What happened here?
      • Gary - No time for that. Just help us rebuild the HQ
      • Me - Oh ok...btw is that Pizza? Who brought it?
      • Pixie - Rookie did
      • Me - Oh...and its Seaweed Pizza! Yuck :|
      • Locy - I thought he bought Pepperoni Pizza? ROOKIE! :|
      • Rookie - Derpity Derp Derp
      • Everyone faceflippers*
      • Pixie - (Sigh) This is a lot of work... 
      • Rookie - Oh let's just chop down trees! :DD
      • Me - ...YAY! MORE POLLUTION! ._.  
      • Rookie - Do you have something more Mr. Genius?
      • Me - Yes Mr. Idiot. I know a friend who sells variety of things. Hammers, nails, wood, etc. And he gives the prices really cheap. So I will buy it over there
      • Rookie - ...OK... 
      • After buying the stuff in  Phineas99 Friend's Igloo*
      • Me - Time go to back to the PSA HQ!
      • At the PSA HQ...*
      • Me - Here is the stuff! Hope this helps! By the way, is somebody going to eat it? 
      • Locy - Eat what?
      • Me - The Seaweed Pizza
      • Locy - Meh, take it to the trash  
      • Me - All right then
      • Phineas99 throws the Seaweed Pizza outside*
      • Meanwhile with Herbert...*
      • Herbert - Do you smell that Klutzy? I smell...*sniff* Seaweed Pizza!
      • Klutzy - Click Click!
      • Herbert - Klutzy, we need to steal whoever foolish penguin's seaweed pizza is
      • Klutzy (Happy) Click Klick! 
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      • Later with Herbert...*
      • Herbert - I sense its very near! I smell it! the trash?!
      • Klutzy - Click Click?
      • Rookie appears*
      • Rookie - I found this slice of Seaweed Pizza on the PSA HQ...I hate it! :D 
      • Rookie throws the slice to the trash when Herbert saves it*
      • Rookie - O hai Herbert! 
      • Herbert punches Rookie and breaks into the PSA HQ*
      • Locy - Ugh, that stupid Polar Bear again...grow up!
      • Herbert turns angry*
      • Herbert - Wait, are you guys rebuilding your HQ? Let me add the final touches...MWUAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!
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    • Herbert blows up the ruins of the old HQ

      Herbert:MWUAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! Runs Away

      Rookie: Hey, a shard of glass, I'm gonna place it in my eye. Puts Glass in eye OWWWWW!!!

      Locy: Rookie, wear this eyepatch.

      Rookie: Do you have to, eye placed another shard in my other eye.

      Locy: *facepalm*

      Rookie: I can't see. Falls onto Jackhammer, and destroys the ice that was below the foundation.

      Everyone except Rookie: ROOKIE!!!

      Rookie: What did I just do? Did I fix the HQ.

      Director pops up on a nearby screen

      Director: Rookie, this is a pre-recorded message that I knew I was going to have to use someday, you are temporarilly suspended.

      Rookie: Awww... I'm going home.

      Rookie goes home

      Rookie: Wait a second, I have two Socks. Tries putting both orange puffles on his feet.

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    • Back at the HQ...

      Me: That's not fair! Rookie didn't mean to mess things up!

      Director: Now, I'm sure Charlie's saying, "That's not fair! Rookie didn't mean to mess things up!"

      Me: ...

      Director: If so, tell him to shut up.

      ADL: Shut up, Charlie.

      Me: Hey!

      ADL: What? The Director told me to!

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    • Me: Well that went wrong....

      Puffles: We lost a lot of time but I think we can still repair the HQ!

      Me: I don't know... I think its time for a new location.. All the villens know where this one is, and we can make it look exactly like the other one.

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    • Me: Here's an idea! What if we disguised it as an office?

      Locy: Would the office hide it?

      Me: No, the office would be it.

      Puffles: Huh...?

      Me: Here, let me show you. Gizmo!

      (Gizmo zips over again)

      Gizmo: Hello.

      Me: Show them that painting I did.

      Gizmo: Sure thing! *displays hologram of this picture --->

      Gary: Is that a... coffee waterfall?!

      Me: Yep! :D

      Gary: Great Scott! That's a better idea then all my previous inventions combined!

      Puffles: Yeah, but isn't it a little... girly?

      Me: It's Pixie's agency.

      Pixie: I think it looks great! Let's do it!

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    • Rookie returns

      Rookie: Can somebody tell the Director I found a loophole in my suspension...

      Everybody Except Charlie and Gizmo: NO!!!

      Rookie: But agents with disabilities can not be suspended, and since I have to wear a proppellor cap to fly, I'm disabled.

      JPG: Rookie, penguins can't fly.

      Rookie: You fly all the time.

      JPG: *Facepalm*

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    • In Herbert's secret lair...

      Herbert: Klutzy! This is the perfect time to destroy the PSA once and for all!

      Klutzy: Click CLACKETY?

      Herbert: What will I use? I have a perfectly devised plan- find the PSA and attack them with a wrecking ball! And if they-

      Klutzy: Click?

      Herbert: I was just about to get to that part! They can't see me because I am going to hide the machine under an invisibility cloak I got from the Hogwarts dimension!

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    • Klutzy: Click click

      Herbert: How did I get there, arrg, do I need to tell this story...

      Klutzy: Klickity Clack

      Herbert: Arrg, I was strolling through the Box Dimension looking for the Stick Dimension so that I could build a giant bombfire, when I found  box I thought lead to the Dimension, but instead of going into there, I went to a strange world, a world of magic. So, I did what anybody would do, I stole the first thing I saw.

      Klutzy: Clicker Klackity

      Herbert: How did I see it? For some reason, I had may Invisiblilty Cloak Finder 3000, the invention at the time I made I thought it was useless. I actually don't know why I built it, but I'm glad I did.

      Rookie Seen Running away repeatedly yelling PIXIE!!

      Herbert Drops a Cage on Rookie

      Herbert: So we have a spy, I could find some use for you, aha, I'll disguise as you with this Polyjuice Potion I got from the Hogwarts Dimension.

      Rookie: How did you get there?

      Herbert: Weren't you just evesdropping, didn't you just, ahhg, Klutzy, explain it to him.

      Klutzy: Clicker Clack Clickity Clack Cleckity Clocker

      Rookie: LOL, I know.


      Klutzy: Click click, kluck click cleckity click.

      Rookie: Ohh, now it makes sence.

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    • (Runs In)

      Me: Rookie! There you are!

      Rookie: Oh, hi Charlie. Herbert was telling me this really interesting story about some invisibility cloak.


      Rookie: Well sor-RY.

      (Pixie and the other agents run in)

      Gary: Wait, it's just Rookie. Why did we come?

      Me: Would you guys quit with that?!

      Herbert: No matter. *puts on invisibility cloak*

      Me: W-Where is he?

      Herbert's Voice: Right here.

      (Herbert punches Charlie off the cliff)

      Pixie: Agents, attack!

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    • Everybody: *punches the air*

      Herbert: HAHA, you can't catch me!

      Me: *kicks Herbert*

      Herbert: OUCH! That hurt! How did you find me?

      Me: *jumps on top of Gary, then flies at Herbert* Your voice!

      Herbert: *screaming in pain*

      Me: I think he's done for. Let's head back.

      The PSA go back to building their agency.

      Klutzy: Click click?

      Sorry, I don't speak crab.

      Herbert: Haha! I fooled them! Now let's get in the machine!

      Klutzy and Herbert get in the wrecking ball machine and put an invisibility cloak on top of it.

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    • At the HQ Rebuild

      Herbert: They'll literly never see us coming.

      Wrecking Ball swings at Rookie

      Rookie: Oww, why do I always seem to teleport to a place that would put me in pain?

      Wrecking Bal swings at the rest of the agents

      Everyone Except Rookie: OWWW!!!

      Rookie: Where did that ball come from.

      Wrecking Ball swings at agents again

      Rookie: Where did thos spikes come from

      Wrecking Ball Swings again

      Rookie: Ohh dear, it's Herbert's machine he was telling me about. Time for an epic boss fight, Rookie Style.

      Epic Music Starts Playing in the background

      Rookie: Ahrhrg, this proppelor cap doesn't work... Time to borrow Jet Pack Guy's spare.

      On the screen the Director popped up on, pops up the news.

      Herbert's File Photo

      What Herbert's File Photo is

      News Reporter: Hello Club Penguin Island, we have a very important announcement, the Ski Village is under attack by what appears to be a monster attacking the Ski Village, Here's the Monster's File Picture.

      Rookie: Really, they still haven't updated his photo?

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    • (crawls back into PSA Office, looking very injured.) Me: Why *pant* did no one *wheeze* come to help me when I fell off the *cough* cliff?

      ADL: We didn't feel like it.

      Me: Hilarious. *stands up* OW! Oh crap my leg is broken!

      Gizmo: Not to worry sir! Turbo mode activated. 

      (Gizmo wraps a cast around my foot and gives him crutches within two seconds.)

      Puffles: Wow.

      Me: Well, I think I'll be okay. :) *gets knocked over by wrecking ball* 

      Pixie: Ooh!

      Me (in agony): Medic...

      Pixie: Gizmo, get Charlie out of here. The rest of you, follow me and Rookie's lead!

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    • Hailey: -Wearing camo jeans, a black shirt, and camo hat- Let's do dis.

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    • Puffles: Nothing's working! *gets hit by wrecking ball again*

      Locy: As long as he's invisible, we have no chance.

      (large robot steps in to room)

      Pixie: GIZMO?!

      Gizmo has transformed into a large exo skeleton, with Charlie at the controls.

      Charlie: Much better!

      Gizmo: My super vision can detect the wrecking ball. Everyone get behind me!

      (Gizmo punches wrecking ball machine, destorying invisibility cloak)

      Pixie: Everyone, ATTACK! *all agents fire their weapons at Hebert*

      Me: Wait, this is CP. No weapons allowed!

      Puffles: Oh crap!

      You have been banned for the next 72 hours.

      72 hours later...

      Me: Looks like Herbert got away. 

      Pixie: Well, at least we finished construction!

      PSA Office

      Gary: What's with the giant telephones?

      Rookie: I found them in a junkyard.

      Puffles: I see... :/

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    • Me: Did everything really have to be pink?

      Gary: What are you talking about? The coffee isn't pink!

      Me: Well besides that..

      Jay: There's the water too!

      Me: And that...

      Locy: Also the computer screens

      Me: yes, yes I phrased my statement wro-

      Rookie: AND THE CHAIRS! *gets thrown by Puffles*

      Me: Anymore corrections?

      Cricket Chirp

      Me: Good!

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    • PSA Spyphone

      Me: The plants [insert trollface here] Also, if you don't like the office, you probably won't like our new spyphones- 

      Puffles: You have got to be kidding me!

      Locy: I love it!

      Pixie: Me too!

      Jay: There ARE guys here you know. Do you think you could make a blue one or something?

      Me: It's Pixie's Agency, sorry. :(

      Puffles: Fine...

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    • Me: You guys don't like my agency colors?

      Locy: I love it!

      Puffles: It could be a little less pink....

      Jay: You could have added some blue at least.

      Gary: You think this is bad? Take a look at what Pixie did to my bedroom..

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    • Jay and Puffles waddle over to Gary's bedroom

      Me: The outside looks ni-AHHHHHH

      Jay: P-P-PINK!

      Me: IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!

      Jay: The pictures...the bed....


      Jay: How did she paint the WINDOW pink?!

      Me: *faints*

      Jay: *faints*

      Back to the other agents

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    • Gary: See what I mean!

      Me: Aw c'mon Gary Bear, it's an improvement!

      Gary: what's next, pink lab coats?

      Me: Ooh, brilliant idea!

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    • Gary: NOOO! Next she's going to put pink food coloring in my coffee!

      Pixie: That's great too!

      Me: Gary...I think you should just be quiet...

      Gary: Yeah, you are right.

      Locy: Say, Charlie, what can this new phone even do?

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    • Rookie: Umm, there's a problem with Puffle's Bathroom, the walls are pink...

      Puffles: How many times do I need to tell you to stay out of my bathroom?

      Rookie: Well, this is the first time I can recall... Wait, what are we talking about?

      Puffles: Somebody, get me the blue paint. I'm not pooping in pink.

      Rookie: BTW, I ate some of the paint, and my poop was pink.

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    • Pixie: Seriously? What's wrong with pink?

      Puffles: (at the same time as Jay) IT'S A GIRL COLOR!

      Jay: (at the same time as Puffles) PERCY!

      Puffles: What did you say?

      Me: PERCY! *points to Percy*

      Percy: *sarcasm* NO, I'M THE PIZZA DELIVERY GUY.

      Rookie: Yum! PIZZA!

      Everybody: *faceflipper*

      Gary: Wait, is it already the season finale? You're only supposed to appear in those episodes!

      Pixie: That's it, I'm putting pink food coloring in your coffee AND I'm painting the mug pink.

      Me: What are you trying to do, Percy?

      Percy: I've turned over a new leaf. I'd like to join your agency!

      Pixie: Your request is declined!

      Rookie: But guys...

      Everybody: WHAT?!

      Rookie: If we let him join, we could get free pizza everyday!

      Everybody: *faceflipper*

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    • Gary: I don't want pink coffee!

      Me: Percy, how do we know we can trust you?

      Percy: I have some secret info for you! 


      Haha, cliffhanger! :D

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