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    Herbert: Are you coming or what?

    (A shaded figure wearing a dark cloak is sitting at a desk observing a picture)

    Figure: Yeah, I'm coming. *gently rubs surface of photo* It's time we paid my son a visit.

    (Figure stands up and walks out with Herbert. Photo falls to the ground.)


    Meanwhile in the PSA Office...

    (I am playing Angry Puffles on my computer. Gizmo and my rainbow puffle Wingman are observing.)

    Me: DIE CRABS!

    (This game is exactly like Angry Birds except puffles take the place of the birds and crabs take the place of the pigs)

    Me: Dang, I lost AGAIN!

    Gizmo: So clo- clo- clo-

    WIngman: Squeak?

    Gizmo: Clo- clo- clo-

    Me: Crap, he's glitching again.

    (Gizmo lets out a sudden blast of light)


    Gizmo (In strange voice): Hello son.

    Me: What?

    Gizmo: If you know what's good for you you'll get out of there right now.

    (Wingman finds bomb under Charlie's desk)

    Me: OH CRAP! *grabs Gizmo and Wingman and runs out just as front desk of PSA explodes*

    Gizmo: You've been warned, son. We will meet soon. And one of us will not survive.

    Me: I've got to tell Gary!

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    • in my lab 

      Me: Pixie, hand me that microchip please.

      Pixie: Um okay...

      Me; Alright agents, the coffee machine is fixed! We may all go back to life as usual.

      Rookie: Why can't we have a hot cocoa machine?

      Charlie runs in

      Charlie: Gary, I have something to tell you!

      Gary: Great Scott, the coffee shop didn't burn down, did it?

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    • Me: Uh, no, but strange things are happening.

      Gary: What kind of "strange things"?

      Me: Well, Gizmo's glitching...

      Gizmo: Clo- clo- clo-

      Me: And I found a bomb under my desk!

      Gizmo: Clo- clo- clo

      Gary: A BOMB?!

      Me: It went off, but only my desk exploded.

      Gizmo: Clo- clo- close! Hey, how'd I get in here?

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    • Me: Close?

      Jay: Huh what does that mean?

      Charlie: Normally he warns me of incoming bad guys...

      Gary: Great scott! Is an enemy following you around?

      Charlie: I don't know...It might just be a glitch...

      Me: We should be on gard in case though

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    • Gizmo: I feel funny... *eyes suddenly turn red* One day, the PSA will be defeated and the RPF will rule the island. *eyes turn black again* What just happened?

      Gary: Someone's hacking into him.

      Me: But who?

      Gary: Not sure. Does that voice sound familiar?

      Me: Not really, but it keeps calling me "son". :|

      Gary: I'll see what I can do to fix him. In the meantime, we've been recieving mulitple threats from Herbert. Go out and try and find clues!

      Puffles: On it.

      Gary: Oh and would you do me a favor and stop at the Coffee Shop on the way back?

      Me: *chuckle* Yeah, yeah...

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    • Hailey: Aaaaaand, what about me...?

      Gary: Hailey, go find Herbert and try to stall him as long as you can.

      Hailey: On it.

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    • Me: I wish they would hurry back, I could really use a cup of coffee right now!

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    • Hailey encounters Herbert and the masked dude in the middle of nowhere.

      Hailey: -Keeps head hung low-

      Herbert: Hello, catgirl.

      Hailey: ...Hao.

      Masked dude: -To Herbert- Is she one of my son's friends...?

      Herbert: Yes.

      Theme from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly plays, as Herbert and Hailey walk to eachother.

      Hailey: Make your move.

      Herbert: -Tries to smack Hailey-

      Hailey: -Dodges, then scratches Hailey-

      Masked dude : -Joins the battle-

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    • (RLN: HERBERT, I MEAN HERBERT!!! XDDDD I hate myself now. )

      Hailey: FOR NARNIIIIIAIAAAAAA!!!! -Attacks bHerbert-

      Herbert: -Smacks Hailey to a tree-

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    • Me: *snores* Ahh what? Oh hey Hailey! Why are you on a tree?

      Hailey: Watch out!

      Me: Huh? *turns around fast and accidently smacks Herbert's nose*

      Herbert: OWWWWWWWWW!

      Me: Uh..sorry?

      Hailey: *glares at Puffles*

      Me: I-I-I mean...SERVES YOU RIGHT!

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    • Hailey: -Gets up, and attacks Herbert off-guard-

      Herbert: HEY, NO FAIR!!!


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    • (runs over)

      Me: Guys! There you a- hey, what's going on here.

      Masked Figure: That is for me to know and for you to soon find out. *vanishes*

      Herbert: Goodbye, fools!

      (Herbert takes out some sort of gadget and presses a button, teleporting him away)

      Me: That was weird.

      Puffles: They got away. We're going to have to let them go for now.

      Hailey: That masked dude said something about me being his "son's" friend.

      Me: I feel like we'll find out more in the future.

      Gizmo: Hmm... my sensors indicate that that guy has a common thread with one of us.

      Puffles: We should go talk to Gary.

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    • Gary: I really have no idea what's going on!

      Me: Seriously?! But you are a genius!

      Gary: Well it's pretty obvious that he claims he's Charlie's father.

      Charlie: But I don't even think I had a dad! Gizmo, run through your memory and find traces of my father.

      Gizmo: Negative, Sir, I was only built a few years ago.

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    • Me: What about my DNA? Can you trace it to anyone on the island?

      Gizmo: Scanning... yes. But- but- but- There are certain things that must be kept from you until the time is right, for your own good.

      Me: What just happened?

      Gizmo: I don't know, something's keeping me from saying it.

      Gary: It's probably for the best then Charlie.

      Me: Okay... :( (PSA Alarm goes off, Gary runs to computer)

      Gary: Agents! There's trouble in the Plaza! Go go go!

      Puffles: Yes sir!

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    • At le Plaza...

      Puffles: Really, Mr. Narrator?



      ...Fine. >:T

      Herbert: -Folds arms- Oh, look. It's catgirl and her buds.

      Hailey: I beg your freakin' pardon, but you might as well leave me alone. Cause I ain't in the mood to chat with ya. -Backs away-

      Masked dude:...Dahell she just say?

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    • Masked Figure: Your little team is just pathetic. You want skill? I'll show you skill. *does a flying leap and knocks out Hailey*

      Me: Oh crap!

      Herbert: Wow, I never knew you penguins were THAT weak.

      Hailey: *hisses*

      Me: Big mistake.

      Masked Figure: Oh really- *gets attacked by Hailey* AAAAAAAHHHHH THERES A FREAKING CAT ON ME

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    • Me: *writing down* Afraid of cats...

      Masked Figure: I am NOT afraid of cats!

      Me: *writing down* Denial...

      Masked Figure: Why are you writing this down?

      Me: *writing down* Asks too many questions...

      Hailey: Seriously, Jay, why are you writing this down?

      Masked Figure: *rips off mask, revealing another mask* YEAH, WHAT THE CAT SAID!

      Me: *writing down* Wears too many masks...

      Masked Figure: JUST TELL-

      Me: *writing down* Anger issues...

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    • (Masked Figure suddenly disappears, along with Herbert)

      Me: How are they even a threat when they run away so easily?

      In the RPF Base...

      Masked Figure: Oh, my dear Charlie, soon, you'll understand everything. MWAHAHAHAHA!

      Herbert: Sigh...

      To be continued!

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