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    16:30, September 7, 2013

    At the psa they see a video that shows eagles is kidnaped 

    Me: i did not do it

    Gary: you did 

    Me: i did not

    All: yes u did

    Me: NO I DID NOT *walks outside*

    Rookie: *follows lego* Did you 

    Me: yep but dont till anyone

    Rookie: ok *goes inside* lego kidnaped eagles!

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      • Lego appears in PSA HQ and slaps Rookie*
      • Gary - You really did it
      • Lego - Why would I kidnap Eagles?
      • Jet Pack Guy - Let's see...Eagles is dating with Cadence
      • Pixie - ...And they might get married soon...
      • Me - I better hope you didnt steal my friend lego. Otherwise, I WONT let Cadence marry you...I dont want cyborg kids...
      • Lego - Uhh whatever...I will just go to my igloo to rest...
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    • (silently follows Lego home)

      Me: *on a walkie-talkie* He's walking into his igloo. I'm turning on the Puffle Cam.

      Gary: Roger that.

      Me: *attaches spy camera to Wingman's helmet* Go get 'em, Wingman.

      Wingman: Squeak! ;) *scurries into Lego's house*

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    • Me: why u at my 24 hour party wingman? you came to party right?

      Wingman: Squeak 

      Me: umm i dont get it. play with lego and fish my rainbow puffles.

      Wingman: squeak 

      Me: good boy *calls rookie* rookie im mad YOU HERE ME MAD ill get you and duck tape your mouth at the same place eagles is in!!!!

      Wingman: squeak?!?!

      Me: im not here *disappears*

      Wingman: :O

      Me: note to self im working with spys

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    • (Jimmy and I mutter about something so called the "Mascot wars")

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    • Wingman:*runs back to the HQ* SQUEAK!!!!!!

      Charlie: WAT!

      Wingman: *show a video of lego saying he is going to kidnap rookie*

      All: :O

      Me in my igloo: ugh were is wingman charlie will be mad if i lost him but wat is more important is not getting fired

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    • Surprised_Emoticon_20px.png

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    • Rookie: I don't wanna get kidnapped! D:

      Gary: And why not? It would do us all a favo-

      Me: OH, would you quit with that already?!

      Pixie: Gary Bear may be on to something. What if we let Lego kidnap him, and smuggle in a hidden recording device to figure out his plans!

      Wingman: Squeak?

      Guy: Y'know, that might actually work!

      Rookie: And what's in it for me?

      Puffles: Locy will marry y- *beak is covered by Locy*

      Locy: We'll give you pie and cake.

      Rookie: Deal! :D

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    • Time midnight 

      Me: *goes to rookie's igloo and duck tapes his mouth and kidnapes him* that will teach you not to mess with LEGO HERE

      Rookie: *thinks to self when is he going to say his plan*

      Me: rookie dont be dumb i will never say it 

      Rookie: *thinks to self HOW DOES HE KNOW WAT IM THINKING*

      Me: i can read minds 

      Rookie: :O

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    • Rookie: *pulls out walkie-talkie*

      Gary: *over walkie-talkie* Lego, I am afraid I will have to relieve you of your PSA duties.

      Lego: *in a more robotic voice* The PSA is no longer required.

      Me: Oh no, he's glitching, and has returned to his orignal settings! He's evil again!

      Lego: And now, Rookie, you shall die.

      Rookie: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

      Wingman: *who has been hiding in the room the whole time* SQUEEAAAK!!!!! *knocks over Lego and cuts Rookie free*

      Rookie: RUN!!!

      (both run out)

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    • Me: No evil robot is too awesome for me!

      LH shoots lazers in Locy's direction

      Me: ... Exept for him *runs out*

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    • meanwhile in a tree beside legos igloo

      me:lego stole something form me and i must get it back ready harold?

      harold:i got a fishing rod

      me:that will do

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    • (runs)

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    • me:wait how can this branch support ur weight

      branch cracks

      both:uh oh

      falls threw legos roof

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    • (starts being cartoony)

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    • Back at Mission Control...

      Me: This is getting bad fast.

      Gizmo: Let me out there. I think like a robot.

      Me: Are you sure?

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    • me hidding in a ramdom igloo 


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    • me:the doors closed

      harold:SOMEONE HELPPP

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    • Me: I know how to takeover the WORLD *makes a thing that makes me bigger than the earth* MHUHUHUHUHUHU this is not a good laugh :( lets get some guns and nifes and snow launchers and money and bombs and rope and lots of radioactive bombs then throw them on the psa then on the world MHAHAHAHAUHAHA now thats better

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    • (plays swelling music)

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    • Gary: That thing is so big, it's being dragged from Earth's atmosphere!

      Gizmo: It's becoming it's own planet!

      Me: It's like a Mars-sized Death Star!


      Me: *knocks out with baseball bat*

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    • (plays fitting music)

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    • Gary: What did he do that for? Club Penguin has the right to use Star Wars material, Wingman's wearing an R2-D2 helmet for goodness sakes!

      Me: Oh... so I just knocked a guy out for nothing... who cares, we gotta go and fast!

      (we all run outside)

      McKenzie: It looks even bigger from out here! :O

      Pixie: This way, agents!

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    • Me: If we can hack into his system we can make him good again!

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    • me-awh yissss

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    • Me: McKenzie, I need you to head back to the HQ, pull up Lego's files and insert this flash drive to activate an emergancy shutdown so we can fix him.

      McKenzie: On it. *runs back towards HQ*

      (Death Star-Like space station begins shooting at me)

      Me: AAAAAHHHH!!! *frantically doges every single bullet*

      Everyone Else: O.O

      Me: What did I just do?!

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    • (sits in corner)


      (A bullet hits Jimmy but it bounces off him and hits someother person)

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    • Me: Oww, that hurt, right in the Gall Bladder, looks like I'm getting that removed.

      Jimmy: Ooops...

      Me: I  need to stop hiding in the background just waiting for something bad to happen, OWWW!!!

      Jimmy: I'm sorry!!!

      Me: It doesn't matter, OWWW, do you have a Gall Bladder I can use, OWWWW.

      Jimmy: I guess I owe you, remind me to give you it later.

      Me: OWWW, this is more painfull than it looks, OWWW!!!

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    • (summons doctors and they replace his Gall bladder)

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    • Me: I'm going to have to take a break from the agency now, I'll be back when my digestine system is functioning properly >:(.

      Jimmy: I'm so sorry.

      Me: I guess I can finally take that Hawaiian vacation...

      ADL's Hawaiian Vacation

      Jimmy: Yeah, I vacation Dreams

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    • Eagles:*thinks to self "WHEN WILL THE FREAKING PSA SAVE ME"*

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    • (makes up dance while dodging bullets)

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    • Gizmo: It seems like Eagles is growing super impatiant and enraged at us.

      Me: Should we still save him?

      Everyone: Nah.

      The End

      (Just Kidding) :P

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    • -Hailey is trying to sit up, after being shot in the thigh-

      Hailey: Ow ow ow, -Through gritted teeth- This hurts like Hell, people... ><;;;


      Hailey: -Death glare at CHarlie- I'm not a kitty. I'M A NEKO. >.>;

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    • Me: Sure thing, kitty! I'll make sure never to call you kity again, kitty [insert trollface here] >:D

      Hailey: *throws me off cliff*

      Me: *falling* BAAAAAAAAD KIIIIIITYYYYYY!!!!!!

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    • there was a cliff?

      Jimmy-Yup totally legit.

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    • Hailey: You wanna join him down there? >:(

      Jimmy: What? I didn't say anything? *fake smile* btw i hate kitties >:D

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      It's a joke, Dog :P
      03:32, September 5, 2013
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      Hailey: You could have asked to take the very hidden ladder down Takes ladder down

      Jimmy: You know this is very violent, and I thought taking ADL's pie was a dangerous mission.

      Hailey: One does not simply just take ADL's pie.

      Gary: Or drink my coffee.

      Hailey: You're still here?

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    • me-(drinks tea) we still dodging bullets?

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    • McKenzie: *runs back over* I did it!

      Me: Did it say "Lego Here has been shut down?"

      McKenzie: Yeah, why isn't anything happening?!

      Lego: *on speaker* Did I not mention that I installed a software fix that makes me immune to being hacked into? >:D

      Gizmo: Hey, I need one of those!

      Lego: *in more robotic voice* Prepare to be terminated.

      Me: If I had a dollar for every time I heard that...

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    • me-what are we gonna do.

      Jimmy-HOYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (makes sounds like he's trying to take a turd)

      Me-stop. Stop making those noises.

      Jimmy-I'm trying to summon my ninja powers!

      Me-.....okay than (awkward scootaloo face)

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    • Hailey: Nine souls equals nine lives, Lego. So I'll be around for a while... -Insert yao face here-

      Lego: -Shoots lasers at Hailey-

      Happy Herbert: HAILEY NUUUUUU -Pushes Hailey out of the way and is hit instead-

      Hailey: ...How the hell did he get into this. -Facepalm-

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    • Emoticon-Facepalm.gif

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    • Happy Herbert: I'LL DEFEAT HIM! *suddenly flies towards Lego's Space Station* BAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

      Me: I can't comprehend any of this...

      Happy Herbert: BAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH *crashes into Space Station, blowing it up*

      McKenzie: What just happened?

      Pixie: Well, there goes Lego. He was a good guy... when he wasn't evil.

      Miles away, in a pile of rubble...

      Lego: *is alive, slowly stands up* I will get my revenge if it's the last thing I do! >:(

      To be continued...

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