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    02:56, August 26, 2013

    Me: Ahhh, Sock, today, I'm going to type you to work.

    Sock: Squeak Tries to Hide

    Me: Come on Sock, we are going now, SOCK, you didn't eat you breakfast, ohh well Puts the Puffle O's in pocket Picks up Sock


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    • Me: AHHHHH *crashes into Rookie's ceiling*


      Me: I'm the owner of the toilet you keep using...


      Me: What? No! It's me, Puffles!

      Rookie: Oh...why are you on the ground?

      Me: *faceflipper*

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    • Rookie: Would you like to use my toilet?

      Puffles: No, and why are you squeezing Sock between your arm and body.

      Sock: SQUUUEEEEEEAAAAK!!!! Runs Away

      Rookie: He'll be back, he always returns, we go through this every morning. Want some puffle food?

      Puffles: Umm, I'll pass, BTW, you're an hour late again.

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    • Rookie: For what?

      Me: Obviously the PSA meeting! Did you forget? Today's Coffee Day!

      Rookie: What?

      Me: ...Gary's favorite holiday.

      Rookie: Oh right! I better get my pajamas ready.

      Me: Uh, why pajamas?

      Rookie: Everyone knows coffee is actually meant for spilling on your pajamas! Where have you been Puffles? Under a rock?

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    • (Squeak hides under bed)

      Me: He looks pretty freaked out, Rookie.

      Puffles: Uh, when did you get here?

      Me: Uh, ANYWAYS, I'm not sure Sock wants to go to work today.

      Sock: Squeak :(

      Rookie: Come on Sock! *pulls on Sock*

      Sock: SQUEEEEAAAAK!!!!! *cries*

      Me: I really think you shoud leave him...

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    • Rookie: No he always does this! *pulls really hard*

      Sock: *screams*

      Me: AHH he's in pain!

      Sock: *runs into a small hole*

      Charlie: *sigh* I think we should call PH!

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    • PH: Well, this is a case of Rookieaphobia, don't worry, many puffles have this.

      Rookie: That's whhat you tell me everyday.

      Puffles: Rookie, just come to work...

      Rookie: But Sock...

      PH: How often do you feed him?

      Rookie: Once a week, he skips almost all feedings.

      PH: He must be hungry, do you have any food?

      Rookie: I have some puffle-o's in my pocket

      Pulls Puffle-O's out of pocket and throws them on the floor

      Sock comes out to eat the food

      Sock: *Purrs*

      Rookie: Aww, he likes me.

      PH: Actually that's the way a puffle shows hate.

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    • Me: but he doesn't look angry, Mom. He just looks really freaked out.

      PH: Good point. Rookie, you sald he does this every day?

      Rookie: Yup. He squeaks every day.

      Puffles: *faceflipper*

      Me: *sees Sock is crying and picks up* Poor little guy. *pets* Rookie, he seems a little on edge. Do you have any idea why?

      Rookie: I can't think of any reason for him to be so scared.

      Sock: Squeak ;(

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    • Gary: runs in wearing coffee costume HAPPY COFFEE DAY EVERYONE!

      Me: Gary, you're late for the meeting!

      Gary: Sorry.. I had a bit of a hard time finding my coffee costume..

      Rookie: *Grabs Socks* Don't be afraid Socks, everything will be okay!

      Socks: SQUEAKK!

      PH: Rookie, your squeezing him too hard..

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    • Me: But mom, I-


      Me: But-

      PH: Son, go to work. Now.

      Me: *sigh* Yes mom... *waks away*

      Me: *in mind* I was going to point out that puffles LIKE being squeezed...

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    • Me: *walks in* Rookie your late for the meeting!

      PH: You gotta stop squezing him Rookie!

      Me: Whats going on?

      PH: Sock is upset. We tried everything!

      Me: I know! How about you turn me into a puffle! Then I can understand him!

      Gary: Luckilly I spent all morning re-creating the device that turns penguins into polar bears! It took a lot of brain work but-

      Me: Lets be honest Gary. No one can take you serously wearing a coffee costume.

      Gary: :( *zaps locy with machine*

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    • Locy: Did it work?

      Rookie: AHHH, IT'S HERBERTA!

      Locy: Where?

      Rookie: AHH! Herberta has Locy's voice! 

      Locy: I'm a..polar bear? I wanted to be a puffle!

      Gary: Oops.. I thought you said bear..

      Me: Gary, take off that ridiculous costume!

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    • Me: I need to become a puffle so I can see what sock is saying!

      Sock: Uhhhh uhh uhhh

      Me: Wait.. I can understand him like this! He says... he's not a boy... O.O

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    • Me: He's not a WHAT?!

      PH: O.O I think I see what Sock's been freaking out about...

      Rookie: Really, because I don't.

      Locy: Rookie, what would you say if I told you that you were going to get a few baby puffles soon?

      Me: Oh god...

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    • Me: Awww baby orange puffles? I want one!!

      Locy: Me too!

      Rookie: Gah! Calm down..I'm still trying to process this..

      Charlie: What are you a robot?

      Rookie: Processing..processing...process complete- *faints*

      Locy: Late reaction much?

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    • Gary: Fascinating! Rookie, do you mind if I conduct a few experiments on Socks?

      Me: Are you sure that's a good idea Gary?

      Gary: Of course, it would be a great opportunity for me to continue my puffle experiments.

      PH: Crikey!  Gary, you don't even know how to property care for puffles!

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    • Puffles: And don't even get me started on pets..

      Me: Herberta called.. She wants her body back! That wasn't sarcasm. She ACTUALLY swapped bodies with me.

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    • Gary: Oh okay, *zaps Locy again*

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    • Me: Well this is better, but only one problem.. I'm orange and I have light brown hair..

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    • Me: Gary, what expirements could you POSSIBLY preform on a puffle? Need I remind you that it's pregnant?!

      Gary: But no one's actually studied the habits and behaviors of baby puffles.

      Me: I have. They squeak non-stop, they need to wear diapers until they're potty-trained (yeah, not kidding) and they cry. And cry. And cry.

      Locy: Sounds like a pookie.

      Me: Except the baby puffles don't try and kill you.

      Puffles: Good point.

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    • Me: I still want a baby orange puffle..WHAT SHOULD I NAME HIM?! Wait...I can name him right?

      Rookie: Of course you can't! I'm the actual owner!

      Me: Uh, I'll let you use my bathroom whenever you want..

      Rookie: DEAL!

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    • Me: I want one too!

      Rookie: Wait, how many babies do puffles have?

      PH: Usually between 1-10.

      Rookie: 10 puffles! *faints*

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    • Me: I call one! I'll give it to McKenzie for her birthday! :D

      Locy: Looks like there will be enough for all of us!

      PH: *hands Sock to Gary* See if you can figure out when they'll be born.

      Gary: What's the magic word? :3

      PH: JUST DO IT!

      Gary: OKAY! Sheesh...

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    • Me: Hello! An orange penguin with brown hair called AND SHE WANTS HER BODY BACK! once again, NOT sarcasm!

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    • Me: *slaps Locy so hard that she stops changing bodies* 

      Locy: HEY! >:(

      Me: *innocently smiles*

      Gary: The babies will be born in a week!

      Me: I can't wait to have an orange puffle...I NEED TO GO SHOPPING!

      Pixie: ME TOO!

      Charlie: ME AS WELL!!

      All agents rush over to the pet shop.

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    • Me-I'll have that one!

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    • Me: I've always wanted a baby puffle!

      Gary: I've always wanted to experiment on a baby puffle.

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    • me-I'll take that one, so i can cross it's DNA with a bat puffle!

      Jimmy-what?! Your a wiz too!?


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    • Me: Uh... yeah. *picks pink bow*

      Puffles: REALLY, Charlie?

      Me: It's not for me it's for the puffle. -.- McKenzie will probably want a girl.

      Rookie: Uh, guys! This story is supposed to be about ME!

      Locy: Aw Rookie, you beoke the fourth wall again >.<

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    • Me-Saying someone broke the forth wall means you just broke the forth wall yourself, mon dieu.

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    • Me: *waddles in* You said you would be back by n-

      Mack: *waddles in* Charlie, why are you holding a pink bow?

      Charlie: *hides pink bow behind back* Uh, what pink bow?

      Gary: Wait... Who's going to help her give birth?

      Everybody except me: NOT IT!

      Me: SERIOUSLY?! I do not get payed enough for this.

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    • me-who's this SOCKS you speak of

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    • Me: Don't worry, I'll do it. I have expirience.

      Jay: What? How?

      Me: You'd be surprised about all the things they have us do in puffle care school.

      One Week Later...

      (gets call from Rookie)

      Me: Really? RIGHT NOW?!

      (runs over to Rookie's igloo)

      Sock: SQUEEEEAAAAK!!!

      Gary: Yep, it's time.

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    • Me-so Sock is a puffle? Whale, hello.

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    • Later

      Charlie: Come on in everyone!

      We all come in and see the cute baby orange puffles

      Me: AWWWWWW! Their so cute!

      The baby puffles eat the pillow

      Jay: And viscous!

      Me: My favorite kind of cute! *Claps hands and jumps up and down*

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    • me-(golf clap)

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    • Me: I call this one! I'm naming him "Snowball."

      Snowball: Squeak.

      Me: Aww, I love you too, Snowball. *picks up snowball*

      Pixie: I'm naming mine... Uh, I'll decide in my own post.

      Puffles: *smacks Pixie into the wall with a frying pan*

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    • me-where's mine?

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    • Me: *picks up tiny puffle and puts pink bow on* I'll call you... Summer.

      Rookie: I'll name this one Sock Jr!

      Locy: Of course...

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    • Me-where's mine.

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    • Gary: Hands puffle to Dog

      Me: Aww, I'm gonna call her Pumpkin!

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    • me-I'll call mine Summy!


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    • Dororo: I'm gonna go over there now...

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    • Rookie: *gives puffle to Dororo*

      Me: I think that takes care of all of the babies!

      Gary: Um Pix, your puffle is chewing on my coat!



      Me: Oh sorry...there's still one left, luckily!

      Puffles: Yay, I'm naming it...Goofy! :3


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