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    17:13, September 14, 2013

    Me:I fear some thing is coming

    Gary:what i--*the psa hq starts to crack in half*

    All: AHHHHH

    Me: i feared this day would happen

    Gary: what in the name of science is happening?!?

    Me: Herbert is trying to crack club penguin in half 

    All: :O

    Me: but dont worry i will save us

    All: NO NO NO NO 

    Me: i must 

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    • Me: McKenzie, shut him down!

      McKenzie: On it! *plugs flashdrive into Lego*

      Lego: Shutting down.

      Gary: Phew. Alright agents, go to Herbert's lair and quick!

      (Agents leave, leaving McKenzie and Gary at mission control)

      McKenzie: *into headset* Alright guys, what do you see?

      Puffles: Uh, screaming penguins?

      Gary: Reasonable.

      (Lego's eye sensors suddenly light up)

      McKenzie: Uh oh.

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