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    Sometime in the far future...

    Me: *begins to disappear* This can't be happening...

    Puffles: DADDY- *freezes in the middle of a jump, then Jay completely disappears*

    The future PSA appears in that room, all of them dead. Jay isn't there. Neither is Gary.

    In the distant future...

    Me: I have to. It's to protect her.

    Dot: *crying* Why? WHY?!

    She: *crying loudly*

    Me: She'll be able to protect you in a few years, too.

    Gary: She's been protecting us. *sniffs*

    Me: If she doesn't, Gary, reinvent a time machine and stop me from doing this.

    In the not-as-far-future...

    Gary: We're ready to go, Puffles.

    Puffles: Good luck, Gary.

    In the present...

    Me: I have an announcement to make.

    Puffles: What is it, dad?

    Dot: Well... We found a new agent in training... Her name is Genevieve. She's our daughter.

    Pixie: Great, where is she?

    Me: Well, she's... A newborn...

    Gary: Seriously? HOW COME WE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT TH-

    Future Gary appears in a time machine.

    Future Gary: Hello, agents of the past. I'm from the future. You once came to the future with us, but a paradox has occurred. Jay, you commit suicide to save the island, but you fail. So I'm here to help you not commit suicide!

    In Herbert's lair...

    Herbert: I've tried ALL my plans. None of them seem to work! A. Awesome robot hydra, B. Blackout, C. Christmas Photo Ruining-

    Klutzy: Click!

    Herbert: S? Wait... What have I done for S? Snowstorm goes under B for Blackout... I'll steal one of Gary's inventions!

    A while later...

    Herbert: I've got it! The DIMENSION TRAVELER! *travels to Sensei dimension*

    Kevin: *jumps through portal*

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    • At an unknown point in time...

      Puffles: What's wrong?

      Me: I dunno, felt a chill.

      (Parodox appears and swallows universe)

      Me: *wakes up* AAAAHHHH!!!!

      McKenzie: Charlie, what's wrong?!

      Me: I had the weirdest dream... there were all these different time lines... then there was this paradox thingy...

      McKenzie: O.O

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    • Me: Well, what a coincidence, because Future Gary is here!

      Charlie: So...

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    • Me: Wait a minute... there was a Future Gary in my dream!

      Future Gary: ...I don't remember Charlie being so creepy.

      Me/McKenzie/Gizmo/Wingman: >:O

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    • Me: Hold up...WHY IS JAY ALWAYS DYING?

      Jay: Yeah...stupid brain! Y U MAKE ME DIE?!

      Future Gary: As I said before, it was to save the island! I have to be as vague as's for the better.

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    • Kevin: *on director screen* Hello, puny secret agency! I am back!

      Everybody: KEVIN?!

      Future Gary: Uh oh... It happens today...

      Rookie: Kevin, you aren't going to win this time, because we have Future Gary, and he will totally help us win!

      Everybody Except Charlie: *faceflipper*

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    • (there is a loud rumble)

      Future Gary: A parodox! Quickly, everyone into my machine!

      (We all run into Gary's Time Machine)

      Wingman: SQUEEEEEAAAAAK!!!! [Wait for me!]

      Me: Come on, Wingman! *grabs Wingman just as door closes*

      Future Gary: TAKE US BACK 999999999999999999999999999999 YEARS AGO!

      McKenzie: WHAT?! 



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    • In the past, five minutes ago...

      Me: So, why exactly do I sacrifice myself?

      Future Gary: I can't tell you right now. It's better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.

      Dot: Jay, I think he has a point.

      Gary: Future me, it's been a while.

      Future Gary: Indeed it has. But... Kevin should be crushed in the paradox... That would mean I never came back here, and I would be in my time!

      Garianna: *appears out of nowhere* Hello, future penguins! I made a potion that made me good at inventing, and I invented a time machine! I also saved this guy. *tosses Kevin out of time machine*

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    • Me: *SCREAMS*


      Garianna: It takes some time..see I need to bounce these ingredients into this caul-

      Jay: OKAY! JUST HURRY!

      Me: *shoots lightning bolts at Kevin*

      Kevin: You have really bad aim...

      Me: It's not like I practice aiming as I travel through a time-portal!

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      • Man holding a tray of tacos appears*

      Taco Vendor: Order for Garianna!

      Jay: You bought...Tacos?!

      Kevin: Why didnt ya tell us! I want tacos!

      Taco Vendor: That will be $7.99, plus tax

      Future Gary: Man, I don't remember tacos being this good!

      • Kevins Taco falls into cauldron* 

      Garianna: KEVIN! YOUR TACO FELL INTO MY POTION! The spell will backfire and turn us all into Chi-Bock bock!

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    • Me: BOCK BOCK (The heck?)


      Locy: Bock bock..baww.. (Don't eat yourself...It isn't a good idea...)

      Gary: BAWWWWWWWWWWWK (screaming)

      Everyone covers their ears..?

      Gary: BAWK BOCK CLUCK CLUCK! (Turn is back NOW!)

      Garianna: Cluck bock bawk cluck cluck bock... (It isn't that easy since none of us can make the antidote.)

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    • Me: Bawk. *I know how to fix this! In the time machine!*

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    • Taco Vendor: Take me with you! I'm the only non-chicken puffle! I can help! By the way, do you still want the chicken fajitas,  or...?

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    • (We all attack Taco Vendor)

      Me: Bockabock. (Idiot.)

      Jay: Bock Bock BOCK Bock Bocka Bock! (I can't reach any of the tools to fix this!)

      Garinna: BOCK! Bock Bock Bock Bock BOCK BOCK Bock Bock (Wait, I think I have a spare spell-reversing potion!)

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    • Me: BOCK BOCK BOCK BOCK BOCK- *sips potion, turns into Unicorn Puffle* Neigh. (I'll test it out! All who are against me testing, say- *not understandable*)

      Charlie: BOCK. (Nay.)

      Garianna: Bawwwwk. (Oops. Wrong potion!)

      Taco Vendor: *taco tray falls into cauldron* UH OH, IT'S EXPLODING!

      The cauldron explodes. All PSA members and Garianna are turned back into penguins.


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    • Taco Vendor: Let me be part of your fiesta!

      Charlie: What?!

      Taco Vendor: I want to be part of your clan, amigo.

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    • Me: Okay, but you'll have to go through me first!

      Taco Vendor: Okay. *gives Jay a taco*

      Me: AHH TACO *throws in garbage* You have passed the test.

      Charlie: Now, let's head to stop Kevin!

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    • A little later...

      Me: Let her go...

      Kevin: No!

      Charlie: I'll get her down from there-

      Kevin: Okay, Catherine, I'll let her go.

      Me: NEVER. CALL. ME. CATHERINE! *jumps on top of Kevin, pushing them both down the volcano*

      Kevin: *pulls out wingsuit* I guess this is the end for two Sensei's!

      Me: No... Only one... *grabs Genevieve, then throws her back up to the surface of the volcano*

      Puffles: NO, DADDY!

      Oh wait, I shouldn't have told you that part yet! Back in the present...

      Me: Kevin's location is the Toughest Mountain... Look's like we're going to have to climb!

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    • Me: If only Gizmo was here, he'd know exactly how to get up there.

      Wingman: Squeak.

      Rookie: I stole his grappling hook. *holds up grappling hook*

      Everyone: ...

      Me: Well okay then. *we all get up to the top*

      Kevin: Ugh, I should've known you guys would get up here! *there is a loud rumble*

      Rookie: O.O What was that!? *hole appears at top of mountain*

      Pixie: The mountain's errupting! 

      Jay: Alright, Kevin, WHERE'S GRENEVIEVE?! 

      Kevin: *smirks* Up there. *volcano opens up more*

      (Jay jumps into volcano and all of that)

      Back to where we left off...

      Me: :O

      Puffles: NO, DADDY!!!!! D:

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    • Taco Vendor: Amigos, you still haven't paid for the burritos. And, why does Kevin hate us?

      Puffles: He did this thing, and the stuff did whichimacallits, and whoosh!

      Taco Vendor: Kevin, I offer you a burrito as a symbol of amigoness.

      Kevin: *eats burrito* HOLY SMOKES TATS GOOD!

      Taco Vendor: Lets all be amigos!

      Kevin: *pushs Taco Vendor into volcano*

      Taco Vendor: N○0o!

      Kevin: That takes care of Taco man. Now your next, PSA!

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    • Locy: *holds out net* The volcano's erupting!

      Genevieve falls in the net.

      Puffles: Where's Jay?

      Everybody looks around for a little bit, then Puffles takes his hat off and looks into the volcano.

      Kevin: Well, looks like he's finally gone! *escapes*

      Rookie: I knew we shouldn't have trusted him!

      Everybody: WE DIDN'T!

      Jay Ghost: *rises up out of volcano* I'm... A ghost now...

      Rookie: AHH A GHOST *runs away*

      THE END... of Part 2...

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