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    In the underground RPF territory...

    Herbert: Now it's time for you to talk about it.

    Masked Figure: What to you?

    Herbert: Someone who understands.

    Masked Figure: Oh, you understand. That's a laugh. *silence* What do you understand?

    Herbert: ...

    Masked Figure: Yeah, it hurts. And the hurt turns into rage. And the rage grows and grows.

    Herbert: I'm sorry.

    Masked Figure: Do you have any idea what heck it is.

    Herbert: No.

    Masked Figure: Now you grow numb, you lose the abillity to feel. 

    Robot: You ripped that entire conversation off of a movi- *head is punched off by Masked Figure*

    Orange Penguin Create

    In the PSA Office...

    Gary: Agents, I would like you to meet our newest member! *walks in with orange penguin*

    Orange Penguin: Hello!

    Gary: This is Smulley. He will be joining our agency. Be sure to give him a great big welcome!

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    • Me: Smulley, like from the book?

      Smulley: Well, yeah, the book was based on my life..

      Rookie: Wow cool! I've always wanted to meet you!

      Gary: Okay, so I was hoping that you could help train our new recruit.

      Charlie: Yes sir!

      Me: *in head* Something seems suspicious about this whole thing... Okay Gary Bear!

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    • At the PSA gym.. Me: *wearing gym clothes* Alright Smelly! I'm in charge of strength training! Show me what'cha got!

      Smulley: It's Smulley..

      Me: Well once ya start training you'll be smelly! So I need you to complete this obstacle corse! *shows Smully a climbing wall, barbed wire, flaming hoops, and shark invested water* Now remember even I didn't make it on my first try so..

      Smulley: *completes corse perfectly*

      Me: I can' t beleive it! You must have had some training in the past right?

      Smulley: Uhhhh...

      • Pixie and Charlie walk in wearing gym cloths*

      Me: Hey guys! Did you come here to train?

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    • Charlie: Yep!

      Me: Where's Gary at?

      Gary walks in wearing a gym suit

      Gary: I look ridiculous in this...

      Smully: Hey, check this out! *knocks head off of Herbert dummy*

      Locy: Woah, he's amazing!

      Me: Something feels very wrong about this...

      Gary: *tries to climb wall, but falls off* Oww!

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    • Me: Guys, I think I left my sweatband in the locker room. Be right back! *runs into the locker room*

      Smulley: I'll go in there too, I need to use the bathroom. *follows me in*

      Me: Oh, hi Smulley.

      Smulley: Well hello-o-o-o! *sparks fly out of him*

      Me: Wait a minute... you're a robot?!

      Smulley: *cracks a smile* You will keep your mouth shut. I have your dad captive in a top-secret location.

      (Smulley slowly walks towards me, I step back)

      Smulley: I'd hate to have to tell your dad that he has to die because of his son's big mouth.


      Smulley: Let's go back outside. >:)

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    • Me: Wow that was quick! So Smulley, how good are you with a jet pack? I can get Jet pack guy to teach you! If you even need lessons, that is.

      Smulley: you Mean I can't train here some more?

      Me: M... I-I mean, sure! Maybe we could head on over to the gym's pool later!

      Smulley: P-P-P-Pool? Uhh uhhh uhh..

      Me: Well I think I found out your secret!

      Smulley: You HAVE!

      Me: Yep! You can't swim!

      Smulley: Oh YEAH! Thats it!

      Me: No worries! All we gotta do is teach you! Be here in your swimming clothes in two hours!

      Smulley: Oh poop..

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    • Three hours later...

      Locy: And he never showed up.

      Puffles: I haven't seen him around here at all!

      Pixie: Hey, Charlie, you've been kinda quiet.

      Me: What, me? *chuckle* I don't know what... you're talking about...

      Gizmo: Charlie, you've been acting strange lately.

      Jay: Yeah, seems kind of suspicious.

      Me: What are you saying?

      Jay: I'm saying, I think you know something we don't know.

      Pixie: Jay, an agent always trusts a fellow agent.

      Jay: ...

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    • Me: Well who cares about charlie! I'm just really mad that Smulley didn't show! He gave me his word! I'm gonna go talk to him, where is he? *sees Smulley walking by* Nevermind. I'll talk to him myself.

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    • Locy: Alright Smulley, where were you yesterday?

      Smullley: Heh, me? Oh, sorry, I had... um... a date!

      Locy: Yeah right. When I ask questions, Smulley... *pins against tree* I get answers. 


      Locy: ...Fine. *lets go of Smulley*

      Smulley: Th-thank you...


      Note: For a while I'm going to need everyone to trust Smulley, because I want to have him stick around for a few epsiodes.

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    • Me: I still don't trust this guy..

      Gary: Smulley, do you want to help me with a new invention?

      Me: Gary Bear, are you sure this is a good idea?

      An hour later

      Smulley: Alright, so what are we making again?

      Gary: it's the RobotTracker 3000! It tracks the location of all the robots on the island.

      Smulley: *gulps*

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    • Me: Ooh robot trackers! I can finally figure out if he's a robot know.

      Smulley: Wait..find out who's a robot?

      Me: YOU!

      Smulley: WHAT?!

      Me: Haha, I was kidding! I'm trying to figure out if Rookie's a robot...

      Smulley: Uh....okay......

      Gary: I'm done!

      Smulley: *in head* Shoot I must destroy the machine. *out loud* Uh...PEOPLE THERE ARE..uh...*looks around the room*...*sees picture of an airplane*..FLYING...*sees a cupcake Rookie is about to eat*...CUPCAKES OUTSIDE!!!

      Gary: WHAT?!

      Me: OMG WHERE?

      Rookie: I MUST EAT ONE!!

      Pixie: *in head* Flying cupcakes?

      Smulley: *destroys machine while everyone isn't looking*

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    • Gary: *turns around* What the.. why did my machine explode? 

      Puffles: Maybe you used too much jet pack fuel?

      Smulley: *whistling* I guess I imagined the cupcakes..

      Me: Hmm...

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    • Later that day...

      (Pixie and Smulley are sitting alone in the PSA Office)

      Pixie: Alright Smulley, something's up.

      Smulley: What do you mean?

      Pixie: You and Charlie have been acting strange lately.

      Smulley: I don't know what to tell you.

      Pixie: *closes door to the PSA Office* I think you do. My sences don't mistakes. I WENT TO COLLEGE.

      Smulley: *backs away* Hey, what ever happened to "An agent always trusts a fellow agent?"

      Pixie: That was before I realized that something's u-

      Smulley: *sprays Pixie with a strange substance*

      Pixie: Huh? What just happened? Oh, hi Smulley. Do you remember what I was talking about?

      Smulley: Not at all!

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    • lol

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    • Later, in a secret PSA staff meeting...

      Me: I think I know Smulley's secret.

      Pixie: What is it?

      Me: Well, last week, I traced Percy's DNA. I told Robutler to trap hi, in a cage. I ran to where he was, and Smulley's was trapped.

      Locy: So Smulley is Percy in disguise?

      Charlie: But he's also a robot...

      Everybody: WHAT?

      Me: Then I traced Smulley's DNA. Nothing showed up. Robutler can track plastic, which most costumes are made out of, but he can't track metal.

      Gary: So what you're saying is Percy is wearing an exoskeleton of an orange penguin?

      Me: Exactly!


      Gary: *wakes up* Woah, Smulley, I had a dream that you were a robot exoskeleton of Percy!

      Smulley: Heh heh heh...

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    • Smulley walks in

      Smulley: Hello .. Charlie..

      Me: Smelly, we know your percy in disguise!

      Smulley: First of all its Smulley, and second, WHAT?

      Charlie: Yeah we ran a DNA test, and Percy's DNA lead right up to you!

      Smulley: OK OK! I admit it.. I'm.. Percy's son! I wanted to join you because I didn't want to be evil like my father. If you want to kick me out, I understand.

      Me: Tell ya what, if you don't cause any trouble, we'll let you stick around.

      Smulley: Really? YES!!! WOO! *goes out*

      In the hallway

      Smulley: *in head* Phew! That was close. Now I'm gonna stick around.. Oh just wait PSA. Just wait.

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    • In the RPF Base...

      Masked Figure: I'm not sure if I should let you out again Smulley. Your cover has almost been blown several times.

      Smulley: *in a more robotic voice* Not to worry master. I have installed a software fix that should prevent any DNA trackings.

      Masked Figure: Very well then. Remember your directive.

      Smulley: Yes sir.

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    • So.. Thats the end?

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    • Rookie: HAH! For once it WASN'T me who broke the fourth wall! >:D

      Locy: Very funny.

      Me: LOL... wait, this is the end. :|

      Locy: You call this an ending?

      Gizmo: Oh, dont' worry it's not an ending. It's a-

      To be continued!

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